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first_imgAndreas Scheck: This is an award given by passengers, therefore, having been recognised by them gives us great satisfaction and it inspires us to continue looking for innovative ways to fulfil our customers’ needs and improve their travel experience.BTN: How useful are accolades such as the World Travel Awards for airlines such as LATAM when it comes to promoting the brand to consumers?AS: We have focused on understanding the new needs of the Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 customer – focusing on how much travellers value safety in their journey, flexibility in the purchase decision process and connectivity across the network. – Advertisement – OlderBTN interview: Alexandra Vila, global senior manager, brand strategy and communications, LATAM BTN: Can you describe the mood in South American aviation in late 2020 – are we looking for a recovery as we head into next year?AS: As IATA announced, we expect the industry to recover pre pandemic demand by 2024, at a much slower pace than what the industry projected. But we are optimistic: LATAM Group is ready to fly when our customers are by implementing the highest safety standards, offering passenger peace of mind when they purchase their tickets through commercial flexibility and servicing, to date, 106 destinations around the world. Our mood is of service: we will be ready when you decide to fly. BTN: How will the new LATAM relationship with Delta Air Lines help both carriers meet the needs of passengers moving forward?AS: Our long-term alliance with Delta is focused to allow our passengers to access more connectivity with our complimentary destination networks. This alliance will offer our clients a better travel experience between Latin America and the USA.More InformationLATAM Airlines Group is the leading airline group in Latin America with one of the largest route networks in the world, offering services to 145 destinations in 26 countries, including six domestic markets in Latin America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru – in addition to international operations in Latin America, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, Oceania, Africa and Asia.Find out more on the official website. This recognition motivates us to keep improving every day. We have never stopped flying during the pandemic, despite the multiple restrictions imposed by the authorities worldwide. More than 33,000 people returned home within the region thanks to the special flights we carried out, despite the limitations of the pandemic. – Advertisement – Voters at the World Travel Awards have honoured LATAM with a number of top titles – here we find out how it feels to have won from vice president of sales, Andreas ScheckBreaking Travel News: Congratulations – LATAM has been recognised as South America’s Leading Airline by voters at the World Travel Awards – how does it feel to have won?- Advertisement – NewerBTN interview: Gloria Gallardo, president, Guayaquil Public and Municipal Company of Tourism – Advertisement –last_img read more

More clouds in H1N1 vaccine supply picture

first_imgOct 23, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – Questions about the tardy US supply of pandemic H1N1 vaccine have increased with the report that most of Novartis’s doses may not reach the country until early in 2010 and a European regulatory recommendation that may have implications for the global vaccine supply.Novartis Chief Executive Officer Daniel Vasella said yesterday that most of the company’s vaccine supply may not be delivered until the first quarter of 2010, Bloomberg News reported yesterday. Vasella made the comments in an interview on CNBC.Novartis has a $979 million contract to supply H1N1 vaccine to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The company is expected to supply about 35% of the total projected US supply of about 251 million doses, the Bloomberg story said.Today, the European Union’s drug regulatory agency announced it would maintain an earlier recommendation for a two-dose regimen of the three H1N1 vaccines approved in the EU, despite data showing one-dose efficacy for two of the vaccines. The recommendation raises the possibility of a major increase in European demand for the vaccines, with possible repercussions for the US supply.The vaccines covered by the EU recommendation are Novartis’s Focetria, GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK’s) Pandemrix, and Baxter’s Celvapan. Novartis makes both its US and European H1N1 vaccines in Europe. GSK is under contract to supply some doses to the United States, but it accounts for only a small share of the total supply.Slow flow of vaccineThe flow of vaccine to US providers has been far below earlier projections. At a news briefing today, Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said a total of 16.1 million doses have become available for distribution so far. Yesterday Dr. Anne Schuchat of the CDC predicted that the number will reach 28 million doses by the end of this month.Back in July, HHS had projected that 120 million doses of vaccine would be ready in October. But in mid-August that was trimmed to a predicted 45 million doses by mid-October, after manufacturers found that the egg-based vaccine production process was not