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Bundesliga Round 6 Flensburg with an easy victory against Grosswallstadt

eggertFlensburggrosswallstadtHannoverhannover burgdorfmelsungenpatrailvuckovic ← Previous Story Nikola Karabatic, Luka Karabatic and Samuel Honrubia arrested? Next Story → Poland Superleague: Surprise really close! Wisla won against Piotrkow Flensburg-Handewitt proved once again that they are serious contenders this season for the top spots on the table, and tonight their “victim” was the host team of Grosswallstadt. Led by Anders Eggert who had 11 goals for the Schleswig-Holstein side, Flensburg in the end won comfortably with 29:23 (13:10).In Melsungen, the home team were a small favorite, but with the new acquisition this season no one should write off Hannover-Burgdorf. In an even game, and even result occured (26:26), and the interesting thing is that the final score was settled already in 56:34 minute, with no one being able to score in the final 3 and a half minutes of the match. Mait Patrail and Nenad Vuckovic were the leading scorers for their teams, respectively. read more

First scalp of Florian Kehrmann HSV sack Christian Gaudin

Christian Gaudin is the first coaching scalp for the fresh guy on hot bench – Florian Kehrmann. Legendary German right wing began his coaching career with TBV Lemgo with an unexpected triumph in Hamburg over HSV Handball 32:28, which was the reason for home team to sack their head-coach.French head-coach Gaudin came to Hamburg last summer. Despite bad start, Management believed in his capability to make things better, but that didn’t happen.  His successor is assistant coach Jens Hausler.Both teams, TBV LEMGO and HSV Handball are in really bad position in the middle of the season in DKB Bundesliga.STANDINGS: 4.SC Magdeburg181215518:47725 16.Friesenheim186012452:52712 13.HBW Balingen-Weilstetten187110444:47515 5.Goppingen181026489:48322 15.Erlangen195311466:52113 10.HSG Wetzlar18738464:45817 14.Bergischer187110468:52115 3.Flensburg-H.171313518:43227 7.Gummersbach18927502:50120 2.Rhein-Neckar191603571:46332 17.Minden185013467:52610 19.Bietigheim-Metterzimmern183114468:5547 6.MT Melsungen18927535:49920 18.Lemgo184014511:5328 1.Kiel181602530:43232 11.Hannover-Burgdorf18738503:50717 9.Hamburg19829521:50718 8.Fuchse Berlín18828488:50218 12.N-Lübbecke18729507:50516 Christian GaudinFLORIAN KEHRMANHSV Handball ← Previous Story TWO MINUTES SUSPENSION? Estevana Polman injured by Suzana Lazovic! Next Story → Montenegro second semi-finalist in Budapest! read more

Charlie Haughey drama trilogy gets major chunk of €45m BAI funding

first_imgA THREE-PART DRAMA “charting the emergence of modern Ireland through the mesmeric figure of Charles J Haughey” has been awarded almost one-quarter of the total funding of the latest Sound and Vision Scheme.The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland released the list of projects to be funded yesterday – while a total of 64 radio and 15 TV projects will be supported by the fund this time, €1m of the €4.5m total will go to the production of Citizen Charlie. The drama will be shown on RTÉ One and will be produced by Element Pictures and English company Touchpaper.RTÉ Commissioning Editor Jane Gogan told are very pleased that the BAI has agreed to finance the project with RTÉ. Charles J Haughey is a figure in Irish life which everyone has a point of view, but this drama will be as much about Ireland as it is about one man. The series is being written by Colin Teevan (Vera, Single-Handed) and goes into production next year.Another big winner in the funding stakes is a drama for TG4, Corp + Anam, which was awarded €775,000 for its second series, produced by Magamedia Teo. Maria Doyle Kennedy and Diarmuid de Faoite starred in the first series, about a TV crime correspondent (de Faoite) who is “too busy to notice that the world of crime is coming closer to home every day”.Read the full list of who got what funding in this document>Several other series/programmes are being supported to the tune of over a quarter of a million euro. RTÉjr, RTÉ’s children’s channel, is getting €400,000 to produce a bilingual animation series called Inis Spraoi (produced by Magpie 6). An educational series, In Your Shoes, by Yellow Asylum for RTÉ2′s children’s programming is getting €250,000 while Sideline Productions were awarded €350,000 to produce Tales of Irish Castles, a documentary for TV3. Mind the Gap Films were awarded €260,000 to produce Glaoch an Cheoil music programmes for TG4.Most of the other programmes funded under this round are aimed at local and community radio stations (as well as State broadcasters and bigger commercial players like Newstalk). Some interesting projects include a documentary on the sinking of the Lusitania, the diagnosis of dyslexia in adulthood, faith healers in Ireland, science programmes, an exploration of working as Santa Claus, the Kennedy family’s ‘Irish mafia’ and an intriguingly-titled project subtitled, ‘Tipperary’s Most Hated Family’.Read: BAI upholds complaints against TV3 ‘psychic’ service>Read: Tommy Bowe and Titanic docs to receive BAI funding>last_img read more

