Alan Smith urges Mikel Arteta to convince Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to stay at Arsenal

first_imgAdvertisement Alan Smith urges Mikel Arteta to convince Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to stay at Arsenal Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 28 Mar 2020 12:12 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.7kShares Pierre Emerick Aubameyang could leave Arsenal this summer (Picture: Getty)Alan Smith has urged Mikel Arteta to convince Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to stay at Arsenal and sign a new deal at the club.Gabon forward Aubameyang has developed into one of Arsenal’s most important players since signing from Borussia Dortmund in 2018, scoring 61 goals in 96 appearances for the Gunners.The 30-year-old was named Arsenal’s new captain at the end of last year but could leave the club this summer, with his current contract set to expire in 2021.A number of clubs are interested in signing Aubameyang and Arsenal hero Smith believes it is imperative that Arteta persuades the forward to stay put.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTRead the latest updates: Coronavirus news live‘He’s been so important to this Arsenal side simply because of his goals output,’ Smith told Sky Sports. ‘He’s got a fantastic scoring ratio and is one of the best finishers in the Premier League.‘In my opinion, he’s one of the best finishers in the game at the moment. He’s got that scoring knack and can score all types of goals.‘There aren’t many of those types of players around and if you can find one, they cost an awful lot of money. That’s what makes the situation with Aubameyang very difficult for Arsenal.‘In an ideal world, you wouldn’t want to lose a player like that.’More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityThe former Gunners striker added: ‘When players’ contracts actually finish with the present health crisis is obviously a factor but the best outcome for the club would be to get him to sign a new deal.‘They would have a committed player who always gets you goals. He’s a fit lad, so he’s still got a good two or three years left at the top level.‘A new deal would be the ideal situation because he can help Arsenal, with additions to the team elsewhere, get back to the big time.‘Persuading the player that his future lies at Arsenal would be the best outcome.’MORE: Arsenal legend Petit blasts Tottenham record signing NdombeleMORE: Sagna hits back at Cesc Fabregas over controversial Arsenal claimscenter_img Comment Advertisementlast_img read more

Badgers’ ranking needs proving

first_imgIt seems like every year the rankings in both football andmen?s basketball are always questioned ?though probably more in football sincefinal rankings have BCS implication.This year hasn?t been different.During the football season we debated for almost two monthson whether or not LSU and Ohio State were the top two teams in the country.Most people also thought that when the Wisconsin football team peaked at No. 5in the rankings, that it wasn?t the fifth-best team in the country, which theyproved by losing the next two games to Illinois and Penn State.The basketball team?s ranking has been debated all seasonlong too.After picking up two wins last week at Indiana and homeagainst Minnesota, the Badgers find themselves back in the top ten of thecoaches? poll and projected as a four seed in the latest edition of JoeLunardi?s ?Bracketology.?Despite the fact that the Badgers have exceeded most fansexpectations ? including mine ? almost anyone I have talked to about the teamthis year seems to agree on one thing: They are not sure Wisconsin is a top 10team.While I said in an earlier column that this is Bo Ryan?sbest coaching job ? and I still believe that ? I?m also not sure if UW isreally the 10th-best team in the country.Their win against Indiana was a huge statement for this team,considering that playing in Bloomington has given UW fits over the years. Thisyear?s team was also facing a much tougher IU team than the one they faced lastyear when the Badgers were ranked No. 2 in the country and lost.The win also gave Wisconsin something no other team in thecountry can claim: two road wins against top 15 teams.So UW?s win against the Hoosiers has put the Badgers back inthe top 10, but Wisconsin?s next three games will really prove if it is worthyof its ranking.While at Illinois this year might not seem like a dauntingtask considering the Illini?s 3-10 conference record, playing in Champaign hasnever been easy for the Badgers. Wisconsin is 18-66 all-time at Illinois, andits win last year was UW?s first in Assembly Hall since 1997. Add to the factthat Bruce Weber?s club played the Badgers tough in Madison in January, andthis game will not be a cakewalk for Wisconsin.Playing at Ohio State is another tough venue for UW, whereit is 20-51 all time. Yes, the Buckeyes are not as good as they were last yearwhen the Badgers lost by a point in the first ever No. 1 vs. No. 1 matchup(Wisconsin was No. 1 in the AP, and Ohio State was No. 1 in the coaches).However, the Buckeyes are trying to make their case for the NCAA tournament,and winning over a top ten team like Wisconsin would be a good signature win totake to the selection committee.Then there is Michigan State.This will most likely be the toughest game out of the three.Even though Ryan has been almost unbeatable at the Kohl Center in Big Ten playsince coming to Wisconsin, the loss to Purdue showed that a game in Madison isnot a for sure win. The one thing UW has going for them is it has not lost toMSU at home since Ryan has been the head coach.Should Wisconsin be 24-4 and 14-2 in the Big Ten on Feb. 29,?UW will have proven ? at least tome ? that they are really one of the best teams in the country. However, shouldthey falter once, it will show that, while the Badgers are a good team thisyear, they are not ready to be talked about as one of the upper echelon teams.So the question to ask until then is: Are the Badgersdeserving of their top 10 ranking? Maybe.But only time will tell.?Greg is a senior majoring is communication arts. Let himknow where you think the Badgers should be ranked at [email protected]?last_img read more

