London Stage actors, students to perform in two-month-long Shakespeare festival

first_imgStudents and professional actors will take the stage together throughout August and September to perform Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Much Ado About Nothing and The Merry Wives of Windsor as part of the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival (NDSF), an annual event that spans two months and connects students, actors and the community.This year is a milestone for the NDSF, Grant Mudge, the Ryan producing artistic director for the festival, said. It not only marks the event’s 15th year at Notre Dame, but also the 150th anniversary of the first full production of a Shakespeare play on campus and the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth.Photo Courtesy of Aaron Nichols Henry IV, the first Shakespeare play to be performed in its entirety at Notre Dame, was an obvious choice for this year’s Professional Company show, Mudge said. The play presents a moral dilemma to its characters, he said.“Henry IV is about Prince Henry choosing his path in life, between [Sir John] Falstaff’s way of life and that of his father—a sort of severe rigor of justice and the law—versus a life of licentiousness and drunken debauchery,” Mudge said.Actors from the London Stage, a group of five professional actors from the London Theatre, will perform Much Ado About Nothing, Mudge said. Senior Guillermo Alonso, who plays Poins and Feeble in Henry IV and Bardolph in The Merry Wives of Windsor highlighted the unique experience the festival provides to Notre Dame and the community.“The main-stage show will allow audiences to experience a full-fledged professional production of Shakespeare, such as the one you might experience by going to the British National Theatre,” Alonso said. “The festival really offers a very unique theatrical experience.” Sophomore Helena Petlick, the stage manager for Merry Wives of Windsor and the assistant stage manager for Henry IV, said that the festival gives students a chance to experience theater in a way they never have before. “Students can go into the theatre right on campus and can engage with professional actors that have performed on Broadway and have acted in films in Hollywood,” Petlick said. Petlick believes seeing a live performance will lead students to see Shakespeare differently.“Unfortunately, there’s a preconceived notion that one has to be a scholar or English major to understand and enjoy Shakespeare, and that’s just not true,” Petlick said. Alonso said he also hoped the festival will give students a deeper appreciation of Shakespeare.“Students going to the festival will be able to witness just how malleable Shakespeare really is, and hopefully it will make them appreciate the genius behind the Bard.”A free performance of Merry Wives of Windsor will be held for students on August 25 at 7 p.m. in front of the Main Building. Henry IV will be performed from August 21-31 and Much Ado About Nothing will be performed from September 17-19 at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. Tickets can be purchased by visiting or by calling 574-631-2800. Additional information on the NDSF can be found at Henry IV, London Stage, Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare at Notre Damelast_img read more

Successful Debut of Laney’s BBQ Sauce

first_imgLaney’s BBQ Sauce was introduced to the local market with a tasting at the Jelly Mill. It was a huge success and exceeded all of Laney’sexpectations. Clint Lewis, owner of the Jelly Mill, said: “we’ve always thought the barbeque sauce on the ribs at Laney’s was the best in the world, so we are thrilled that Laney is now offering it for sale through our shop and others across the country. We always like to be proud of the quality of what we sell, and we know we can tell our customers sincerely that they’ll never find a better barbeque sauce anywhere–for ribs, chops, chicken or steak. When Laney set up a tasting here at The Jelly Mill, nearly every customer who tried it bought at least one jar. We are proud to be one of Laney’s first dealers, and we’re looking forward to a long relationship.”Sales of Laney’s BBQ Sauce are gaining momentum in New York City and surrounding areas. The sauce will again be available for tasting onSaturday and Sunday, June 8th and 9th at the Antique Car Show at Hildene Meadows. Stop by Laney’s booth, meet Laney and sample her delicioussauce.Laney’s BBQ Sauce, made from fresh herbs and the finest ingredients, is rich and thick in character. Its smooth zesty flavor enhances ribs,chicken, fresh fish, steaks, burgers and adds great flavor to your own sauces. For health conscious consumers, Laney’s BBQ Sauce has no fat, no cholesterol and is low in calories.Laney’s BBQ Sauce has been awarded the Vermont Seal of Quality. Ski Magazine declared Laney’s “the best ribs in Vermont” Laney’s customers declare our BBQ Sauce the “best ever.” Use this sauce with proven customer acceptance. Laney’s BBQ Sauce will be introduced to the national market at the Fancy Food Show at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City in July.Laney’s Restaurant, Route 11/30 in Manchester was founded in 1988 by the Davis Family and continues to be owned and family operated by the Davis & Carieri Families. There success has been based on the consistent quality of their food and outstanding service. Laney’s lively contemporary Restaurant specializes in BBQ Ribs & Chicken with a wonderful selection of hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood and gourmet pizza’s cooked on the hearth of the first wood fired brick oven in Vermont.To order Laney’s BBQ Sauce please call the restaurant at 802-362-4456, stop in The Jelly Mill, Mary’s Kitchen in Manchester, VT or the Winhall Market in Bondvillelast_img read more