Column Budgeting our depression Funding cuts are disastrous to mental health

first_imgIN A BEDROOM, a kitchen, an office, the street, somewhere someone is thinking about ending their own life. As you read this, someone might be doing it.The statistics show the number of suicides in Ireland has risen from 424 people a year in 2008 to 507 in 2012. We’re the fourth highest in the EU for suicides among young people – no surprise given the lack of respect and belief instilled in us by constant repetition of the phrase ‘culture of dependency’. Wexford, where I live, has the third highest suicide rate in the country. Yet this silent killer is only acknowledged when it’s too late.Mental health is vastly under-estimated for its all-encompassing effects, its impact on employment, family welfare and cost to the patient. There is a direct link between the economic downturn and the negative effect on the country’s mental welfare as cuts to vital health services as well as personal benefits mean our health – that which is meant to be our wealth – becomes the lowest priority personally and politically.Social welfare payment cuts, medical card allowance thresholds and the myriad other monetary implications caused by tax hikes, cutbacks and budgeting all affect the rate of suicides in this country. Economic instability is both a symptom and a result of poor mental health.Sometimes those with mental health problems are unable to work due to their situation or the discrimination of others. Alternatively their illness is treated as less important, less debilitating than a physical impairment. But just because you can’t see someone’s wounds doesn’t mean they’re not there.My own storyWhen I visited my GP in November 2012 I’d already had depression for some time, years really. It was depression that caused me to give up work in Belfast and move back to Wexford. Depression that made me self-harm and become socially isolated. Depression that had nearly driven me to suicide.The strain finally got too much after a near nervous breakdown the only available option to me, without a medical card, was to present at A&E and threaten to injure myself to get direct treatment or wait for the opportunity for free counselling to come up. If you’re already feeling suicidal either option is bleak.Sometimes the effort of even opening your mouth can prove too much, which is why so many people with mental illness suffer in silence. Thankfully, I managed to hang on and get help. It wasn’t too late for me, but for many it is and this is compounded by the government attitude to those in need.Despite having chronic depression, I’ve recently stopped taking my prescribed Prozac. I can’t afford it. That puts my life at risk. I also have two other ongoing conditions which require three-monthly GP visits and monthly prescriptions totalling up to and above €100 a month. One item on my prescription costs €65 alone. But unfortunately when I’m balancing my own budget, medication has been slipping further and further down the list.I am currently in my sixth or seventh medical card appeal process but am repeatedly turned down as my social welfare payment of €144 registers me over the hardship threshold.I don’t want this to be a sob story. I got help, through counselling, provided by a Wexford service that, like many, relies on volunteers. However we do need to draw attention to the many that go under the radar.I wrote a letter to Brendan Howlin, TD for Wexford and Minister for Public Expenditure, whose manifesto speaks of hope and optimism. I told him I was unable to recognise this. He says he stands for fairness but the Budget 2014 does not seem fair to me.Vital services cutA free drop-in service that had helped more than 399 families touched by mental illness used to run in several locations across County Wexford but was cut last year to alternate Wednesday mornings in the towns of Wexford and New Ross. Organisations such as Grow, Aware and 1Life try to address the problem but without government backing and support it just isn’t enough.Mental Health Reform, promoters of improved and prioritised mental health in Ireland, highlight other aspects of the budget that impact on mental health; the discontinuation of the telephone allowance increasing social isolation and the increase in rent contribution for couples adding strain to relationships. They also report that there is no extension of the Supported Employment programme for those with a mental disability that want to work.The increase in prescription charges also adds to the mounting problems, problems that the Government has a responsibility to address before we needlessly lose any more of our population because the people in charge wouldn’t listen.While there is some additional funding for social housing for people with disabilities this does not extend to those transitioning from HSE mental health services back into the community. This is how we treat people that aren’t well. When you consider one in ten adults has at some time experienced poor mental health, your dad; sister; boss; whoever, how can we consider segregating sufferers?Unfortunately suicide remains one of Ireland’s biggest killers. Mental health awareness needs to be voraciously reinforced until the stigma attached is completely removed and it is recognised as being as in need of monetary as well as social support.It may not be a popular opinion, but I believe those suffering from any kind of mental illness should be entitled to medical cards and should be prioritised for receiving treatment. The cost of not being able to buy vital medication is too high; it’s a life.Kate Bellamy is a TV and features writer online and in print in Ireland and the UK writing on contemporary women’s issues and television – where possible combining the two. Kate was shortlisted for the Vogue Young Writers Talent Contest this year. She can found tweeting @_KateMateRead: Recognising the warning signs can prevent suicidesColumn: ‘I saw him pull himself up onto the railing of the footbridge’Read: One in five young people is experiencing a mental disorder – RCSIlast_img read more