Pack of 4 strong and resilient 9 : long hair slide combs

first_imgOk but poor quality ( brittle ). Bought 2 of this product ,i`m very satisfied with it. Nice combs, can be used with any colour hair, and do not have sharp pointed comb ends like most hair combs, so do not hurt your head when using them. I chose to get this product on line as it is very hard to get bigger combs in the shops i am very pleased with them and they were delivered very quick thank you. These are perfect for gray hairlong hair slide combsPack of 4 strong and resilient 9.5cm long hair side combs. Available in 3 colours; Black, Brown tortoiseshell effect or Clear. Useful hair accessory for many hairstyles. (Clear)Pack of 4 plastic hair combsMeasure 9cm wideplasticAll measurements approximate across widest point I had looked for combs everywhere and decided to try the internet where i found these. They are really great, strong and well made. I can now make hair ornaments for my grand-daughter’s bridesmaids. Does not grip fine hair easily. Everything which was required. Arrived 4 days before due date. Pack of 4 strong and resilient clear long hair combs 9. 5cm arrived in cardboard box with package nuts. To keep them safe and damage free. The combs are great for long hair. Thank you these side combs are nice and big and hold my hair in place just fine as my hair is still thick and long. Also the clear go with my blond hair must add they are strong and did not break in my hair. These are perfect for gray hair. These are perfect for gray hair. They are strong – not like some i have purchased over the counter before, which lose teeth easily. These are the best i’ve had. Love this product, good value for money.last_img

Is a Ground-Source Heat Pump a Renewable Energy System?

