Several Injured at Soul Fresh Concert

first_imgHipco rap group Soul Fresh’s One Million Fans concert ended in chaos when riot broke out leaving several people injured and damaging properties estimated to be worth over US10, 000.The incident, according to multiple sources, stated when rapper Chiller Coolnanee exceeded his ten minutes performance time, but was not in a hurry to leave the stage.Sources added that this attitude resulted into the show’s MCs switching off Chiller’s mic, which got the fans upset. It was also reported that Chiller Coolnanee remarked that “haters” did not want to see him perform, which also drove the angry crowd irate.Before that, our sources said DJ As a Boy’s attempt to remove Coolnanee from the stage incensed the fans more. After Chiller was finally removed from the stage, all hell broke loose as fans started throwing stones and bottles on stage.“It was like a war zone, people were running for their lives everywhere including the show host and other artists. People who were unlucky got hurt while others lost valuable belongings. Cars that were on the beach got damaged and a lot of crazy things happened,” sources explained the horror scene from the show.Meanwhile, Soul Fresh’s manager Edwin Tisdell has expressed regret for the way the show ended and is filing a law suit against all those who incited violence during the show.“I’m continuing with my law suit and my lawyer has all of that. I do not think I can risk my life or my family’s life anymore. I feel so sad for my own investment and resources into Liberian showbiz; and I’m totally perplexed by this continuing backwardness and mischief.“It takes lots of energy to convince a sponsor to support Liberian artists because they always feel that people will throw stones and sometimes act stupid. You have to convince them that this will not happen. So I don’t think I have the face to stand in front of Cellcom or Club Beer for sponsorship anymore,” Edwin said in an interview with LIB Life.The show took place on December 11 at Bernard Beach. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Rep Kelly resolution to dissolve state school board approved by House committee

first_img Categories: Kelly News,News 26Oct Rep. Kelly resolution to dissolve state school board approved by House committee The House Education Reform Committee agreed with its chair, state Rep. Tim Kelly, today by approving his resolution calling for the dissolution of the state Board of Education.“Our children have fallen further and further behind in education, so it’s time to say enough is enough,” said Kelly, of Saginaw Township. “There’s a lack of accountability when it comes to education in Michigan. We have the governor, the state superintendent – who is appointed by the school board — the Senate and the House. When everybody is in charge, then nobody is in charge. The state school board has become an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy for local school districts and teachers that our state’s families and students do not need.”Specifically, House Joint Resolution M seeks to amend the state constitution to dissolve the state Board of Education, giving the governor the authority to appoint a school superintendent. If approved, the resolution would be put to a statewide public vote to amend the state constitution.The resolution is driven by the recommendations of the state’s 21st Century Education Commission, which were announced in March.The committee hosted Tom Hass, chair of the governor’s commission and president of Grand Valley State University, and Bridge Magazine columnist Phil Power for testimony in support on Oct. 12, explaining how the state Board of Education’s role in education is diminished and unnecessary.“Michigan must ask the voters to allow our governor to appoint the state Board of Education and superintendent,” Hass said in testimony. “Education is a public good. As elected legislators, you also represent the citizens of this state so we have to ask is the state board doing its fiduciary duty and moving the state education system forward?”Kelly agrees the board is no longer beneficial to state education.“This is the perfect time to do this because the school board is in a gridlock with four Republicans and four Democrats,” Kelly said. “This is as non-partisan as it gets because it shows how the board lacks accountability. It has brought nothing to table as a group while every school district in the state already has an elected school board.”HJR M advances to the House for its consideration.last_img read more