Two dead 22 injured in Texas house party shooting

first_imgTWO PEOPLE WERE killed and at least 22 others were injured late last night when gunfire rang out at a large house party in a Houston suburb, sending partygoers fleeing in panic, authorities said.More than 100 people, mostly young adults, had gathered at a home in Houston suburb of Cypress, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. The gunfire happened between 11:30 pm and midnight, the sheriff’s office said.A man and woman died — one at the scene and another at a hospital — and those hurt had injuries ranging from minor to critical, the sheriff’s office said. None of the victims were identified by name.Two suspects were being sought early Sunday, but officials did not elaborate. There was no immediate word on how many shots were fired or a possible motive.“It was a pretty chaotic scene,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Thomas Gilliland told the Houston Chronicle, adding that deputies saw some people lying on the ground and others running.Karen Briones was visiting relatives in the neighborhood, which is about 25 miles northwest of downtown Houston.“Girls were crying and screaming, banging on people’s doors asking them for help and to call 911,” she told the newspaper.The sheriff’s statement said those hurt were taken to at least five area medical centers or hospitals, some by paramedics and some in private vehicles. Gilliland told the newspaper that some people were shot in the foot, ankle and hip, and others fleeing the home had twisted ankles.Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Christina Garza told the Chronicle that at least one parent was in the house and that investigators were trying to determine if alcohol had been served at the party.Read: Gunman opens fire in New Jersey shopping centreRead: Man rushed to hospital in friend’s car after Dublin shootinglast_img read more

Tánaiste Assisted suicide is a topic we should address as human beings

first_imgTÁNAISTE EAMON GILMORE has said that legislators should deal with the issue of assisted suicide and has suggested that committee hearings be held when a case currently before the court concludes.Gilmore was speaking at Leaders’ Questions this morning when he was asked about the issue of assisted suicide in the wake of a woman being charged with assisting the suicide of another woman in Dublin in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the State.Indpendent TD Stephen Donnelly raised the case of Marie Fleming, an MS sufferer, who unsuccessfully challenged the country’s laws on assisted suicide earlier this year.Donnelly told the Dáil that Fleming’s condition has deteriorated to the point where she may now starve to death and asked Gilmore if her husband Tom should face the threat of 14 years in prison if he helps his wife to die.Gilmore said that it was best that the case before the courts concludes before TDs discuss the issue of assisted suicide, but he added:“I met with Tom Curran after the Marie Fleming case… It is my view that as legislators we should address this issue here in this house.” Stephen Donnelly in the Dáil this morning “I think it’s a difficult issue, I have enormous sympathy for the situation that Tom and Marie find themselves in, but there is no simple answer to this,” he said.The Tánaiste said that the topic raised “ethical and legal” issues but said it was one that should be addressed.“I think that this is a topic that I think we should address as legislators collectively,” he said. “I don’t think this should be a kind of government [versus] opposition type of issue.”He said it is a “a topic we should address as human beings, as legislators” and said that when the court case is over there may be an opportunity to hold committee hearings.Gilmore added: “The straight answer is ‘yes’. I do think we should deal with this as legislators.”Donnelly said that the court case should not prevent TDs from discussing the issue and called for an expert report could be carried out. Gilmore said this was a positive suggestion which he would discuss with his government colleagues.Donnelly also called for the Director of Public Prosecutions to issue guidelines on when penalties for assisted suicide may not apply as has happened in the UK.Read: The three landmark cases that shaped assisted suicide law in IrelandMore: Woman charged with assisting suicide in Dublinlast_img read more

Pics 100000 cigarettes in unmarked boxes seized in Munster

first_imgREVENUE COMMISSIONERS AND Gardaí have seized 100,000 illegal cigarettes on the border between Limerick and Tipperary.The search operation was carried out this afternoon as part of an investigation into smuggling.The Jin Ling and Golden Seagiies cigarettes, which had a retail value of €47,000, were discovered in unmarked brown boxes in a Ford Transit van which was stopped near Castleconnell.The van was seized and the driver, a man in his 30s from outside of Ireland, was arrested and taken for questioning at Nenagh Garda Station.A file is being prepared for the DPP. All pics via Revenue CommissionersRead: Over 40 million cigarettes were seized last year >last_img

Prosecutors seek death penalty for Boston marathon bombing suspect

first_imgUS FEDERAL PROSECUTORS say they will seek the death penalty against Boston marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.The final decision was made by Attorney General Eric Holder and was announced this afternoon.The twin blasts in April killed three people and wounded more than 260 in one of the most prominent terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11.Prosecutors allege that Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan, ethnic Chechens from Russia who had lived in the Boston area for about a decade, planted two pressure cooker bombs near the finish line.Tamerlan Tsarnaev died in a shootout with police.Seventeen of 30 charges against Tsarnaev carry the possibility of the death penalty, including using a weapon of mass destruction to kill.The 20-year-old Tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty. No trial date has been set.Read: New images of the bloodied Boston Marathon bombing suspect’s capture >Read: Boston bombing suspect had multiple gunshot wounds and fractured skull >last_img read more

