Lagunitas Brewing Company Announces 2019 ‘Live At Lagunitas’ Lineup: Thundercat, STRFKR, Antibalas, More

first_imgPetaluma, CA-based Lagunitas Brewing Company has announced the 2019 schedule for their annual free Live At Lagunitas summer concert series, held at the Petaluma Amphitheatre.The Nor Cal craft brewery will begin their Live At Lagunitas series with a performance by The War & Treaty on May 27th, followed by FIDLAR (6/4); Antibalas (6/18); Thundercat (6/24); The Budos Band (7/9); James McMurtry (8/5); The Nude Party (8/19); Shannon and the Clams (8/26); Man Man (9/3); Newport Folk Festival Presents “Folkin’ Friends” (9/23); Paul Cauthen (9/24); STRFKR (10/1); and Caroline Rose on October 7th.Although the concert series is free, attendees must obtain pre-reserved tickets to enter the concert grounds. Fans can head here for a list of Live At Lagunitas’s performance schedule, ticketing “on-sale” times, and more information.last_img read more

Information Security Shake Up: What to Expect in 2013

first_imgThe Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) just released a new special trend report titled, “Information Security Shake-Up” containing predictions for continued cyber security turmoil in 2013. The report assesses how innovations such as big data analytics, cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and social media are rapidly transforming the way enterprises conduct business, will change the face of IT, and will greatly impact the foundation of information security strategies. With the accelerated adoption of cloud, social media and mobile capabilities in the enterprise, it is clear that every organization’s attack surface will continue to become broader and more complex, and the enterprise security perimeter will completely dissolve.This SBIC trend report offers high-level, actionable strategies to help inform key decision makers and assist enterprises to address the challenges of these megatrends affecting information security programs. From my perspective, there are five key issues on which security professionals should focus in the report.BIG DATA AS A WAY OF LIFEIf you do nothing else in 2013, stop thinking that “big data” is a buzzword, and start realizing that it will be a way of life for you as a security professional. First and foremost information security programs must get into the information business in a very big way. Security programs must evolve in 2013 from traditional reactive perimeter and signature-based approaches for managing malware, network threat detection, and security controls management, to an agile approach that relies on the power of big data and intelligence-driven analytics. The goal is to always understand the risks to the most important business assets in whatever context they may exist – cloud, mobile, or traditional data center – and to protect them accordingly. To succeed, security leaders must invest in intelligence-driven strategies that harness the power of big data analytics and agile decision support.CONSULTANT TO THE BUSINESSWe security professionals have worked for years to have our voices heard regarding the threats facing IT and business from many different directions. Now that the enterprise is listening, we must be seen by the business and by IT as BOTH protectors of the realm and as enablers of innovation rather than inhibitors. As information security evolves from an IT-focused to a business-focused problem, security teams must develop the required consultative skillset to “speak the language of business.” I know you may groan when you hear this phrase, but it’s not about an ROI model necessarily, it’s about the ability of infosec pros to discuss the importance of a business initiative in clear, exemplary, and decisive terms with a business leader, and achieve a shared view of the value of information security investments. More and more, the performance of security teams should be measured on their ability to tie security programs to business outcomes.TOP DOWN SUPPORT?  HOW ABOUT FROM THE MIDDLE OUT?As we begin 2013, an improving number of C-suites and Boards understand the importance of information security. Many CISOs have the ears of their executive leadership, and information security gets support in many cases from the top. The members of the SBIC report that current resistance to information-security efforts is two levels down from top. Middle managers who are not immediately convinced that they wish to allocate scarce resources to security. They are incentivized by timeline and budget, and integrating security can run counter to their objectives. To be successful in 2013, building upon the Consultant to the Business theme, security teams need to build relationships with middle managers, helping them understand the value of information security, and building a coalition of support within that layer of management. The SBIC Council thinks this may be a harder nut to crack than the C-suite.SUPPLY CHAIN SECURITY CHALLENGESMost organizations are both a supplier and are supplied by someone – in most cases by many. Where are the weak security links in that chain? In our interconnected world, organizations must be able to demonstrate that they are a trustworthy supplier, whether it’s commercial IT services such as banking, or electronic systems as part of a manufactured good. We’re seeing heightened interest in organizations developing multi-tiered programs to evaluate and demonstrate the integrity of the entire IT supply chain, downstream and upstream of your organization.CLOUD, MOBILE AND SOCIAL MEDIA… OH MY!Enterprise use of cloud, social media and mobile technologies will only increase, and it’s up to security leaders to either find a way to innovate and transform security programs or fall behind their organizations, thus opening up dangerous security gaps. This train left the station a long time ago. If you are waiting for a silver bullet to resolve BYOD, cloud security, or social media nightmares, you might also be waiting for AV to start working again too. The point is: start breaking these problems into bite-size pieces. None of these areas are monolithic. Each has sub-problems that can be tackled while working to find innovations in other areas. Work on the GRC problem, or the network visibility angle, or find a way to get intelligence about your social media attack surface.Have a great 2013!last_img read more