How leaders break the trust barrier for high performance

first_imgTrust. Find any high performance team with sustained success and you’ll find it. It’s the glue of relationships. It’s the desire to serve the team over self.As important as it is, you’ll receive little training on it in an MBA program. You may have experienced it, but it seems elusive. Few can describe it; fewer can teach it, and finding a leader who can create it multiple times seems like a dream.Enter Colonel JV Venable. He’s a graduate of the USAF’s Fighter Weapons School. He commanded and led the USAF Thunderbirds and 1100 American airmen.“Commitment is the demonstrated will to deliver for the people around you.” -JV VenableTeaching trust is crucial. Think about the trust needed to fly within inches of another yet at over 500 miles per hour. You just can’t imagine doing it without the highest degree of trust. JV’s new book, Breaking the Trust Barrier: How Leaders Close the Gaps for High Performance, shares lessons from his experience as a Top Gun instructor with all of us. I recently asked him about creating this level of trust and how everyone can learn from his experience. continue reading » 82SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Works on rehabilitation of certain sections of motorways are in progress, traffic is slowed down

first_imgAfter the tourist season, intensive works have begun on the rehabilitation of certain sections of motorways, which may affect or affect the slowed traffic, reports Croatian Motorways. In the rest area of ​​Maruna on the A1 Zagreb – Split motorway (between the Sveti Rok – Maslenica junction), in the direction of Dubrovnik, the temporary traffic regulation has been changed as of today. Due to extensive repair works, the carriageway and stop lane are closed to traffic, and traffic is guided by the overpass lane with a speed limit of 80 km / h. The planned completion of the works is by the end of December this year. Photo: HACcenter_img On the A4 Zagreb – Goričan motorway between the Ludbreg junction and the Varaždin junction in the direction of Goričan, rehabilitation works are being carried out on the Plitvice bridge, which is why traffic has been redirected to the road in the direction of Zagreb. Traffic is conducted in two directions for each direction in one lane, with a speed limit of 80 km / h. Due to this regulation, the Varaždin rest area in the direction of Goričan is closed to all traffic. The planned completion of the works is by mid-December this year. last_img read more

BPOM approves emergency use of antiviral drugs to treat COVID-19 patients

first_imgMeanwhile drugmaker Gilead Sciences said in a statement that a five-day course of the remdesivir sped up recovery in moderately ill patients with pneumonia from COVID-19. The drug has reportedly been administered to United States President Donald Trump, who was announced COVID-19 positive last Friday.BPOM head Penny K Lukito expects that they EUA issuance will help accelerate access to those drugs for hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.“Hopefully, the drugs will help improve COVID-19 recovery rates and bring down the mortality rate from the pandemic,” Penny said in a statement on Tuesday.She said she hoped doctors and health workers would cooperate in monitoring the efficacy and safety of those drugs under pharmacovigilance.The World Health Organization defines pharmacovigilance (PV) as the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem.All pharmacovigilance reports will be received by the BPOM and evaluated periodically.If there is an increasing trend of side effect, the BPOM will immediately communicate the risk and revoke the EUA, the statement further said.Since March, the BPOM periodically searches the internet to detect any disinformation regarding drugs claimed to cure COVID-19. It had found more than 46,000 links, including 2,645 links of people illegally selling what they claim are COVID-19 drugs.Upon such findings, the BPOM recommends that the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (IDEA) and Communications and Information Ministry take down those links. (iwa) Topics : Data from the Office of the Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister show that the government had previously given contractors the go-ahead to import COVID-19 medication such as remdesivir, favipiravir, oseltamivir and lopinavir-ritonavir, all of which will be distributed directly to hospitals treating coronavirus patients.The data show that, by the end of 2020, the government expects to secure 670,000 vials of remdesivir from foreign sources, but it also expects the drug to be manufactured in the country starting in November.In late September, Reuters reported that a late-stage study by Fujifilm Holdings Corps of its antiviral drug Avigan showed that it reduced recovery times for COVID-19 patients with nonsevere symptoms.The Phase 3 clinical study of 156 patients in Japan showed that those treated with Avigan improved after 11.9 days, versus 14.7 days for a placebo group. The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) has issued emergency use authorization (EUA) for two antiviral drugs, favipiravir and remdesivir, to treat COVID-19 patients.The BPOM also granted permits in September to several pharmaceutical companies to produce the drugs. PT Beta Pharmacon (Dexa Group) received a permit to produce favipiravir, locally sold under the Avigan brand. State-owned drug manufacturer PT Kimia Farma received the permit to produce a generic favipiravir product, reported on Wednesday.Meanwhile, permits to produce remdesivir have been granted to PT Amarox Pharma Global, which is a subsidiary of India’s leading generic drug maker Hetero, as well as to state-owned pharmaceutical firm PT Indofarma and local private firm PT Dexa Medica.center_img Editor’s note: This article is part of a public campaign by the COVID-19 task force (Satgas COVID-19) to raise people’s awareness about the pandemic. #covid19taskforce #mothermessage #wearmask #keepyourdistance #washyourhand #socialdistance #avoidcrowd #usesoaplast_img read more

