IKO appoints karateka Jeffrey Wong as VP for dojo development

first_imgSEVENTH Dan Black Belt karateka Jeffrey Wong has been appointed as the vice-president of Dojo Development in the International Karate-Do Organisation (IKO), which has officially established a branch in Guyana.IKO-Guyana, whose headquarters is in the USA, will soon be developing affiliated dojos across the country with the Guyanese playing a pivotal role.Wong, who is a Shihan (expert or senior instructor), will mark 50 years in Shotokan karate early next year. As the VP, he will be tasked with overseeing the development and growth of the IKO in Guyana and will help to maintain its traditional standards of Shotokan karate.According to a release from the recently established body, eighth Dan Black Belt Shihan Adrian Ellis, who is president of the IKO, made the announcement. Shihan Ellis noted how honoured the IKO was to have someone with Sensei Wong’s experience and expertise as a member of its organisation.  In the release, Wong was referred to as “someone whose tremendous skill and knowledge have influenced a large number of martial artists in Guyana, particularly young karatekas and whose love and passion for Shotokan karate will be great for their organisation and for the people of Guyana”.In accepting the important position for karate in Guyana and beyond, Shihan Wong indicated that his focus shall be to concentrate on the training facilities of the IKO in Guyana which must be top class and consistent with the mission of the IKO with all of the necessary amenities.The release noted that Wong stated that his intention is to “see IKO-Guyana invest in good training infrastructure across the country and not to make the habitual mistake of concentrating only on Georgetown”. The seventh Dan added that improvement in the art of karate is a process but it can be done with the right instructors and the right dojo environment.The IKO is a member of the World Karate Martial Arts Organisation, the (WKMO), which has member associations in more than 60 countries practising all styles of martial arts.The WKMO, which is headquartered in Switzerland, coordinates and undertakes World Cup Championships, World Championships, Continental Championships, high-level technical seminars, referee and judge’s certification.last_img

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