Tree-safe Tree Houses

first_imgBuild it for easy, safe access, not to maximize height. Always build in the bottomone-third of the tree. And position it so it rests or is attached to the basal one-third ofeach branch. Carefully consider how children will enter the tree house. Don’t nail ladder rungs intothe trunk. Use a self-supporting ladder tied to the tree or a heavy, unlooped, knottedrope. For many trees with low branches, children don’t need a ladder or rope for entry. There’s an attraction between trees and children. The only major concern is the child’s safety. But there are some minor tree issues tothink about. Don’t install or allow wires, electrical lines, heat sources, fires or metal poles in oraround a tree house. Any tree-selection process for building a tree house should havealready eliminated trees near utility lines, antennas, chimneys and overhanging roofs. Trees bend and twist in the wind. So simply jamming or wedging boards betweenbranches or into crotches will lead to failure. Use rope to make sure a tree house stayssnug against a branch. When you see your 10-year-old headed toward your yard tree with a hammer, nails andscrap lumber, immediate decisions need to be made. Attaching it to branches with rope can keep windstorms from blowing it away. It cankeep ambitious and ingenious children from changing design concepts and injuringthemselves, too. A tree house structure will weaken over time. Check it monthly, remove it in the coldseason, and examine it after every storm. Next, determine how high to build it. For most play, any height represents the thrill ofa tree house. Well-connected, large tree branches should support the weight of a tree house. Userope attachments to keep it in position on branches but not to bear its full weight. Tieup all loose ends of rope, or melt them into knots.center_img A tree’s constant motion, even in still air, and its great size and reach make itfascinating. At some time in your life you’ve imagined, or maybe even built, a treehouse. Remember, tree houses should be temporary, seasonal structures that are removed eachyear. This allows a tree time to adjust and a parent time to check and repair the treehouse. Use new, synthetic, heavy rope to reattach it each year. Leave thin, open gaps along the bottom and top of the tree house to allow for good aircirculation and plenty of light, and to let breezes blow tree litter away. Tree houses are inherently dangerous and require careful maintenance. But they can befun, educational and challenging, too. Slightly tilt the floor to shed water. Allow any water falling on the tree house to run offaway from the tree trunk. Don’t allow water and leaf litter to accumulate. Use wood to build it. Wood is “soft” on the tree and children, is strong for its weightand withstands bending and mechanical shocks well. Attach the main floor pieces orbraces to branches with heavy rope in multiple wraps. They may be for kids, but tree houses require adult construction and supervision forsafe play and for minimizing damage to the tree. Remember to defend the life of a tree that will stand long after any tree house is goneand the children have departed. Piece together your tree house carefully to reducemajor, long-term tree injuries. Tree houses should be designed to rest on major branches and nestle around the treetrunk. Never wound the tree with nails, screws and saw notches.last_img read more

China challenges U.S. solar tariffs at WTO

first_imgChina challenges U.S. solar tariffs at WTO FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Associated Press:China says it is challenging a U.S. tariff hike on solar panels before the World Trade Organization, adding to its sprawling conflicts with President Donald Trump over trade and technology.The 30 percent tariffs announced in January improperly help U.S. producers in violation of WTO rules, the Commerce Ministry said. It said a formal complaint was filed Tuesday with the WTO in Geneva.The solar duties are separate from tariff hikes imposed by the Trump administration starting in July on Chinese imports in response to complaints Beijing steals or pressures companies to hand over technology. The duties also apply to imports of solar cells and modules from Europe, Canada, Mexico and South Korea. That strained relations with U.S. allies.The Trump administration has defended the solar tariffs as necessary to protect American producers, saying import prices were unfairly low due to subsidies and other improper support.Washington took action under a 1974 U.S. law instead of through the WTO. That led to complaints it was undermining the global trade body. U.S. officials say such action is necessary because the WTO lacks the ability to address Chinese trade tactics.WTO complaints begin with negotiations between parties to the dispute. If those fail, the case moves to a panel of experts who can decide whether the trade controls are improper.More: China files WTO challenge to US tariffs on solar panelslast_img read more

ELN Guerrillas Capture Two Germans in Colombia

first_imgBy Dialogo February 06, 2013 The National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla, the second largest insurgent organization in Colombia, confirmed that they captured two German citizens considered “intelligence agents,” according to a statement published on the insurgency website on February 4. “ELN units have captured alleged German citizens Breur Uwe and Breuer Günther Otto in the region of Catatumbo (near the Venezuelan border), the statement said. Soon after the statement was made public, President Juan Manuel demanded the release of the two Germans. “They must release them, because they alone, the ELN, will be responsible for the lives of these two men before the world,” the president said in a public ceremony held in the city of Ibagué. A spokesman from the German Embassy in Bogotá explained that “for the moment, the embassy will not make comments out of respect for the victims and their families.” The rebel group said in a statement that they considered these people “intelligence agents,” because “they have not been able to explain what they were doing in the area at the time of their capture.” The insurgency did not specify the date in which these men were kidnapped. “So far, no institution or person has publicly reported the disappearance of these people. Spies are not protected under the International Humanitarian Law (IHL),” the report concluded, signed by the ELN’s North Eastern Front leads. “Who would think that two Germans are spying here in Colombia? That’s an excuse that no one in their sound mind could accept or understand; it’s a lie. [They are] not spies,” claimed President Santos. Two weeks ago, the ELN, which is composed of 2,500 guerrillas, claimed responsibility for kidnapping six mining employees, two of which are Peruvian, and one is Canadian. President Santos also offered to call on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to negotiate their release, and he assured that although authorities are aware of their location, he has held back from “organizing a military operation, in order to avoid risking the lives of the victims.” The ELN has been active in Colombia since 1965.last_img read more