Pics Limerick residents return home to assess flood devastation

first_img(Image: Niall Carson/PA)RESIDENTS AFFECTED BY flooding in Limerick yesterday started to return to their homes today to assess the damage done.The army, emergency services and local organisations were continuing to deal with the aftermath of the severe flooding cause by yesterday’s storm, mainly in the King’s Island area of the city.Water levels remain high and the worst affected areas are cordoned off. The flooding has been described as “unprecedented”.Earlier today Limerick City and County Manager Conn Murray met with local public representatives to brief them on developments.“I understand the great shock experienced by residents especially the elderly,” he said. “Nobody in the city, not even the oldest resident of King’s Island, can ever recall such severe flooding. We had our preparations made and had been working to shore up defences for days in the areas considered most at risk of flooding in the city and county but the volume of water was such that many of our defences were simply unable to cope.”last_img read more

Well holey god Giant sinkhole swallows family car

first_imgUpdated 11pmIT WAS SUPPOSED to be a normal Sunday afternoon for one couple in England but instead they ended up with a sinking feeling (sorry).A large 30ft deep sinkhole opened up in Phil and Liz Conran’s driveway in Buckinghamshire in southern England yesterday, swallowing their car whole.Nobody was inside the Volkswagen Lupo when the ground beneath it gave way. The car is still at the bottom of the hole where it is covered with rubble.Phil Conran looks out of a window from his home.Obviously we’re not geologists but this is one hole-y impressive geological feature. (Again, we’re so sorry).Emergency services were called to the scene and spent an hour assessing the situation. “Firefighters placed a cordon around it and gave safety advice,” a spokesperson for Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority said.A view of inside the sinkhole. The outline of the car can be seen at the bottom.The local council has said it is working to help repair the hole. In the meantime, the couple have been advised to find somewhere else to stay while further investigations are carried out.Sinkholes in the UK (and Ireland) are very rare, with most appearing in rural locations. They are caused by underground water hollowing out the ground and causing the surface to give way.Surveyors look at the damage caused. Phil and Liz Conran standing outside their home in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. Pics: Steve Parsons/PA WireRead: We thought that earlier pothole was big but then we saw this one… > Read: Underwater sinkhole suddenly swallows a dozen trees >last_img read more

The 5 at 5 Thursday

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five stories you need to know before you head out the door.1. #TRANSPORT: An agreement has been reached between Bus Éireann management and workers’ unions at the Labour Relations Commission, bringing an end to a long-running dispute about proposed changes to pay and terms of employment and averting further strike action.2. #INTERNET: The High Court has ordered websites, including YouTube, Facebook and Google, to permanently remove a video clip falsely accusing an Irish student of evading a taxi fare. The judge conceded, however, that he was unsure if this could be achieved.3. #RUSTY WATER: Local politicians in Donegal have asked the government to step in and fix the pipes around Lifford as residents continue to endure days without clean drinking water. See the colour of the rusty water flowing from the taps here.4. #GARDAÍ: Commissioner Martin Callinan has said he has “no axe to grind” with the person or persons who made anonymous allegations about the writing off of penalty points.5. #BYE BYE: At 38 years old and after a prolific career, David Beckham has called it a day. The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder turned down an offer of a one-year extension on his contract, choosing to retire from playing at the highest level. Read his thoughts on fulfilling his dreams over on read more

The Evening Fix now with added double rainbow in Dublin

first_img(Video: MichaelBubleTV/YouTube) THINGS WE SHARED(Photo via Imgur)This dog managed to fit an entire burger into his mouth and is pretty damn happy about it. Here’s 10 more individuals having the absolute time of their lives.They will stop everything to take a nap, they act badly in public, and they can’t seem to get their food into their mouths – here’s 26 reasons why kids are basically just tiny drunk adults.Michael Bublé, singing with an acapella group on the platform at a New York City subway station. You’re either going to love this or hate this: US athlete Travis Mahoney jumps the final hurdle during the men’s 3,000 metre steeplechase at a competition in Iowa today (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)HERE ARE THE things you need to know as we round off the day in three easy steps.THINGS WE LEARNED#OPINION POLL: A new opinion poll has found that less than one third of people believe the government should cut public sector pay, while the majority want the government to try to renegotiate the failed Croke Park pay agreement. The Red C poll for tomorrow’s Sunday Business Post also found that support for Labour has fallen by 2 points to 11 per cent while Fine Gael has remained steady at 28 per cent.#ARD FHEIS: The Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis has passed three motions affirming the party’s position as anti-abortion, RTE News reports, including one which opposes legislation which may widen the grounds for abortion. Party leader Micheál Martin is due to give his keynote speech at the conference this evening, which we’ll be liveblogging here on from 8.30pm.#MISSING MONEY 2: A second sum of money being held as evidence has gone missing at the Dublin Garda station where €9,000 was stolen last month. A Garda spokesperson said a criminal and disciplinary investigation is underway.#CREDIT UNION: The number of people looking for loans from credit unions has dropped for the second year in a row, despite a total of €1.1 billion worth of loans handed out to members over the past 12 months.#AT LAST: It’s taken two months but Italy’s new prime minister finally unveiled a new government today, breaking the stalemate which had led to fears about Italy’s ability to get out of recession. The government is a grand coalition between the two main parties from the left and the right.#SECURITY BREACH: Up to 50 million people may have been affected by a security breach at deals website in which hackers gained unauthorised access to names, email addresses, and passwords of users.THINGS WE LOVEDDOUBLE RAINBOW! Thanks to reader James Doyle for sending in this photo taken in Sallynoggin in Dublin earlier today. Got a good pic you’d like to share? Send it our way: Would you be able to buy all the food you need with just €1.20 a day? A BBC reporter took up the challenge and quickly found that that it was possible – but tough.Dating 100 people in 100 days:  greatest idea ever or a nightmare of awkwardness? One women has written for the Guardian about her decision to throw herself into the dating world after her 20-year marriage broke up – and how she kept track of all the them.last_img read more

