“I’ve never scored so few goals”

first_imgAre you pressed for those 30 million euros it cost?Well, I felt more pressured in Celta B, fighting not to go down to Third. Now I know that I have a responsibility and a large investment has been made. When you make a disbursement of this type it is important that it be reciprocated. I am sure that when I finish my stage at Betis you will not talk about money. It is costing me more to have occasions than other years and that is what worries me. I know that if the chances occur I will end up getting them.Benzema also goes through a bad streak …It seems to me an exquisite striker, great in what he contributes to the offensive game of Madrid apart from the goal. But the strikers coexist with being questioned if we don’t dial. I’m sure Karim is going around that too, but technically it’s spectacular. I try to learn from him.Cast?When I watch football it is almost always to see strikers, rather than to watch the game itself. Fernando Torres, Drogba, Fernando Morientes … Every year one comes out that I like, I notice and try to learn. I enjoy seeing other points. I’ve done it all my life. They have always caught my attention.Forwards like Vinicius, who is also criticized for the lack of goal …We live exposed to the goal. People think and you must absorb what you think adds you. Vinicius is very young, has an incredible talent and is sure to move forward. There are times when you don’t know why you haven’t scored a goal. I keep learning to score more.What do you expect from the season?Europe is quite far, that is a reality. We have to win games, eliminate doubts, find ourselves at our best level and we’ll see where we stand. What are the sensations before facing Real Madrid?It’s always nice to play against such a team. But in the situation we are in, we still want to face it and get a positive result.How was Madrid given to you?I only played last year with Espanyol and this season. I think that the Bernabéu game, in the first round, was complete. It can help us to do things well and even try to win this time.They say that, despite being leaders, Zidane’s are more biscuitable …I don `t believe. Madrid has a tremendous squad and wins matches with relative ease, with how difficult it is to win this year. And now let’s go with Borja Iglesias. Is this lack of goal (three goals alone) that you are living normal?I have never experienced a campaign in which I scored so few goals, but it doesn’t obsess me. I am lucky to be a type of striker who, although we all live off the goal, I do more things. I try to do everything that is asked of me in defense and attack. The goal will come, I want to score many.Never scored so little?So is. I have never scored fewer goals, only when I did not play football, since I was four years old. Every season is a world. It is also difficult to score in Second B, each situation you live differently. There is time and I trust the work so that I can change. I think the minimum was 11 in Celta B.But Rubi keeps putting him …I am very grateful to the coach for the trust in me. Also when I played Loren I felt clothed. That helps to be close to your level and aspire to reach your best version. In the world of football we all have pressure, but the tendency is to personify it in the coach. When there are problems it is rare that it is the fault of one.last_img

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