Politicians call for sweeping new powers for UK regulator

first_imgField said: “We hope and expect we will never again see a company like BHS be able to come up with a 23-year recovery plan for its pension fund, and certainly not that it would take the regulator two years to really begin to do anything about it.”Among the committee’s proposals are:“Nuclear deterrent” powers for TPR to fine employers three times a pension fund’s deficit if it refuses to engage with trustees;TPR to be given powers to intervene in corporate actions if they are perceived to threaten a pension fund;The establishment of an “aggregator fund” to take on small pension funds – potentially to be run by the PPF;An overhaul of the “regulated apportionment arrangement” framework to make it easier for schemes to separate from employers where appropriate;The introduction of a form of conditional indexation to allow stressed schemes to reduce liabilities;An extension of DB members’ ability to take their benefits as lump sums.“To prevent another BHS, we need to have the means to nip inevitable disasters like this one in the bud,” Field added. “We hope the government will consult on the package of measures we propose, which would go a long way, without resorting to any new reams of red tape, towards doing just that.”Next year, the government will publish a green paper aimed at pension reform, according to the pensions minister Richard Harrington.TPR criticismThe committee’s report criticised TPR’s approach to stressed schemes and anti-avoidance, arguing that it seemed “reluctant” to use some of its powers.The committee added: “We get the impression [TPR] can be somewhat aloof in dealing with trustees when it is well placed to provide timely, informal guidance.”TPR has announced a review of its regulatory approach.Chris Martin, an independent trustee and chair of the BHS trustee board, told the committee: “I have a definite sense that there is sometimes a reluctance to use the powers because it might provoke challenge. To my mind, a regulator should be challenged. It develops [the] use of its powers by being challenged.”Lesley Titcomb, TPR chief executive, said: “We note [the] recommendations and will consider them carefully. We continue to discuss options with the Department for Work and Pensions for the legislative and regulatory framework for workplace pensions, and how this might be improved, ahead of the green paper, which will consider the future of pension funding, the regulatory framework and TPR’s powers.”Intervention powersTPR should be able to intervene and stop corporate-level activity by a scheme’s sponsor if it is judged to be a threat to the funding of the scheme, the report said. This would include mergers, acquisitions and dividend payments.Given such powers, the politicians argued, TPR could have prevented the sale of BHS last year without a plan to fund the pension scheme.However, in her evidence to the committee, Titcomb warned that such powers would have “resource implications” for the regulator.“Granting TPR the power to block a corporate transaction was ‘superficially attractive’, but the situations in which it applied would need to be ‘very tightly defined’,” the report said.The regulator should also be “tougher” on schemes’ deficit-recovery plans, the report said – “it should not be shy or slow in imposing a contribution schedule when a sponsor is not taking its responsibilities seriously.”The committee added: “There is clear evidence many sponsors could give greater immediate support to their pension schemes.”The PPFAlso among the committee’s recommendations was the introduction of an “aggregator fund” to aid small schemes that struggle to get access to buyout.The report said there was a “very strong case” for creating a vehicle to consolidate such schemes, potentially to be run by the PPF.As well as Harrington, former pensions ministers Steve Webb and Baroness Ros Altmann backed the concept.Harrington said the fund would not cut pension payments (as the PPF does with non-retired members), and would provide benefits of scale and “a chance of getting better returns”.Alan Rubenstein, chief executive of the PPF, told MPs his organisation was willing to take on the task if requested.However, he warned that the details of an aggregator fund would be difficult to iron out because of differing funding levels and the need for deficits to be closed.Joanne Segars, chief executive of the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA), backed consolidation plans. She said: “As the committee recognises, creating consolidators is a complex task where the details matter. We are actively investigating the pros and cons of the spectrum of consolidation options including an aggregator fund or funds model.”The PLSA’s DB Taskforce is to publish its own recommendations in March.Responding to the report this morning, Rubenstein said: “We’re pleased to see that a number of our suggestions have been taken on board, particularly around anti-avoidance fines to improve oversight of corporate transactions.“The recommendations of this considered report are timely and will hopefully set the standards for companies to ensure their pension scheme members are protected now and in the future. We will give full consideration to those recommendations which relate to the PPF.”The full report is available on the committee’s website. A group of British politicians have called for radical reform of the defined benefit (DB) sector to avoid future scheme failures.The Work and Pensions Committee has called for a series of new powers for the Pensions Regulator (TPR), including “nuclear deterrent” fines to force employers to confront their pension shortfalls.The proposed reforms come as TPR is attempting to resolve the future of the British Homes Stores (BHS) pension scheme, and the saga formed the backdrop to the inquiry.Frank Field, chair of the committee, argued that many of the proposals would have prevented the scheme from developing a large deficit and facing being absorbed into the Pension Protection Fund (PPF).last_img read more