Credit unions urge caution as CFPB examines small biz lending

first_img continue reading » 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr The credit union perspective was highlighted during the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) field hearing Wednesday on small business lending. Sharon Lindeman, vice president of regulatory advocacy for the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, asked the bureau to proceed with caution when it comes to drafting a definition for small businesses and small business loans, and to limit data collection to the elements specifically required by the Dodd-Frank Act.“Since the great recession, credit unions have actually seen growth in small business lending. Many consumers turned to their credit union for their small business loan needs after they experienced difficulty obtaining loans from larger institutions,” Lindeman said. “Credit unions provide needed capital to existing small business as well as startups.”NCUA excludes member business loans from the statutory cap when the loan balance is equal to or less than $50,000, and Lindeman said the bureau should also exempt those same loans from any small business lending rulemakings.“The leagues urge the bureau to narrowly define a small business loan, and not create a conflicting definition that would result in an administrative nightmare for credit unions,” she said.last_img read more

Breaking Travel News interview: Andreas Scheck, vice president, sales, LATAM | Focus

first_imgAndreas Scheck: This is an award given by passengers, therefore, having been recognised by them gives us great satisfaction and it inspires us to continue looking for innovative ways to fulfil our customers’ needs and improve their travel experience.BTN: How useful are accolades such as the World Travel Awards for airlines such as LATAM when it comes to promoting the brand to consumers?AS: We have focused on understanding the new needs of the Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 customer – focusing on how much travellers value safety in their journey, flexibility in the purchase decision process and connectivity across the network. – Advertisement – OlderBTN interview: Alexandra Vila, global senior manager, brand strategy and communications, LATAM BTN: Can you describe the mood in South American aviation in late 2020 – are we looking for a recovery as we head into next year?AS: As IATA announced, we expect the industry to recover pre pandemic demand by 2024, at a much slower pace than what the industry projected. But we are optimistic: LATAM Group is ready to fly when our customers are by implementing the highest safety standards, offering passenger peace of mind when they purchase their tickets through commercial flexibility and servicing, to date, 106 destinations around the world. Our mood is of service: we will be ready when you decide to fly. BTN: How will the new LATAM relationship with Delta Air Lines help both carriers meet the needs of passengers moving forward?AS: Our long-term alliance with Delta is focused to allow our passengers to access more connectivity with our complimentary destination networks. This alliance will offer our clients a better travel experience between Latin America and the USA.More InformationLATAM Airlines Group is the leading airline group in Latin America with one of the largest route networks in the world, offering services to 145 destinations in 26 countries, including six domestic markets in Latin America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru – in addition to international operations in Latin America, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, Oceania, Africa and Asia.Find out more on the official website. This recognition motivates us to keep improving every day. We have never stopped flying during the pandemic, despite the multiple restrictions imposed by the authorities worldwide. More than 33,000 people returned home within the region thanks to the special flights we carried out, despite the limitations of the pandemic. – Advertisement – Voters at the World Travel Awards have honoured LATAM with a number of top titles – here we find out how it feels to have won from vice president of sales, Andreas ScheckBreaking Travel News: Congratulations – LATAM has been recognised as South America’s Leading Airline by voters at the World Travel Awards – how does it feel to have won?- Advertisement – NewerBTN interview: Gloria Gallardo, president, Guayaquil Public and Municipal Company of Tourism – Advertisement –last_img read more

Eurowings launches lines to Croatia?

first_imgEurowings is the first to announce lines after a long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. And how to find out Croatia Aviation (CA), Eurowings has decided to launch certain international routes to destinations in Croatia. Thus, CA states that the Stuttgart – Split line will be introduced from June 06, as well as from Hamburg to Rijeka (June 21) and Split (June 02). They also state the introduction of a line from Düsseldorf to Split, Rijeka and Pula from .June once a week. “Croatia is one of the most important destinations of this low-budget airline and there is no doubt that in the coming months Eurowings will return to Croatian airports on an even larger scale. The company can also cancel flights if the demand for them is not satisfactory, but with the easing of measures, the load factor on the newly introduced flights is expected to be satisfactory for this airline.”Point out experts from Croatia Aviation. center_img Source: Croatia Aviationlast_img read more

Modern classic

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