Latest Panasonic TV allows direct recording to SD cards

first_imgPanasonic has unveiled a new range of TVs that do away with the need to buy a separate hard drive or disc recorder. The Japanese company has managed this by including an SD card slot and allowing recording directly to it.Not only will this save viewers money on additional hardware, it also breathes new life into SD cards too small for taking on holiday in that high-resolution camera you now own. But recording a few episodes of your favorite show will easily fit on some of the mid-range size cards.AdChoices广告If the thought of managing lots of SD cards (it supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC) is a big turn off, then Panasonic have a backup plan. There’s also a USB port allowing you to use a big external hard drive.The quality of the recordings is top rate, with 1920 x 1080 at 24Mbps quoted. That means 5 hours of video in 64GB of space.The new range is called the Viera G3-series, and it begins with a 42-inch model that will arrive in Japan first on February 18. No word on pricing yet.Read more at Panasonic (translated), via WiredMatthew’s OpinionWith the cost of adding an SD card reader and a USB port being minimal, we really should be seeing such features added as standard to new TVs of any size. We all carry our media around with us, and the ability to plug into a TV without need for additional hardware is highly desirable.Panasonic is clearly doing this as an experiment, but one that could be very popular. The only thing the company needs to do is keep the price competitive, and below the cost of buying a 42″ display with a HDD recorder. If they do that, I’d certainly consider investing when the Viera G3- series heads to western shores.last_img read more

Microsoft Tablet OS Due Out in 2012 Report

first_imgMicrosoft is finally issuing its full-fledged answer to the iPad. Next year. Word is that the company’s long awaited consumer tablet OS will finally be hitting the market, just in time for back to school 2012, which will likely put the tablets in direct competition with the third generation iPad.According to “people who declined to be identified because the plans haven’t been disclosed publicly,” cited by Bloomberg, Microsoft is set to begin public testing on the tablet-friendly version of the OS later this year. The update will be designed specifically to work on touchscreens, taking advantage of tablet screen size and battery concerns.Apple, of course, currently dominates the market, with the latest figures somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 percent of tablet sales in the U.S. Google’s Android is set to make a big grab, thanks to the recently released Motorola Xoom and a slew of upcoming tablets that will take advantage of Google’s tablet-oriented Android Honeycomb. Unless Microsoft hits back with a downright revolution, the timing certainly doesn’t bode well for the software giant’s chances in the market. Sure the company got good reviews and even some moderate sales with Windows Phone 7 devices, but failed attempts to offer tablets to consumers in the past aside, Microsoft is really starting from scratch on this one.last_img read more

