Largest U.S. co-op taps Aggreko for Texas storage project

first_imgLargest U.S. co-op taps Aggreko for Texas storage project FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Energy Storage News:A large-scale battery storage system will be built in Texas for the U.S.’s biggest electric utility cooperative, to time-shift solar-generated loads and provide grid services to transmission operator ERCOT.Mobile energy solutions provider Aggreko, which recently took over German-U.S. energy storage pioneers Younicos and incorporated it as a division of the parent company, announced to yesterday that it has signed an agreement for a 2.25MW / 4.5MWh battery storage project with Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC).According to Karim Wazni, managing director of Aggreko Microgrid and Storage Solutions (essentially formerly Younicos), the cooperative picked his company out for the project due to its existing track record of “active and successful participation in the ERCOT market.” Aggreko has already executed five battery projects in Texas, including the ongoing updates and upgrades of the large-scale battery system at Notrees Wind Farm.The project is notable for two reasons: firstly, that in addition to providing power services to ERCOT markets, the battery storage system, which should be capable of storing and discharging 2.25MW of power for two hours, will also provide energy capacity to the local network. As a general trend, customers for large-scale energy storage systems are now seeking this longer duration energy storage as well as the ability to use batteries for high powered, short duration applications, Saft’s Michael Lippert pointed out in a recent interview.The second notable aspect for Aggreko Microgrid and Storage Solutions is that unlike other recent projects, and the projects it is currently working on going forwards, this project for PEC is an asset sale, as opposed to the mobile power ‘as-a-service’ or energy storage ‘as-a-service’ business model the company is rapidly becoming known for. “In this case, the storage project is an asset sale, which is what the cooperative was looking for, not an as-a-service offer,” an Aggreko spokesperson told yesterday.Going forwards, Aggreko is expected to unveil a large project in New York State soon which will provide National Grid with solutions to defer spending large sums expanding transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure in the next few days. “We will be inaugurating a plant in New York State in two weeks, it’s a National Grid project where we’re providing 2MW of power for two hours, and that will be able to deliver peak shaving services to a substation,” Wazni said, adding that even these sorts of larger infrastructure projects could be done ‘as-a-service’.More: Power and capacity will be provided by Aggreko’s 4.5MWh Texas ‘legacy’ projectlast_img read more

USG approves new budget to allocate funds

first_imgA new budget was approved during Tuesday night’s Undergraduate Student Government Senate meeting, giving $30,000 to USC’s USG. The funds were provided by USC Student Affairs. USG received the money two weeks ago, but the Allocations Committee met four times to discuss the changes that would be made to the budget. The new budget passed by a vote of 11-0 Tuesday, with one member abstaining.Big money – The Undergraduate Student Government voted 11-0 to approve a new budget plan, allocating $30,000 from Student Affairs. – Hayden Bennet | Daily TrojanThe branch of USG that received the most money was the Discretionary Board, which gives money to student organizations to fund events on campus.“The discretionary fund is bigger than some of the other funding boards because it encompasses a wider range of possible events so there are more students that can qualify to get funding that way,” USG Senior Director of Communications Elizabeth Trower said.The administrative branch of Program Board received $3,000 to cover basic costs such as paperwork, supplies, posters and shirts. The Performing Arts Committee of Program Board received $7,500, which will possibly go toward another event or bringing in more high-profile talent to perform at USC.“They always have really well-attended events,” USG Speaker Pro Tempore and Greek Senator Mikey Geragos said. “So we thought students would really appreciate the money going there.”Program Board’s Special Events Committee received $1,850, which will go toward improving the events already planned.In previous years, the Special Events Committee had issues providing food for all the students that attended.Another segment of Program Board that will receive an increase in funding is the Queer & Ally Student Assembly. A $2,000 increase will be allocated with the goal of having its funding more evenly match those of other assemblies.“All their events have been so highly attended. They feel underrepresented at times,” USG President Chris Cheng said. “We want to give them more money to show our support for their community.”The USG Student Senate Allocations Board also received an additional $800, which will go toward any specific projects the Senate is working on.“Senate Allocations took a hit because they changed the interpretation of what Senate Allocations is there for,” Geragos said.The administrative branch under the USG Executive Cabinet received $2,000. The increase will be used for purposes similar to Program Board’s administrative branch.The Elections Commission received an additional $800. This money will be used to host events during USG elections, and encourage more students to run for various USG positions.The USG legislative branch received $2,000 for projects that Senators are working on.last_img read more