Pastor Denies Chewing Neighbor’s Wife Nose

first_imgEdward K. Weah, the pastor on trial for allegedly using his tooth to cut piece of the nose of a neighbor’s wife, took the witness stand on Monday and denied the allegation.Defendant Weah is the senior pastor of Christ the King Church, in the Voice of America (VOA) community, on the Robertsfield’s Highway.He and his wife, Marthaline Weah were indicted by the government with the commission of the crime aggravated assault, after Madam Lucia Garmai  Oberly claimed she was beaten and the defendant used his tooth to cut piece of her nose.However, testifying as the  defense team’s first witness at Criminal Court ‘A,’ Defendant Weah admitted fighting Madam Oberly, stressing that he did it in self defense.“I did not bite her nose.  I fought back after Garmai and her children engaged me in a serious tussle. Both of us got wounded badly and the community advised each of us to treat our wounds,” Pastor Weah told the court.“After I slipped and felt, Garmai and her brothers sat over me and they began to beat and I struggled to free myself,” Defendant Weah further alleged.In his testimony, Pastor Weah alleged that the incident happened on May 16, after his school’s teachers prevented two of Garmai’s children, Emmanuel Peters and Emmanuel Cooper from entering their classes.He said, the reason was that they came to school late that morning.“When they were stopped from entering their classes, Emmanuel Peters, the younger boy, attempted sneaking his way into his class. He was immediately stopped by my wife, Mother Weah,” Weah explained.When Peters was prevented from entering the class, his older brother, Emmanuel Cooper began to abuse my wife, claiming “my wife touched him during the process.”He also quoted Cooper by saying, “This woman is ready again to act stupid. The other day, we were at the church and she pushed me again. Today I will not allow her act  stupid this time. I will deal with this foolish woman.”“While he was still using abusive language on the school’s campus,” defendant Weah further alleged, “I decided to ask him, what was happening?”“I also asked him, what he was depending on to abuse my wife.”After that Pastor Weah explained that he was advised by some of his teachers to leave the boy and he did.“While on my way home, I met Garmai and she asked me what I said to her children. And, I explained everything to her; I even referred her to one of my teachers to confirm what I have explained to her.”The defense first witness added, “She came back to me and told me that the remarked I made against her children was sarcastic and I was not a good Pastor.”The defendant claimed that he replied Garmai by saying, “I will not allow you approaching me like this anymore.”That response, Pastor Weah claimed, annoyed Garmai to the extent that she began to demand him to immediately give her the children’s school’s documents.“I told her that I was not going to give her the documents. Then she started abusing me,” he further alleged.He also quoted some of Garmai’s insulting words like “dirty man, witchcraft pastor and witchcraft church. Today, I will breakdown your church and school and your wife is a prostitute.”“After she used this abusive language, my wife replied and said that she was one of those disgraced women in the community who was in the habit of running away from her creditors.”Following those exchanges, defendant Weah alleged that Garmai instructed her children to abuse Mother Weah and him.After that I was advised to leave the school’s campus and I did.“When I returned in the evening, Garmai and her children again came back to my yard and they started insulting me and my family.  I came outside and asked them to leave my premises,” defendant Weah told the court.In the process, Pastor Weah further alleged that “one of her sons, Emmanuel Cooper,  punched me on my face.  By  the time I came to myself, I saw myself on the ground. Immediately, Garmai and her children came over me and they started beating me. But, I struggled and freed myself from their hands.”“It was during the fight that both of us sustained serious injured and we were advised by members of our community to treat ourselves,” Pastor Weah further alleged.The case continues tomorrow with the defense team producing witnesses to testify. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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