Review Magellan eXplorist 510 hiking GPS

first_imgMagellan’s eXplorist 510 is a handheld GPS device designed for outdoors enthusiasts. With a current price of about $325 it’s for people who are looking for a few more advanced features, like expandable storage, and cool perks, like a built-in camera, but still want something that is easy to use. It’s a bit more expensive than my current favorite GPS device, the Garmin GPSMAP 62, but it is more consumer-friendly, thanks to the use of a 3.0-inch touchscreen, an almost total lack of buttons, and that geotagging camera.The eXplorist 510 is powered by the Sirfstar III chipset, so you know it’s relatively solid in terms of accuracy and consistency, but there is no exterior antenna or antenna connection port. It measures 2.57″ x 5.04″ x 1.45″ and weighs about 7 ounces so it’s not too small or light, but it’s comfortable to hold in your hand, like a smooth, rubbery pebble. It’s powered by two AA batteries and doesn’t get warm to the touch while operating.Basic features of the eXplorist include a 240×400 3.0-inch touchscreen, 500MB user-accesible on-board storage (2GB total), microSD expansion (card not included), IPX7 certification, WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS compatibility, a 3.2MP camera, and it’s preloaded with World Edition maps. Some features you might not expect are a microphone (for voice notes) and speaker. The battery life is said to be 16 hours.As far as build goes, the eXplorist 510 seems solid enough. The IPX7 certification means this thing is tough enough, plus Magellan builds these to take a few drops. The increased screen size means some vulnerability but the screen is recessed so this shouldn’t be an issue. The battery compartment is sealed and the USB connection is behind a rubber cover so the 510 should be fully splash-proof.As far the the controls go, the device only has three buttons: a hot key for the camera, a menu button, and the power button. The menu button will get you a quick context menu and the camera button doesn’t act as a trigger, but it will get you right to the camera. The vast majority of the controls are done using the touchscreen, which is something users will love or hate. If you think touch controls are too slow or you often wear gloves, this is simply not the right device for you. Personally I prefer using buttons for controls, but that does mean sacrificing on display size. I’ll be the first to admit that the 3.0-inch display on this Magellan is a nice upgrade from the GPS devices I’m used to.I tested performance and usability by taking the eXplorist 510 on a few outings, mostly walks around NYC and NJ. As far as the GPS goes it seems to take some time to acquire a signal, but after that it did the job well. This is really up to the Sirfstar, which we know to be a dependable chipset so as much as you might like to praise or knock Magellan, the Sirfstar is doing the heavy lifting here. The lack of exterior antenna can’t help things out, but I never had any real problems so I didn’t find the accuracy, consistency, or acquisition to be lacking. If anything I would say that the built-in compass doesn’t seem to be very accurate when you are moving slowly (or not at all), but this probably has to do with how it’s calculating direction.I did find the device’s controls to be slow to navigate, thanks mainly to the menu system. The fact that my hands were downright freezing when trying to use this on a windy February day here in New York didn’t help. Between the touch interface and unintuitive menu system I found myself not doing the tinkering activities I tend to engage in when electronics are in front of me. This could be seen as a bad thing, but for a GPS–which you use when you should be focused on the hiking or biking–it’s really not a huge problem. I did appreciate the built-in camera, but my smartphone has GPS, so I was usually willing to tradeoff accuracy for image quality.From what I’ve seen of the Magellan eXplorist 510, it’s a nice step forward for Magellan. The eXplorist GC was very basic, but with the 510 they were able to put out a device that has a reasonable feature set and that is very approachable. Whether this is your first GPS or you just want something easy to use, the 510 will do the job nicely, even if it is a bit pricey for the entry-level crowd (current street price is $324). I will note that the reviews on are excellent so there is a good chance that while I had some issues with the interface and design choices, this seems to be a very good option for the right GPS user.In the video below I run through the features of the eXplorist 510, plus I compare it to the eXplorist 710, eXplorist 610, and the eXplorist 310.This loaner unit was provided for testing by Magellan.last_img read more

Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception beta details released

first_imgUncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation 3 sequels. Fans of the franchise have been clamoring for information on when the multiplayer beta that developer Naughty Dog teased a few months ago, now they’ve explained what gamers can expect on June 28th, when the beta begins.If you purchased Infamous 2 and you got a voucher for the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta, then you’re in luck. You’ll get access to the beta on the first day, June 28th. Everyone else will be able to get in on the fun on July 4th. The beta will run through July 13th, and players will be able to experience nine multiplayer game modes on two maps. You’ll be able to create and customize your character, whether you’re a hero or a villain, and even play Nathan Drake himself in multiplayer, if you choose.Fans of traditional multiplayer gameplay styles will get their favorite modes in the beta. Team deathmatch and free-for-all deathmatch are included, as is a three-way team deathmatch mode where three teams of two players each face off. There’s also an objective based multiplayer match, where teams compete to finish objectives assigned first while stopping the opposing team from completing their own objectives.The beta will also include some new gameplay modes, including “Plunder,” which lets players compete to capture a treasure, and “High Stakes,” where players can gamble with their experience points and money in a game where the winners take all. Developers also teased a number of co-op multiplayer modes, but didn’t want to release details too soon, especially with E3 coming next week. With luck, we’ll see campaign or mission co-op play.The Uncharted 3 beta also throws a bone to losing teams in multiplayer matches that are simply being hammered by the winning team. They’re called Power Plays, and just like the hockey term, they’re meant to give a losing team a leg up on the winning team so they can get back in the game. Power Plays only last for one minute, but while they’re up, they can turn the tide of the match.For example, in the “Marked Man” power play, a person on the winning team is marked, and the losing team gets three points if they kill him. The winning team gets a special medal if they keep the marked player alive, and double cash for everyone on the losing team they kill. In the “Exposed” power play, the winning team’s position is revealed to the losing team.Uncharted 3 also includes Boosters, just like the previous games. They’ve been modified a bit to give you experience if you use your boosters, both in multiplayer and in single-player. Most of the boosters in the multiplayer beta include abilities that allow you to modify weapons, get back at the person that killed you last, reduce your respawn time, and even get extra ammo when you taunt an opponent you just killed. That’s only the tip of the iceberg: the Uncharted 3 beta also includes new weapons, new character customization options, and more.Read more at IGNlast_img read more