Sonardyne Adds New Managing Director

first_imgSonardyne International has appointed Graham Brown as its new managing director.Graham, who takes over the role from John Ramsden on April 01, has served on Sonardyne International’s board from 2008, most recently as sales and marketing director and deputy managing director.John, who has been Sonardyne International’s managing director since 2009, is staying within the Sonardyne, taking the role of CEO of Sonardyne Group, the newly formed parent company of Sonardyne International and its sister companies, Chelsea Technologies, EIVA, Wavefront and 2G Robotics.“This is an exciting time for Sonardyne International,” said Graham. “Looking beyond the current, uniquely challenging business climate, we’ll continue to grow organically, in terms of our people, our technology offering and the global markets which we support – while upholding the service and support that we’re renowned for. But we’re now part of a wider group of companies, with access to a considerably enlarged portfolio of products and services that complement our own seabed-to-shore systems. We expect this to deliver significant operational benefits for our customers across the global energy, ocean science, civil and defence markets.”“Next year will be Sonardyne’s 50th year in business and I’m proud to have played a significant role in the success of the company over the last two decades,” added John. “As we look forward to celebrating that half century milestone with Graham at the helm, our collective sights are focused on the direction we’re headed in at the start of our second half century. As CEO of Sonardyne Group, I’m excited at the prospect of working with Graham and his counterparts across our business to support those who measure, navigate, communicate or explore the world’s waters and oceans, safely, responsibly and more efficiently than ever before.”Graham is an Electromechanical Engineer by background with a first-class degree and Ph.D. He is also a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (IoD), a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (IMarEST), and a member of the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT).last_img read more

Area Girls Golf Sectional Results-Lady Bulldogs Champs

first_imgThe Batesville Lady Bulldogs Golf team has captured the Sectional Crown at The Greensburg Country Club. The host Lady Pirates finish second and The East Central Lady Trojans finish third to qualify for The Regionals.Emma Weiler from The Lady Bulldogs was the Individual Champion. Fellow teammate Josie Meyer was second and Megan Reisman from Greensburg was third. Emerald Simmons from The Oldenburg Lady Twisters qualifies individually to The Regionals.Failed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. Click here for more infoRushville was 4th followed by North Decatur, Milan, Jac-Cen-Del, and Oldenburg.The Richmond Lady Red Devils were the team Sectional Champions at The Liberty Country Club in Liberty. The Franklin County Lady Wildcats finish second and The Hagerstown Lady Tigers placed third to advance to The Regionals.Esther Etherington of The Lady Red Devils was the Individual Champion. Camryn Brewer, Gracie Graf, and Nicole Mears from The Lady Wildcats were second and tied for third respectively.Failed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. Click here for more infoNortheastern was fourth followed by Connersville, The host Lady Patriots, New Castle, Centerville, and Cambridge City Lincoln.The host Madison Lady Cubs won the Sectionals at the The Sunrise Golf Course in Madison. The Lawrenceburg Lady Tigers were second followed by Scottsburg Warriorettes third to qualify for The Regionals.Keara Eder from The Lady Cubs was the Individual Winner.Failed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. Click here for more infoJennings County was fourth followed by Southwestern, Henryville, Switzerland County, Shawe Memorial, and South Dearborn.The best of luck to our area golf teams and individuals at the Regionals at Lapel and Roncalli on Saturday, September 26th.last_img read more