first_imgAllison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a RESNET-accredited energy consultant, trainer, and the author of the Energy Vanguard blog. A poor choice of terminologyI think the main source of the confusion about ground-source heat pumps and renewable energy is the unfortunate use of the term “geothermal” in connection with these devices. When you hear the word “geothermal,” you think of lava or geysers, of volcanoes blowing their tops. You think of beautiful Icelandic maidens in steaming pools of hot water surrounded by snow. (Or is that just me?) You think of heat engines being driven and doing useful work by harnessing the heat from within the earth.But that’s not what ground-source heat pumps are or do. They’re just like your regular air conditioner or heat pump except they use the ground instead of the air as the source or sink for heat. They still use electricity to power the pump that moves the working fluid through the loops. They still use electricity for the blower that moves the air through the duct system. They’re still using even more electricity to run the compressor, which is the pump for the refrigeration cycle. All that electricity generally comes from outside the home, often from a power plant that burns coal or natural gas. The last I heard, most folks don’t consider those fuels renewable.Ah, but now that you mention Iceland, Allison, I hear you thinking, isn’t a ground-source heat pump doing the same thing they do when they pump heat from their numerous hot springs and use it in buildings? They’re using pumps to move the heat, too, just like a ground-source heat pump does? Well, yes and no. It appears at first to be the same thing, and we do indeed call the heat they’re using a “renewable” source of heat. The difference, though, is that they’re pumping high-grade heat that comes in at a temperature high enough to be used directly. They don’t have to “concentrate” it through the use of a refrigeration cycle as a ground-source heat pump does.I don’t use the term “geothermal heat pump.” It’s too confusing. Even Thomas Friedman, the columnist for the New York Times who’s written some well-received books about the environment, is confused about this. He wrote in a column a few years ago that he’s using renewable energy in his home because he installed a “geothermal” heat pump.Really now. If a ground-source heat pump is a renewable energy source, then so is a refrigerator. Can you see why this drives me crazy? Can a heat pump be classified as an energy source?OK, I’ll say a bit more. Remember that article I wrote about how your air conditioner works? And the one before that about how air-source heat pumps get heat out of cold air to heat your home in winter? A ground-source heat pump does exactly the same thing, with one difference. Are Affordable Ground-Source Heat Pumps On the Horizon?Ground-Source Heat Pumps (2010)Ground-Source Heat Pumps (2009)GBA Encyclopedia: Heat Pumps: The BasicsGBA Encyclopedia: Green Heating OptionsPodcast: Ground Source Heat Pumps, Part 1: The BasicsPodcast: Ground-Source Heat Pumps, Part 2: Rules of ThumbPodcast: Ground-Source Heat Pumps, Part 3: Five QuestionsHeating a Tight, Well-Insulated HouseGround-Source Heat Pumps Don’t Save EnergyGround-Source Heat Pumps Have Low Operating CostsAir-Source or Ground-Source Heat Pump? Here’s another rant that goes in my “drives me crazy” bin of articles. I’m in good company, too. Another article that ran at Green Building Advisor recently discussed making the choice between an air-source heat pump and a ground-source (a.k.a. “geothermal”) heat pump. At the end of the article, Peter Yost mentioned that ground-source heat pumps,“have been given quite the green ‘pass’ or ‘seal of approval’ because they are portrayed as using a ‘renewable’ energy source, and that makes me crazy.”So there’s your answer to the question I asked in the title: No! Ground-source heat pumps are not a renewable energy source. Let’s all go out and have a productive day now. RELATED ARTICLES In an air-source heat pump or air conditioner, you’re pulling heat from the outside air and putting it into the home (heating mode) or putting heat from the home into the outside air (cooling mode). The diagram below shows what’s going on. The heat exchange with the outside is going on in the part labeled as the condenser coil. In an air-source heat pump or air conditioner, that coil surrounds the noisy metal box that sits outside your home. The fan inside the condensing unit pulls outdoor air across that coil, and the refrigerant running through the coil either gives up heat to the outside (cooling mode) or picks up heat from the outside (heating mode).The only substantial difference with a ground-source heat pump is that you’re using the ground (or a body of water) instead of the outside air. The heat exchanger in a ground-source heat pump isn’t a coil but a loop of pipe carrying the working fluid. That loop of pipe can be horizontal or vertical (see the photo of a well, above), but its job is simply to exchange heat with the ground. It’s doing the job of the condenser coil above. (Actually, there are two closed loops and three heat exchanges going on, but I’ve taken the liberty of simplifying the process here, which doesn’t change anything regarding our original question.)I’ve focused on air conditioners and heat pumps here, but the same analysis applies to refrigerators, which are just another kind of heat pump that uses the refrigeration cycle. All of these need an input source of energy to run the refrigerant through the system. In an air-source heat pump, you also need a blower to move air across the evaporator coil and through the duct system and another fan in the condensing unit. In a ground-source heat pump, the fan in the condensing unit is replaced with a pump for the working fluid in the ground loop.So, is a refrigerator a renewable source of energy?last_img read more