RIM unveils BlackBerry Curve 9350 9360 and 9370 running OS 7

first_imgIn May, RIM officially announced BlackBerry OS 7 and two snazzy new Bold handsets that featured greatly updated hardware. In demonstrations, the new OS showed snappy performance, but there’s a downside: if you want BlackBerry OS 7, you’re going to have to purchase a new phone. It won’t be made available to older BlackBerry devices.If you found your excitement wane and need to purchase disappear after seeing the high pricing Sprint and Verizon slapped on the Bold 9930 — $199 and $299 respectively — there’s now some good news. RIM has just announced a trio of new BlackBerry Curve models, and they’ll hit shelves at much lower prices.All three feature a 480×360 pixel display perched atop RIM’s trademark curved QWERTY keypad, an 800MHz processor (about 40% slower than the one powering the Bold 99XX models), 512MB RAM, 512MB of internal storage (1GB on the 9370) 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC support. On the back, you’ll find a 5MP camera with LED flash and autofocus. There’s also a microSD expansion slot with support for cards up to 32GB and power is provided by a modest 1000mAh battery. That’s not a lot compared to what you’ll find inside a current top-end Android phone, but my trusty old Curve 8530 still provides better-than-all-day-power with an 1150mAh battery — so I suspect the new Curves will offer similar (if not better) longevity when it comes to real-world use.As for the differences among model numbers, the Curve 9350 is CDMA only, the 9360 is GSM/UMTS, and the 9370 is a  dual-mode GSM/CDMA phone. The BlackBerry Curve 9350,9360, and 9370 will hit Canadian carriers this month and will roll out globally starting in September.More at Inside Blackberry and BGRlast_img read more

Best Buy snafu prices Flyer at 99 Updated

first_imgThere is no denying that, while it marked the death of the OS, the HP Touchpad sold a ton of units when at that $99 price point. I commented shortly after the price drop that every tablet should be $99, arguing that a service based business model and not a hardware business model would carry the next wave of devices.Just a few short days ago the Kindle Fire rocked the tech world with it’s $199 price point with hardware specs comparable to most $500 tablets. Obviously something needed to be done to compete here, there’s just no way the current pricing could compete with the Touchpad and the Fire. With that in mind, it made perfect sense to me that HTC would choose now to drop the price of their Flyer tablet to $99, as that’s exactly what did last night. Today Best Buy has announced this was a website error, and that most stores are refusing to honor the $99 offering. Lets take a look at whether or not HTC should give this some real consideration.No one reason whyFlyer sales haven’t been great, but no Android tablet has been overly spectacular yet in that department. The Flyer attempted to appeal to a decidedly niche market with the pen offering and by not being a 10 spec monstrosity. Unlike the Touchpad, however, development is still active for the Flyer. HTC is likely only a few short weeks from releasing Honeycomb for the Flyer, with the Sense optimizations intact. The Flyer caught a lot of negativity for not coming with Honeycomb, despite the fact that the HTC Sense optimizations for the screen size made the tablet significantly more functional than most Honeycomb tablets when it first came out. Add in the recent move by HTC to release the pen API’s through their HTCDev service, and the Flyer is poised to get plenty of attention. So, why the price drop?My initial speculation is that HTC could have been planning to replace the Flyer with an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet before Christmas. HTC has a long history of having access to the next version of Android before most due to their relationship with Google. If you follow the release cycle for the latest releases, HTC is due for something extra from Google anyway. Samsung and Motorola have both seen favor in device launches with this generation of Android, but not HTC. The Nexus S and the Xoom were both first run devices, getting updates before anyone else. In keeping with that partnership, HTC could well be working to have a powerful Ice Cream Sandwich tablet out soon.Competition is also a big motivator here. Being the same size as a Kindle Fire, combined with the ability to pick one up off the shelf right this second for $100 less, would be a powerful motivator for a lot of people who are still unsure about their first tablet. After the flood of sales that followed the HP Touchpad, and knowing that the Kindle Fire has already sold faster than any other Android tablet, this might have been the only way to stay even remotely relevant.Glitch in the MatrixThe social networks exploded minutes after it was discovered that was selling the tablet for $99 and that stores were not honoring it. Most stores, anyway, as there have been conflicting reports that some locations have felt there was no choice but to honor it. The official word from BestBuy corporate, however, is that this was a mistake on their website and the stores are not to honor the price.Curiously, still has the tablet listed as being on sale for $99 hours after it was called a pricing mistake by their corporate office. This could mean that the website, which is linked to their warehouses, was selling their inventory knowing that most stores will only have one or two of these devices on hand. Some have gone as far as to claim that this was an attempt to re-create the in store rush that was seen when the TouchPad went on sale. After all, if you drive all the way to the store and what you want isn’t there, you’d still shop around, right?Final thoughtsI have not hid my love for the HTC Flyer.  It remains my favorite Android tablet. The size is great, SenseUI is a terrific overlay optimized for the larger screen, and you know already that all of your apps will not only work on your tablet buy look nice too. If you are using it for work or for play, the Scribe Stylus can be a real pleasure to have as a companion. If you see it listed again for $99, you should consider violating some traffic laws to get one before they are all gone.UPDATE:  So, it’s kind of hard to call website failure when the pricing is also showing up in some of the stores as well. Reports are coming in from users who are seeing the same sale signs up all over stores across the US. Additionally, the web page that had the sale listed originally has been pulled down. There’s been no further explanation as towhat is going on here, more as it develops.last_img read more

