Mitigating Coach James Debbah’s Anger

first_img– Advertisement – The loss of the national soccer team, Lone Star, to Zimbabwe’s Warriors (3-0) and its negative response by sports journalists have angered national coach James Salinsa Debbah.That Debbah felt some criticisms by the media unjustified compelled him to say the worst against sports journalist on a radio interview.Debbah’s contention is that when the favorite players of sports journalists are not selected for Lone Star games, they are angry and particularly so when the results go against the Lone Star, as it did against Zimbabwe, they would then (sports journalists) rain insults on him.In this situation who is to blame? After all, both parties, Coach Debbah on one hand and the sports journalists on the other hand, want victory for the national team. The trouble begins when the team fails to perform and clear victory is missed.Evidently, Coach Debbah is very troubled about the team’s failure against Zimbabwe and equally so the sports journalists are also troubled by the defeat. How then do we solve this puzzle?I have a suggestion as the basis for this article. Please check on this page a story about Ghana’s Black Stars (Black Stars Regroup for Mexico, US Friendlies) and you will realize that though the Black Stars won 5-0 against Ethiopia, they are going for two international friendly matches in the United States. (Please read that story before you continue with this article).After winning 5-0 the Black Stars are on their way to the United States with two friendlies? Is it not what we should be doing for the national soccer team? Let me put the question another way: After losing 3-0 to Zimbabwe, the national soccer team, Lone Star should be doing what? (Answer the question, please).We will do well if sports journalists and the technical team of the national soccer team can join together to exert pressure on the Liberian government to secure international friendly matches for the national team to prepare against DC Congo for their next match in Monrovia in March 2018.And if we are successful together, we will be able to mitigate our own anger and find the way forward for Lone Star’s success in the 2019 African Cup of Nations.Until we know what we all want and prepare for it, we can only resolve to hurt each other in anger and in the end, instead of preparation, we will be asking God to “Give US A New Day,” in our churches and mosques.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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