When a Deployed Parent Returns Home

first_imgWhat resources do you use when working with military families and those with active duty deployed parents? He missed his DadIn keeping with our theme on active duty deployment we wondered, ‘What happens to a child’s stress levels once their deployed parent is safely back home?’ What may come as a surprise to many is that in over 30% of children, high levels of anxiety and stress can remain. Read on to learn more.In a recent NICHD-funded study, The Long War and Parental Combat Deployment: Effects on Military Children and At-Home Spouses, Dr. Patricia Lester and her team examined the effects of combat deployment on the behavior and emotional functioning of children aged 6 to 12.What they found was that the combat deployment of a parent does adversely affect children. But what happens when the deployed parent returns home? This is where the study gets interesting; Dr. Lester and team found that these adverse effects remain even after the deployed parent returns home.So even though children are very happy to see their parent after many months away (as in this video of a little girl who correctly spells the word “sergeant” in a spelling bee then turns around to see her father appear from behind the curtain), it does not mean the difficulties associated with deployment are over.In fact, most studies prior to this have assumed the most challenging time for the child is during the active deployment period when the parent is actually absent. However, Dr. Lester argues that it isn’t that simple. The reaction a child displays is more complex in that their anxiety levels may remain high until well after the deployed parent is safely back at home.For instance, Dr. Lester found that one-third of the children in her study reported anxiety levels that were “clinically significant” (severe enough to warrant health care attention) even if their active duty parent was not currently deployed.As professionals working with military families we need to be aware that the stress doesn’t end with the return of the deployed parent. In fact, stress and anxiety in children can linger thereby affecting their behavior, well-being and development over time.Given the right knowledge and tools, military parents, healthcare professionals, education, recreation, and faith-based services and military family support service members can all serve to buffer the challenges and stress their children face fostering the development of more resilient children and their families.One such challenge develops when children feel a disconnect between their deployed parent and themselves. Deployment Kids offers some fun, easy online tools to help children feel more connected to their active duty parent while they are away.For more resources on supporting military families through the deployment phase see the following links:Coming Home: Adjustments For Military FamiliesFamilies In The Militarylast_img read more

Vespa Elegante to be launched by Piaggio India on September 16

first_imgVespa PrimaveraItalian two wheeler manufacturer Piaggio has made a name for itself in the Indian market by introducing the newly styled Vespa. Now the company is determined to provide Indian customers with greater quality and premium scooters. In the first step towards this, the launch of Vespa Elegante has been confirmed for September 16, 2014.Pricing (estimated)Rs 80,000 (ex-showroom)Vespa Elegante is being launched in the country as a limited edition model. Piaggio India has specifically chosen to launch this scooter just before the festive season in India. It will be the company’s second limited edition model in the country, the first being called Esclusivo.The Elegante will be the most premium offering by the Italian manufacturer in India. It will sport an all new design like its Primavera. Vespa Elegante will be available in VX, LX and S variants in India, along with the limited edition Esclusivo. Exteriors Styling on the new scooter will be retro in nature. We believe that it will come with split seats, chrome embellishment, a triangular headlight upfront, tubeless tyres and disc brakes.EngineVespa Elegante will be powered by a 125cc single cylinder engine, same as the VX125. This engine will be capable of producing  9.91 bhp power and 10.6 Nm of peak torque. Italian engineers have provided a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox, but it will not have fuel injection.last_img read more