FireFall creator Red 5 drops from E3 to protest SOPA

first_imgRed 5, the PC game developer behind the upcoming free-to-play shooter/MMO mashup FireFall, has dropped out of E3 2012 in protest of SOPA. CEO Mark Kern, also a Boston University Law School graduate, is redirecting the company’s E3 funds to launch The League For Gamers, an advocacy group representing end users, gamers and First Amendment advocates. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a trade body for the games industry, owns the E3 show and supports SOPA. Kern gave an extensive interview to Ars Technica in which he explained that the ESA has taken only the side of large publishers on the SOPA issue, leaving out developers, indies, and users. The CEO, in speaking to other developers, gets the feel that studios think that their hands are tied. They feel powerless against “the money … behind this legislation,” and as such Red 5 is the first to take serious action. Other large game companies including Nintendo of America, Microsoft, EA and Epic Games have individually stated opposition to SOPA but none have withdrawn from the ESA or E3 over the legislation.For Red 5, the withdrawal was a huge commitment as the company bases its marketing on trade shows instead of web advertising. The game was the darling of PAX 2010, and the absence from E3 will significantly impact the game’s publicity if it launches in 2012. “Literally within hours” of signing the E3 contract, Kern said, he backed out and doesn’t expect a refund. On the other hand, the studio expects eSports – and specifically streaming sites like – to be the game’s promotional backbone post-launch. SOPA presents an existential threat to that strategy, as a copyright claim from any holder could shut down the entire site, not just an offending channel. This differs from DMCA, the copyright legislation on the books since 2000, since that law only requires that offending content be taken down. All it takes, says Kern, is for one company to say “That’s not fair use” and away goes an entire streaming site regardless of what other developers have sanctioned.Moreover, if streaming sites were shut down, that impacts a greater financial ecosystem. Game casters would also be “shut down financially.” While SOPA has already withdrawn DNS blocking, Kern pointed out that other mechanisms still in the bill are equally effective, including search engine blacklisting, advertising blacklisting, and forced stopped payments from processors ranging from Visa and MasterCard to PayPal.Kern slammed the ESA – where his former colleague at Blizzard is now the general counsel – for believing that SOPA won’t be abused. The ESA believes, he says, that its members can be “good caretakers for First Amendment rights.” He added that ESA members themselves are split on the legislation, and therefore ESA’s support only represents the large publishers. The organization has thrown out its hard-earned favor from indie developers and individual voters, whose support was galvanized for the 2011 Supreme Court ruling that games are protected speech.Kern is continuing his advocacy among developers and teased that we may soon see something from “at least one other company.” via Ars Technicalast_img read more

Ubisoft unveils new IP Watch Dogs

first_imgThe number of notable games classed as open world experiences is slowly growing. Number one on the list has to be the Grand Theft Auto series, but we can also include Saints Row, Prototype, and inFamous on there. Now Ubisoft is throwing its hat into the ring with a brand new open world action adventure IP called Watch Dogs.Ubisoft announced the game at E3 yesterday and has created a new team to develop Watch Dogs comprising of key members of the Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow 6, and Far Cry teams. What they’ve created is a world where cities are controlled by computers, and those computers are controlled by private companies (sounds like the real world to me). The problem is, the whole system is corrupt.You play as Aiden Pearce, but your special abilities don’t extend to fantastical powers or over the top weaponry. Watch Dogs seems to be keeping a firm grasp on reality, so you’ll be hacking into computer systems, using security cameras, jamming cell phones, and manipulating traffic lights to achieve a goal, or at the very least a distraction.Your main weapons seem to be a gun and a cell phone, with the emphasis firmly on the cell phone to access systems and manipulate the environment. From the two videos and handful of screenshots Ubisoft has released so far, it certainly seems as if the focus is on intelligent play over combat, but that’s not to say this won’t have well thought out combat mechanics as the gameplay video above clearly shows.Watch Dogs is planned for release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, but no release dates have been revealed yet. After just this early preview the game certainly looks promising and the engine looks fantastic.More to come at Watch Dogslast_img read more