yielding nearly as much virus as expected.A factor that initially hampered accurate vaccine production projections was the lack of a good test for measuring the amount of vaccine antigen produced, said Dr. Bruce Gellin, director of HHS’s National Vaccine Program Office, at yesterday’s meeting of the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). He said it wasn’t until late August that an accurate assay for measuring the amount of hemagglutinin became available.At today’s CDC briefing, Frieden said that though vaccine availability is increasing steadily, it’s coming far too slowly.”Vaccine production is nowhere near where we thought it would be,” he said. “Vaccine is our strongest tool, and not having enough of it is frustrating for all of us.”He said manufacturers are working as hard as they can to get as much vaccine out as safely as possible, but vaccine production is as unpredictable as viruses. When the first doses of the vaccine were coming off production lines, he said, officials had to make a tough ethical decision: let supplies build or distribute it right away.”The alternative would be to let it stock up until we have enough for larger populations of people who wanted to get it,” he said. “Doing that would have meant it would be waiting in warehouses when people who want to get vaccinated could be protected.”The CDC is aware of reports of people not being able to get the vaccine, Freiden said. “On the flip side, there is a lot of interest in the vaccine, and we’re glad to see that,” he stated. National polls conducted earlier this fall showed lukewarm interest in the vaccine, though parents seem somewhat more willing to have their children vaccinated than themselves.A reporter asked Frieden if he thought the EU’s recommendation for a two-dose regimen of H1N1 vaccine would affect the United States’ supply of vaccine, much of which comes from Europe. He said US officials aren’t worried, because vaccine data affirm one-dose efficacy. “Our supplies are already preordered and it’s a question of when they get delivered. I don’t think that [the EU decision] would be a consideration,” he said.Dr. Michael Perdue, director of influenza and emerging diseases at the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, when asked about the EU recommendation today, told CIDRAP News, “So far we haven’t been told that our order with Novartis is going to be affected in any way.” He said he couldn’t immediately comment further.The EU recommendation for two doses per person was not absolute. The Committeee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CMPH) said it decided to maintain an initial recommendation that the three vaccines “be preferably used as two doses, three weeks apart.” However, for the Novartis and GSK vaccines, “the limited data currently available indicate that one dose may be sufficient in adults,” the committee said.Frieden, when pressed today about which companies are having production delays, reiterated that it’s not unusual for manufacturers to encounter delays, which have occurred periodically with the seasonal flu vaccine. “Each different supplier has its own challenges,” he added.Frieden said vaccine supply would become more plentiful in the next several weeks, but he held off on making any projections. “Given how far off some of the projections have been from what we have now, I would prefer to just take it one day at a time, one week at a time,” he said.Manufacturers’ assessmentsVaccine manufacturers are currently wary of making specific predictions about when they will finish producing all their doses, but they say they are working hard to meet their contracts.Novartis spokesman Eric Althoff told CIDRAP News today that the company expects to finish making bulk vaccine by the end of the year, but he declined to predict when all the finished doses will be ready.Sanofi Pasteur is under contract to make 75.3 million doses of H1N1 vaccine, about 30% of the expected US supply, at its facilities in Swiftwater, Pa. Company spokeswoman Donna Cary said today that Sanofi expects to finish making bulk vaccine in December.In an e-mailed statement, Cary said, “We have orders for 75.3 million doses of bulk antigen for anticipated delivery between October and December. We are on track to deliver this by December. In fact, of the 16 million doses HHS reports they have available, Sanofi Pasteur shipped 12 million.”Cary said the company has succeeded in “optimizing” the vaccine seed virus to improve yields. “We are pleased to report that yields are now exceeding the yield projections used in early production planning with HHS. In fact, current yields are now close to our seasonal standard. Thus, we do not anticipate the strain yield to be a factor impacting future production schedules.”The company also was able to speed up the licensure of two new filling lines that were not originally scheduled to be licensed until later, boosting filling capacity, Cary reported.MedImmune is under contract to make about 40 million doses of its intranasal, live attenuated H1N1 vaccine for HHS. The company said earlier it did not have the yield problems that other manufacturers reported.Company spokeswoman Karen Lancaster said today, “We’re pretty much on track. We had anticipated about 11 million doses by the end of October, and we’re pretty much on track to deliver that. I can also say we’ve made enough bulk vaccine to fill all the orders, and we’re now working around the clock to get those into sprayers and packaged and delivered.”She said the company’s delivery schedule goes through early 2010, but she couldn’t be more specific about a projected date for finishing production.Another US suppilier is Australian-based CSL Biotherapies. According to the Bloomberg story, a company official said on Oct 20 that the firm was on scheduled to deliver its 36 million doses.last_img read more