Julien Signes Encoding specialist Envivio reported

first_imgJulien SignesEncoding specialist Envivio reported a “significant progress towards profitability” in its most recent quarter after cutting its net loss to US$0.6 million.The company said that revenue of US$11.7 million, which was up slightly year-on-year, was driven by “several large tier-one customer wins.”“We continue to balance our progress toward profitability with investing in our future through innovation in key areas. We signed our first Nuage international customer and are also seeing accelerated momentum for large, software only converged head-end solutions,” said Envivio founder and CEO, Julien Signès.Overall, the company’s reported GAAP net loss was down from US$4.1 million in the same quarter a year ago. For the three months ending July 31, 2015, Envivio said that its gross margins increased to 70.2%, compared with 58.3% in the second quarter of fiscal 2015.last_img read more

Sky News and social media platform Snaps partner

first_imgSky News’ and social media platform Snap’s partnership shows the success of traditional broadcast media on social platforms, according to Christina Nicolotti Squires, director of content at Sky News.Speaking at the Connected TV World Summit in London, Squires said that whilst consumer behaviour is ever changing Sky News’ strategy is exploring digital distribution avenues.She said that when looking at publishing their content on social platforms there were three core benefits, of which at least two must be fulfilled: to bring new audiences, showcase original journalism and make money.Sky News’ breaking stories covering Brexit have been especially popular with audiences on Snapchat and building on core values around live and original content with breaking news editions with a strategy for taking premium content to find new audiences.Despite catering for a lower ager demographic, Rami Saad, head of International content partnerships at Snap, said that content which reached over 30 million users daily must be conveyed with the brand in mind. Commenting on the rise of vertical video formats, he said: “Don’t change the content, change the way you tell the story.”Whilst Sky News reaches more than 7 million users monthly on Snapchat, Nicolotti said she was surprised at how well some of the more traditional stories have done and the success with Brexit across SNAP audiences has spurred on the delivery of more mainstream news stories over the platform.In increasing revenue up 18-19% has shown the monetisation capabilities of partnership models, and Nicolotti added that whilst Sky News were not reliant on digital revenue streams, they should like to see it grow.last_img read more

Researchers identify new potential target to inhibit progression of liver disease

