Bagatin Polyclinic is the gold sponsor of the World Medical Tourism Congress in Los Angeles

first_imgThe beginning of October is reserved for the 10th jubilee edition of the Congress World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Los Angeles where the Bagatin Polyclinic is in the role of a gold sponsor. It is the most comprehensive international conference on health that brings together participants from around the world and focuses on cooperation and improvement of the industry itself, and the organizer of the event is Medical Tourism Association, the first international non-profit association for health tourism and the global health industry.The conference brings together top international hospitals, health care providers, facilitators, insurance companies and other related companies with the common goal of promoting the highest quality of patient health care in a global environment, and this year will bring together 200 exhibitors, over 2000 visitors and 150 speakers. The company will be visited by the director of the Bagatin Polyclinic, Mr. Ognjen Bagatin.“With a very interesting lecture entitled ‘Bringing more visibility to medical travel brand’, they will present the success story of the Bagatin Polyclinic on the international market and the (thorny) path we have taken – from branding the destination as additional value for clients to branding the Polyclinic service. 7 Bagatin’s branding laws are sure to inspire and guide someone on the right path. They will also have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions from which we would like to single out one particularly interesting topic ‘Health Googlocity: The ins and outs of marketing health and wellness’ ” stand out from the Bagatin PolyclinicThe strength of togetherness and synergy was recognized by other partners who will join in a joint performance this year. In addition to the Bagatin Polyclinic, which is known as an international polyclinic, Croatia will also be represented by the Zagreb Tourist Board. Jadranka Primorac, member of the Management Board of the Special Hospital Sv. Katarina, as a panelist on the topic ‘Lessons Learned: Our Journey Towards Accreditation in Medical Travelte’ and Mr. Zdeslav Radovčić, founder and president of the HTI Conference for Medical Tourism. During the three-day congress, our exhibition space will be visited by thousands of congress participants from all over the world, to whom the Bagatin Polyclinic will present all the services, but also the numerous opportunities offered by Croatia. “The goal is to attract large employers and their representatives from all over the world who would send their employees for treatment to top clinics that Croatia can boast of. ” conclude from the Bagatin Polyclinic. Certainly this is a new opportunity to promote Croatia and the city of Zagreb as a destination for health tourismISO certificate – a new confirmation of the quality of the Bagatin PolyclinicOn September 05, 2017, the Bagatin Polyclinic became the proud holder of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management certificate and, after several months of preparations, successfully completed the certification audit. ISO 9001 is the most widespread international standard that sets requirements for the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems.Certification of this system is a generally accepted way of proving to a current and potential partner that a product or service will meet its quality requirements. “By introducing a quality management system, we want to provide all our clients with top service at the level of 5-star hotels every time they arrive at the Bagatin Polyclinic. Our goal is to improve these figures on a daily basis in order to correspond to the real situation in the operational and strategic activities of our Polyclinic. ” stand out from the Bagatin Polyclinic.last_img

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