The competition for the selection and appointment of directors of CNTB offices abroad has been announced

first_imgToday, the Croatian National Tourist Board announced public tenders for all representative offices in which the employment contracts of executives expire. Namely, employment contracts expire in September 2017 for the directors of the representative office in Italy, France, Poland, Benelux, Germany – director of the representative office and head of the branch office, Russia and the United States. There are also tenders for representative offices in Hungary and Slovakia, where the offices are managed by the heads of the offices, without the status of a director or director appointed by the Tourist Board of the CNTB.At its 17th session, the Tourist Board of the Croatian National Tourist Board appointed a Commission for the evaluation of candidacies received within the tender procedure for the selection and appointment of directors of representative offices and heads of CNTB branches abroad. The President of the Commission is Barbara Mesić, Chief Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, and members of the Tourist Council are Boris Žgomba, Tomislav Fain and Marcel Medak and Professor Dragan Magaš as an external associate. After the deadline for applications, the commission will evaluate the received applications and conduct interviews with the selected candidates, and will inform the Tourist Board, to which it will send its nomination proposal. “The promotion of Croatia abroad is one of the basic tasks of foreign missions, and given the rapidly changing trends in supply and demand, market access and the concept of promotion, it is necessary to be more up-to-date and faster to adapt to new challenges. Our goal is to reform the representations in the world in a way that they will be more efficient, more proactive and ultimately more competitive, which is a precondition for the continued growth of Croatian tourism, “commented the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli. “What we want, and experiences from the field only confirm this, is the specific tourist promotion of Croatia adapted to each individual country, so we added as a condition that the candidate knows the tourist market for which the representative office or branch office is responsible. We need ambitious and proven professionals with experience in the field of tourism or marketing. Challenging destinations are offered and I believe that there will be a lot of interested professionals who will apply for the competition.Added Minister Cappelli.The director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, stated that he expects quality candidates to apply for the competition with innovative and interesting proposals for the work program, from which their visions of the representative office’s activities will be clearly visible. In cooperation with the directors of the representative office, I expect, above all, professionalism in work and teamwork, as well as excellent knowledge of the market in which they will perform their function. The network of representative offices is an extremely important factor in the promotion of Croatia, because in addition to the fact that the Main Office in cooperation and at the suggestion of the director of representative offices creates marketing, PR and other activities, representative offices are also our link with partners in the markets. The director of the representative office should meet a number of conditions, and among other things be an excellent communicator and a kind of business intelligence operative who will monitor the market situation, our status in it and the activities of the competition. ” Stanicic points out.Conditions that candidates must meetIn addition to the conditions prescribed by the Labor Act and the Ordinance on special conditions that must be met by employees of the tourist office of the tourist board of the municipality, city, county and the Main Office of the Croatian Tourist Board, interested candidates must meet the conditions prescribed by the competition. Candidates must: have completed at least a specialist graduate professional or graduate university study, have at least three years of work experience in the field of tourism and / or marketing, actively know one and know one world language or the language of the country where the director is, at least one written recommendation from previous employers, know the tourist market for which the representative office or branch office is responsible, have passed the professional exam for work in the tourist office and if they do not have it within one year from the date of entry they should pass, know how to work on a personal computer and make a proposal for its work program of the representative office or branch office for the next calendar year. The text of the public call with all the information can be found at the following connectors.last_img read more