Build a foodie bot with JavaScript

first_imgToday, we are going to build a chatbot that can search for restaurants based on user goals and preferences. Let us begin by building Node.js modules to get data from Zomato based on user preferences. Create a file called zomato.js. Add a request module to the Node.js libraries using the following command in the console: This tutorial has been taken from Hands-On Chatbots and Conversational UI Development. > npm install request –save In zomato.js, add the following code to begin with: var request = require(‘request’);var baseURL = ‘’;var apiKey = ‘YOUR_API_KEY’;var catergories = null;var cuisines = null;getCategories();getCuisines(76); Replace YOUR_API_KEY with your Zomato key. Let’s build functions to get the list of categories and cuisines at startup. These queries need not be run when the user asks for a restaurant search because this information is pretty much static: function getCuisines(cityId){var options = {uri: baseURL + ‘cuisines’,headers: {‘user-key’: apiKey},qs: {‘city_id’:cityId},method: ‘GET’}var callback = function(error, response, body) {if (error) {console.log(‘Error sending messages: ‘, error)} else if (response.body.error) {console.log(‘Error: ‘, response.body.error)} else {console.log(body);cuisines = JSON.parse(body).cuisines;}}request(options,callback);} The preceding code will fetch a list of cuisines available in a particular city (identified by a Zomato city ID). Let us add the code for identifying the list of categories: function getCategories(){var options = {uri: baseURL + ‘categories’,headers: {‘user-key’: apiKey},qs: {},method: ‘GET’}var callback = function(error, response, body) {if (error) {console.log(‘Error sending messages: ‘, error)} else if (response.body.error) {console.log(‘Error: ‘, response.body.error)} else {categories = JSON.parse(body).categories;}}request(options,callback);} Now that we have the basic functions out of our way, let us code in the restaurant search code: function getRestaurant(cuisine, location, category){var cuisineId = getCuisineId(cuisine);var categoryId = getCategoryId(category);var options = {uri: baseURL + ‘locations’,headers: {‘user-key’: apiKey},qs: {‘query’:location},method: ‘GET’}var callback = function(error, response, body) {if (error) {console.log(‘Error sending messages: ‘, error)} else if (response.body.error) {console.log(‘Error: ‘, response.body.error)} else {console.log(body);locationInfo = JSON.parse(body).location_suggestions;search(locationInfo[0], cuisineId, categoryId);}}request(options,callback);}function search(location, cuisineId, categoryId){var options = {uri: baseURL + ‘search’,headers: {‘user-key’: apiKey},qs: {‘entity_id’: location.entity_id,’entity_type’: location.entity_type,’cuisines’: [cuisineId],’categories’: [categoryId]},method: ‘GET’}var callback = function(error, response, body) {if (error) {console.log(‘Error sending messages: ‘, error)} else if (response.body.error) {console.log(‘Error: ‘, response.body.error)} else {console.log(‘Found restaurants:’)var results = JSON.parse(body).restaurants;console.log(results);}}request(options,callback);} The preceding code will look for restaurants in a given location, cuisine, and category. For instance, you can search for a list of Indian restaurants in Newington, Edinburgh that do delivery. We now need to integrate this with the chatbot code. Let us create a separate file called index.js. Let us begin with the basics: var restify = require(‘restify’);var builder = require(‘botbuilder’);var request = require(‘request’);var baseURL = ‘’;var apiKey = ‘YOUR_API_KEY’;var catergories = null;var cuisines = null;Chapter 6[ 247 ]getCategories();//setTimeout(function(){getCategoryId(‘Delivery’)}, 10000);getCuisines(76);//setTimeout(function(){getCuisineId(‘European’)}, 10000);// Setup Restify Servervar server = restify.createServer();server.listen(process.env.port || process.env.PORT || 3978, function () {console.log(‘%s listening to %s’,, server.url);});// Create chat connector for communicating with// the Bot Framework Servicevar connector = new builder.ChatConnector({appId: process.env.MICROSOFT_APP_ID,appPassword: process.env.MICROSOFT_APP_PASSWORD});// Listen for messages from‘/foodiebot’, connector.listen()); Add the bot dialog code to carry out the restaurant search. Let us design the bot to ask for cuisine, category, and location before proceeding to the restaurant search: var bot = new builder.UniversalBot(connector, [function (session) {session.send(“Hi there! Hungry? Looking for a restaurant?”);session.send(“Say ‘search restaurant’ to start searching.”);session.endDialog();}]);// Search for a restaurantbot.dialog(‘searchRestaurant’, [function (session) {session.send(‘Ok. Searching for a restaurant!’);builder.Prompts.text(session, ‘Where?’);},function (session, results) {session.conversationData.searchLocation = results.response;builder.Prompts.text(session, ‘Cuisine? Indian,Italian, or anything else?’);},function (session, results) {session.conversationData.searchCuisine = results.response; builder.Prompts.text(session, ‘Delivery or Dine-in?’);},function (session, results) {session.conversationData.searchCategory = results.response;session.send(‘Ok. Looking for restaurants..’);getRestaurant(session.conversationData.searchCuisine,session.conversationData.searchLocation,session.conversationData.searchCategory,session);}]).triggerAction({matches: /^search restaurant$/i,confirmPrompt: ‘Your restaurant search task will be abandoned.Are you sure?’}); Notice that we are calling the getRestaurant() function with four parameters. Three of these are ones that we have already defined: cuisine, location, and category. To these, we have to add another: session. This passes the session pointer that can be used to send messages to the emulator when the data is ready. Notice how this changes the getRestaurant() and search() functions: function getRestaurant(cuisine, location, category, session){var cuisineId = getCuisineId(cuisine);var categoryId = getCategoryId(category);var options = {uri: baseURL + ‘locations’,headers: {‘user-key’: apiKey},qs: {‘query’:location},method: ‘GET’}var callback = function(error, response, body) {if (error) {console.log(‘Error sending messages: ‘, error)} else if (response.body.error) {console.log(‘Error: ‘, response.body.error)} else {console.log(body);locationInfo = JSON.parse(body).location_suggestions;search(locationInfo[0], cuisineId,categoryId, session);}}request(options,callback);}function search(location, cuisineId, categoryId, session){var options = {uri: baseURL + ‘search’,headers: {‘user-key’: apiKey},qs: {‘entity_id’: location.entity_id,’entity_type’: location.entity_type,’cuisines’: [cuisineId],’category’: categoryId},method: ‘GET’}var callback = function(error, response, body) {if (error) {console.log(‘Error sending messages: ‘, error)} else if (response.body.error) {console.log(‘Error: ‘, response.body.error)} else {console.log(‘Found restaurants:’)console.log(body);//var results = JSON.parse(body).restaurants;//console.log(results);var resultsCount = JSON.parse(body).results_found;console.log(‘Found:’ + resultsCount);session.send(‘I have found ‘ + resultsCount +’ restaurants for you!’);session.endDialog();}}request(options,callback);} Once the results are obtained, the bot responds using session.send() and ends the dialog: Now that we have the results, let’s present them in a more visually appealing way using cards. To do this, we need a function that can take the results of the search and turn them into an array of cards: function presentInCards(session, results){var msg = new builder.Message(session);msg.attachmentLayout(builder.AttachmentLayout.carousel)var heroCardArray = [];var l = results.length;if (results.length > 10){l = 10;}for (var i = 0; i And we call this function from the search() function: function search(location, cuisineId, categoryId, session){var options = {uri: baseURL + ‘search’,headers: {‘user-key’: apiKey},qs: {‘entity_id’: location.entity_id,’entity_type’: location.entity_type,’cuisines’: [cuisineId],’category’: categoryId},method: ‘GET’}var callback = function(error, response, body) {if (error) {console.log(‘Error sending messages: ‘, error)} else if (response.body.error) {console.log(‘Error: ‘, response.body.error)} else {console.log(‘Found restaurants:’)console.log(body);var results = JSON.parse(body).restaurants;var msg = presentInCards(session, results);session.send(msg);session.endDialog();}}request(options,callback);} Here is how it looks: We saw how to build a restaurant search bot, that gives you restaurant suggestions as per your preference. If you found our post useful check out Chatbots and Conversational UI Development. Read Next Top 4 chatbot development frameworks for developers How to create a conversational assistant using Python My friend, the robot: Artificial Intelligence needs Emotional Intelligencelast_img read more