first_img Source: Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Oct 26 2018Naglaa Shoukry, Ph. D., and her team have made a significant breakthrough in their research aiming to limit the progression of liver disease. They have characterized the mechanisms of action of type 3 inflammatory cytokines that are produced by the cells of the immune system, which result in a progression of hepatic scarring known as fibrosis. These research efforts have identified new potential targets to inhibit the progression of liver disease and prevent cancer.Researchers from the liver immunology research unit of the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center (CRCHUM) have discovered how a protein called interleukin 22 (IL-22) accelerates fibrosis during episodes of chronic hepatitis by amplifying the signal of the fibrogenic cytokine TGF-β. The fibrogenic nature of IL-22 had been unknown up to now. The new finding allows us to understand its interaction when combined with TGF-β, a cytokine that is produced during liver inflammation. Indeed, cases of advanced fibrosis confirm the pathogenic aspect of IL-22.Another type 3 cytokine, namely interleukin 17A (IL-17A), had been known as an agent amplifying the inflammation and fibrosis leading to liver cirrhosis, which can cause cancer. The team has identified neutrophils and mast cells as the prime source of IL-17A in humans. Indeed, their number increases in inflammation induced by the immune system during liver disease.It appears now that two type 3 cytokines, IL-17A and IL-22, can by independent mechanisms sensitize hepatic stellate cells (HSC) to the action of TGF-β. The HSCs, thus more sensitized to signals of proliferation and fibrosis, remodel the extracellular matrix leading to a deterioration of the architecture and function of the affected patient’s liver.Experiments successful in blocking the production of IL-17A and IL-22The balance between the two cytokines IL-17A and IL-22 during different stages of liver disease and their combined roles remain unknown and further studies are needed. However, experiments in mice have determined that the inhibition, by small molecules, of programmes associated with production of IL-17A and IL-22 delays the development of hepatic fibrosis. These discoveries allow us to better characterize the pathogenic role of type 3 cytokines, and elucidate how to intervene to prevent the development of fibrosis as well as liver cancer.The next stepsThe next steps will make it possible to determine when cells producing IL-17A and IL-22 receive the signal to penetrate the liver, triggering a tissue-repair response. The objective will be to examine how the balance between the pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory signals is disrupted, since this is how fibrosis progression is influenced. Given that the replacement of healthy tissue by scar tissue favours the development of more serious pathologies, such as cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer, it is vital to learn how to block inflammatory cells from entering, which over the course of time may induce cancer. The various types of treatment, as well as frequency and intensity of doses that would make it possible to block the effects of type 3 responses, must be pursued in preclinical mouse models prior to being ultimately tested in humans. Medications already developed for the treatment of psoriasis in humans, successfully target type 3 cytokines such as IL-17 and IL-22. This avenue appears promising.Prevalence of liver disease in Canada and QuebecRelated StoriesResearchers pinpoint treatment target for rare liver cancer in adolescents, young adultsMetabolic enzyme tied to obesity and fatty liver diseaseLiver fat biomarker levels linked with metabolic health benefits of exercise, study findsAn estimated eight million Canadians may be affected by liver disease, an illness that exhibits few or no symptoms, and that can affect anyone. Chronic liver disease can lead to fibrosis, cirrhosis, and cancer of the liver. An increase in the risk of liver disease, including non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis (NASH) (known as fatty liver disease), chronic hepatitis B and C, and liver cancer, is the reason that, in just 10 years, the number of Canadians affected by liver disease has increase from 1 in 10 to 1 in 4. Our nutrition, sedentary behaviour, and lifestyle are key causes. This scientific breakthrough may make it possible to develop strategies whose goal is to limit the development and progression of fibrosis.Naglaa Shoukry and her team’s research interestsNaglaa Shoukry, Ph. D., and her team’s research involves investigating the immune response against hepatitis C virus (HCV), an infection that affects approximately 71 million individuals worldwide, and is a major cause of chronic liver disease including cancer. The team is also interested in understanding the role of immune regulation in the progression of hepatic fibrosis and the development of liver cancer. In particular, it examines the complementary and at times opposing roles of IL-17 and IL-22 in hepatic fibrosis and cancer, and the populations of inflammatory versus regulatory cells involved in this process.last_img read more

You can run but you cant hide culprit for messup exposed

first_img Related News Athletics 10 Jul 2019 Khairul’s anything but speedy in his first outing this year KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) have taken a Malaysian University Sports Council (Masum) official to task for his blunder at the World University Games in Naples, Italy.Four athletes – woman triple jumper R. Kirthana, 200m sprinters Russel Nasir Taib, Mohd Aqil Yasmin and pole vaulter Iskandar Alwi – were barred from competing in their events on Wednesday because the official did not confirm their entries 24 hours before their events.MAF deputy president Mumtaz Jaafar said that they are shocked and puzzled by the incident.“It’s a terrible blow to the athletes as they had trained hard and made sacrifices for the Games,” said Mumtaz. Athletics 11 Jul 2019 They’re nuts in Naples “If the official had done his job, this would not have happened,” said the former sprinter and coach.“I’m also puzzled that Khairul Hafiz Jantan and Jonathan Nyepa were cleared to compete in the 100m on Monday. “If their entries were confirmed, what happened to the other four? I’m really not sure what went wrong,” added Mumtaz.“I feel sorry for them as this was their first World University Games.“Kirthana and Aqil were going to use the meet to qualify for the SEA Games while Russel had sacrificed his studies and also used his own money to travel from Australia to Malaysia before flying off with the others to Italy.“I hope other sports officials will take heed of this incident. “They must attend the managers’ meeting and they must make sure the athletes’ names are confirmed.“I hope such a thing will not occur again as this could jeopardise the athletes’ careers,” said Mumtaz.center_img Related News Athletics 05 Jul 2019 Kirthana hopes to spring a surprise despite not being well prepared {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more