Spring teams will keep title streak alive

first_imgI’ve got a fever and the only prescription is not more cowbell — sorry, Christopher Walken. Rather, I think the only cure here is a national championship from one of our USC athletics teams this spring.USC has won at least one national team championship every year for the past eight years, which means the last year without a team title was 2006. Prior to the current streak, at least one team had won a national team title from 2001 to 2005.Therefore, in the past 14 years, USC has won at least one championship in every  year but one.As the school year begins to wind down, though, even I am beginning to get a little bit anxious as to whether our teams will be able to extend this unprecedented streak.The Trojan faithful shouldn’t stress too much, though, because I’m not going to let this happen on my watch, and it appears that one of the USC spring sports teams is here to save the day.Fortunately, for the sake of the streak, many of these teams are currently on fire, and it doesn’t look like firefighters are putting it out any time soon.For starters, the Easter bunny seemed to be a good luck charm for USC teams this past weekend, as they went a perfect 10-0, with almost all of these wins coming against conference opponents.As of April 1, USC had 11 teams that were ranked in the top-10, and three were ranked as the top team in the land.Statistically speaking, USC has a relatively good chance of keeping the streak alive as long as one of these scorching teams can pull off a natty. The big question, though, is which one of these team has the best shot of winning a title in their respective sports?There’s no doubt that a program that has caught much of our attention this spring is the USC baseball team, which currently owns its highest ranking since 2006 at No. 6. They kicked off the season as one of the hottest teams in all of collegiate baseball with a 12-0 start. They also sent a message to the rest of the nation early on after beating three of the nation’s best programs: TCU, Vanderbilt and crosstown rival UCLA, at Dodger Stadium.The team has, indeed, carried the momentum into conference play by winning each of its three series in conference, including a sweep of Arizona, the first time they accomplished that feat since 2001.The Trojans have a crucial Pac-12 series coming up at home this weekend against the Bruins, and while I think USC is in a great position to win a conference title and get back to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2005 under third year-skipper Dan Hubbs, I don’t think they will be able to get through the gauntlet that makes up the postseason in collegiate baseball. It would be a huge accomplishment in itself even if the Trojans reached to the College World Series in Omaha.To be honest, I think it will be one of the Women of Troy teams that will save the day in the end.I wouldn’t be surprised at all if either women’s sand volleyball, women’s golf or women’s tennis, which all currently boast No. 1 rankings, are able to win titles in their respective sportsThe sand volleyball team, still  in just its fourth season under head coach Anna Collier, is probaly the hottest team at USC right now.Currently boasting a perfect 15-0 record and coming off a huge win over defending champion Pepperdine at their home sand on Zuma Beach,  the Women of Troy are poised to become the new queens of the sand, should they be able to keep up their high level of play.The only caviat here would be that women’s sand volleyball doesn’t become a full-fledged NCAA championship sport until next year.Moving on, the top-ranked women’s tennis team has also been on top of its game lately with its current eight-match winning streak.In the process, the Women of Troy have knocked off a number of ranked Pac-12 foes, putting them in good shape as they close out their regular season at home before moving onto the conference and NCAA Tournaments.Also, on the men’s side, you can never count out head coach Peter Smith and his squad, who won four consecutive national titles leading up to 2013 and then secured USC’s 100th  NCAA Championship in 2014.Finally, when you’re talking about legendary head coaches, you can’t go without talking the one and only Jovan Vavic and the water polo dynasty he has built.The No. 3 ranked Women of Troy, which is led by the program’s all-time leading scorer in senior Monica Vavic, is currently on a six-game winning streak and is hungry to return to the national title game after losing to UCLA in the semifinals in 2014.The program took home the national title the year before in 2013.I really hope that these teams don’t let me down after I just talked them all up so much, but that’s honestly how confident I am in these teams’ ability to deliver in the postseason.In an attempt to channel my inner Pat Riley, I feel so grateful to be a Trojan, and I’m guaranteeing to all USC fans that  at least one of these varsity teams will win a title this spring and keep the streak alive. Can you dig it?Darian Nourian is a junior majoring in print and digital journalism. He is also the sports editor of the Daily Trojan. His column, “Persian Persuasion,” runs Thursdays.last_img read more