Vienna TB in Toronto Globus offering 25 on all Vienna vacations

first_img Posted by Share Monday, September 19, 2016 TORONTO — When it comes to booking travel to Vienna, it’s either “now or never,” says the Vienna Tourist Board, which hosted an industry lunch in Toronto recently to tell partners that now is the time to book.The event, which was co-hosted by Austrian Airlines, Vienna International Airport, Swarovski Kristallwelten and Globus family of brands, highlighted the plethora of reasons to visit Austria, and specifically Vienna, in 2017. Elke Bachner, Market Management of the Vienna Tourist Board, cited the 25th anniversary of Life Ball, the 150th anniversary of the Blue Danube Waltz, and the 175th anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as just three milestone events that may pique the interest of clients.Elke, who recommends any visit to Vienna should be at least three nights, also highlighted the new Vienna Card, available in one, two or three days. It includes free public transportation plus discounts to over 200 outlets in the city.More news:  War of words between Transat, Group Mach ramps upThe Vienna Airport, which transported 23 million passengers in 2015, was recently awarded the distinction of being a four-star airport in Europe. It will be investing $500 million throughout 2023 in infrastructure and development. Direct service from Canada is available from Toronto, though Montreal is currently in the works. A total of 150 passengers per day, each way fly from Toronto to Vienna.Globus family of brands is offering its ‘Vienna Now or Never’ agent incentive, which includes a $25 gift card per passenger on all 2017 vacations that include Vienna. Agents must send their invoice number to Inside Sales by Oct. 28, 2016 to receive their gift card.Avalon Waterways, part of Globus’ family of brands, is also offering 15% on ‘Active Discover on the Danube River’ cruises, plus free air on select itineraries/departures. Plus, when clients book and deposit by Nov. 10, 2016 they’ll save 10% (15% when booking as part of a group).More news:  Direct Travel names Smith as Senior VP, Leisure Marketing, North AmericaFor more information go to For more on travel to Vienna, go to Vienna TB in Toronto; Globus offering $25 on all Vienna vacationscenter_img Tags: Avalon Waterways, Globus, Vienna << Previous PostNext Post >> Travelweek Group last_img read more