The competition for the selection and appointment of directors of CNTB offices abroad has been announced

first_imgToday, the Croatian National Tourist Board announced public tenders for all representative offices in which the employment contracts of executives expire. Namely, employment contracts expire in September 2017 for the directors of the representative office in Italy, France, Poland, Benelux, Germany – director of the representative office and head of the branch office, Russia and the United States. There are also tenders for representative offices in Hungary and Slovakia, where the offices are managed by the heads of the offices, without the status of a director or director appointed by the Tourist Board of the CNTB.At its 17th session, the Tourist Board of the Croatian National Tourist Board appointed a Commission for the evaluation of candidacies received within the tender procedure for the selection and appointment of directors of representative offices and heads of CNTB branches abroad. The President of the Commission is Barbara Mesić, Chief Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, and members of the Tourist Council are Boris Žgomba, Tomislav Fain and Marcel Medak and Professor Dragan Magaš as an external associate. After the deadline for applications, the commission will evaluate the received applications and conduct interviews with the selected candidates, and will inform the Tourist Board, to which it will send its nomination proposal. “The promotion of Croatia abroad is one of the basic tasks of foreign missions, and given the rapidly changing trends in supply and demand, market access and the concept of promotion, it is necessary to be more up-to-date and faster to adapt to new challenges. Our goal is to reform the representations in the world in a way that they will be more efficient, more proactive and ultimately more competitive, which is a precondition for the continued growth of Croatian tourism, “commented the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli. “What we want, and experiences from the field only confirm this, is the specific tourist promotion of Croatia adapted to each individual country, so we added as a condition that the candidate knows the tourist market for which the representative office or branch office is responsible. We need ambitious and proven professionals with experience in the field of tourism or marketing. Challenging destinations are offered and I believe that there will be a lot of interested professionals who will apply for the competition.Added Minister Cappelli.The director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, stated that he expects quality candidates to apply for the competition with innovative and interesting proposals for the work program, from which their visions of the representative office’s activities will be clearly visible. In cooperation with the directors of the representative office, I expect, above all, professionalism in work and teamwork, as well as excellent knowledge of the market in which they will perform their function. The network of representative offices is an extremely important factor in the promotion of Croatia, because in addition to the fact that the Main Office in cooperation and at the suggestion of the director of representative offices creates marketing, PR and other activities, representative offices are also our link with partners in the markets. The director of the representative office should meet a number of conditions, and among other things be an excellent communicator and a kind of business intelligence operative who will monitor the market situation, our status in it and the activities of the competition. ” Stanicic points out.Conditions that candidates must meetIn addition to the conditions prescribed by the Labor Act and the Ordinance on special conditions that must be met by employees of the tourist office of the tourist board of the municipality, city, county and the Main Office of the Croatian Tourist Board, interested candidates must meet the conditions prescribed by the competition. Candidates must: have completed at least a specialist graduate professional or graduate university study, have at least three years of work experience in the field of tourism and / or marketing, actively know one and know one world language or the language of the country where the director is, at least one written recommendation from previous employers, know the tourist market for which the representative office or branch office is responsible, have passed the professional exam for work in the tourist office and if they do not have it within one year from the date of entry they should pass, know how to work on a personal computer and make a proposal for its work program of the representative office or branch office for the next calendar year. The text of the public call with all the information can be found at the following connectors.last_img

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