Wenger: Cazorla is very dangerous

first_img “When you play in your opponents’ half, in the final third, he is one of the players who can create something special, either through his pass or through his finishing,” said Wenger. “He is two-footed, and that makes him very dangerous.” Wenger added: “Cazorla was out for a long time at the start of the season and had some injury problems. “After that he had an ankle problem and only recently, since mid-December, has he come back to his level.” Wenger felt his side deserved credit for showing patience to finally breaking down what was a determined defensive display from the Cottagers, who are fighting for their top-flight survival. He said: “We were in control for the 90 minutes, but we were a bit one-paced in the first half with our passing. In the second half, when we got up a gear we scored the goals. “We had a few more chances, but overall in games against teams who fight not to go down, they are of course very difficult. Sometimes it is a question of patience.” Arsenal are on the look out for some offensive cover following the season-ending knee injury to England forward Theo Walcott. Press Association Wenger, though, played down suggestions a deal for Juventus’ striker Mirko Vucinic was imminent, with reports representatives from the club had held meetings with the player’s agent. “We are looking at potential possibilities for us to get someone in, but we are not especially in for Vucinic,” Wenger said. “Some people have visual capacities that I don’t have.” The Arsenal manager continued: “We are not on any special case. “I would love to announce something that would excite you and me, but I don’t have the possibility to do it.” With or without any new additions, Wenger feels Arsenal are well set for what looks to be the most exciting championship run in of recent years. “We have played 22 games and have 51 points. If you compare that to any other season you will see that it is one of the best, if not the best ever, so let’s just continue,” the Frenchman said. “We have a good solidarity in the group and we rotate a bit and sometimes great players are on the bench. “You want me to buy more players, but if they sit on the bench you ask me why.” Fulham – who made the expected sweeping changes from their midweek FA Cup third-round replay win over Norwich – had never won in any competition at Arsenal, and have now lost 23 of their visits to north London. Rene Meulensteen’s men remain in deep trouble just a point out of the relegation zone. The Dutch coach, however, remains optimistic. He said: “I couldn’t have asked for anything more at half-time. We knew it would be even harder in the second half because of the quality of players they have. “If you switch off for one moment they can hurt you, and that’s what they did, but there were lots of positives to take from it from our point of view. “You must always see the results and the performances, they are interlinked. “Our performances have been really good, but (we) haven’t had the results.” Meulensteen, who took over from Martin Jol in December, added: “I think we can survive, definitely. The spirit is good, we have got plenty of quality, and I believe the short time I have been in with these players we are improving all the time, working hard. “What we need is a break with a run of results, but that’s not easy because of the opponents we are facing.” With free-scoring Manchester City romping to another big home win as Cardiff were the latest side put to the sword, there was little margin for error from Wenger’s men, who hold a slender one-point lead. After a slow first half, the Gunners finally sparked into life as two quick goals from Cazorla, each dispatched with an instinctive finish – secured what was in the end a comfortable victory. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger hailed the special talents of Santi Cazorla after the Spain international struck twice in the second half as Fulham were beaten 2-0 to keep the Gunners top of the Barclays Premier League.last_img read more

One killed, 2 injured in shooting at Calif. Costco

first_imgOne person is dead, and two others were injured after an argument erupted inside a Costco in Southern California.Witnesses said they heard at least six shots sending shoppers racing for the exits and ducking for cover.Police swarmed the Costco after shots were reported at the huge store about 50 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.Witnesses say that a man with a mohawk haircut was arguing with someone near a freezer section when he pulled a gun and fired at least six shots.The man involved in the argument was killed, and two other people were wounded, Corona police Lt. Jeff Edwards said.Saturday, Corona police said the victims’ conditions were unknown.The suspected gunman was apprehended, said he was injured and was taken to the hospital, Edwards said.No identities were released at this time.last_img read more