Professional gatherings were held as part of the first day of the Croatian Tourism Days event

first_imgDuring the first day of the most important tourist event, Days of Croatian Tourism, which take place this year in the City of Hvar on the island of Hvar, two expert meetings were held to discuss trends in the world of creative industries, ie the connection between film and tourism and Croatia’s recognition in the United States market. . The panel discussion “Film Industry and Tourism”, which opened the Days of Croatian Tourism, discussed how the film industry is transforming Croatian tourism. The panel brought together representatives of the Croatian and world film industry under the moderation of the director of the Croatian Audiovisual Center, Daniel Rafaelić. Mohamed Sarim El Haq Fassi Fihri, director of the Moroccan Film Institute, pointed out the positive impact of the foreign film industry on Moroccan tourism, but also  on the development of its rural parts due to the creation of new jobs for the local population. Revenues from the film industry and film tourism are rising year by year in Morocco, and Fassi Fihri  believes that Morocco’s film industry will be the world leader in the next 10 years with significant revenue growth. Director of the Hungarian Film Office Miklos Taba boasted of the enviable figures that Budapest achieves thanks to a large number of foreign film productions, which in the future could result in Budapest becoming the center of the film industry – the new Hollywood. Successful Croatian television producer and journalist Nebojsa Taraba He pointed out that film production in Croatia is developing more and more, which has been recognized by world television companies such as Netflix and HBO, which opens many opportunities for the Croatian film industry to develop, but also increase the recognition of film production, which, Taraba believes,  Croatian tradition.Croatian world-renowned director of photography with an American address, Vanja Černjul he spoke of safety as an important factor when choosing locations for filming movies and series, but also stressed that it is not crucial. In addition to safety, according to Černjul, important factors for choosing a location are infrastructure, incentives and conditions and quality of life, and it is Croatia that can offer all this. Černjul sees the future of the Croatian film industry in the young workforce, which the Croatian film industry can be proud of, and he hopes that Croatia will know how to use it. Director of the Pula Film Festival, Gordana Restović she spoke about the success of the Pula Film Festival, which gathers an increasing number every year  domestic and foreign visitors and especially emphasized the importance of the film festival as an integral part of cultural heritage and one of the increasingly common motives for visitors to Croatia. State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture Krešimir Partl he sees the development of the film industry in the opening of film studios in Croatia and is gathered  presented the support and contribution of the relevant ministry for the system of encouraging the export of audiovisual services and attracting international  film and television productions in Croatia. In addition, Secretary of State Partl pointed out that the initiative to open a new film studio has existed for many years, but in order for it to be formed in Croatia, it is necessary to make a study that would answer key questions such as study size, study funding, management, maintenance and Fig. Development of strategies and plans for cultural heritage management, says Partl, are necessary for their preservation.A lecture was held in the continuation of the program Ala Merschena, a leading PR and marketing expert on the American market called “Croatia – an attractive destination for American tourists.”  Merschen is the president and founder of MMGY Global, one of the most important marketing and PR companies in the United States that conducts independent research, and as part of this year’s Days of Croatian Tourism presented an author’s research conducted in the US market on the potential and recognition of Croatia as a tourist destination. presented the habits of Americans as tourists.  Europe, the study points out, Merschen pointed out, as  the most desirable location due to the ancestors of Americans and their interesting culture, and in recent years visitors from the American market are increasingly interested in Croatia as a tourist destination, ie as many as 47 percent of people from the study are interested in traveling to Croatia.  In conclusion, Merschen reminded that the changes in global tourism are very visible, for the money invested the goal of the trip is no longer beaches, sunbathing and the sea, but studying the culture of living and enjoying food and wine. Tourists want a certain value that they will later be able to share on their social networks and talk about their experiences with family and friends, and that is the best promotion a tourist destination can have.last_img

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