EXCLUSIVE: Kung Fu’s Hammond Wizard Beau Sasser Talks moe., Grateful Dead, & More

first_imgFresh off a West Coast tour with Kung Fu, keyboardist Beau Sasser took some time during break to sit down with Live For Live Music. During our conversation, Sasser talked about his past and his future, which includes joining moe. for their comeback show. A wizard on the Hammond, Sasser is involved with several projects, including Kung Fu, The Z3, and Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan. Read on to learn more about this funk-filled, down-and-dirty, soul-rocking keyboardist that tickles the fancy out of the ivories.American Beauty To Host Phish NYE Late-Nights With Particle, The Werks, Nth Power, Kung Fu & MoreLive For Live Music: Let’s go back to your younger days. Who are some of your earliest influences? How did your involvement with the keys begin?Beau Sasser: My earliest influence was my grandmother. She played piano. She was from Memphis, Tennessee, and she would play classical as well as some ragtime, stride piano, and lots of gospel songs. It was the first time I had heard someone play piano when I was a little kid. I was pretty impressed and wanted to learn. I had some other family members that played piano as well. My dad played guitar growing up. He only knew a handful of chords but would play a lot of Cat Stevens tunes and other artists from the 60’s plus some folk songs as well. He grew up on a farm in Tennessee and had an interesting picking style. I thought it was pretty neat and wanted to learn music.Musically, I’ve been influenced by a handful of different types of artists. Early on, as a kid studying classical music, I was influenced by Bach and Beethoven. From there, I started to study and learn about other types of music. Pop music led me to discover jazz and the heavy-hitters like John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Through jazz, I discovered organ players who were playing the Hammond organ—guys like Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff and Jack McDuff. As a Hammond organ player, I was really influenced by them. Piano players in the jazz idiom include guys like Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Keith Jarrett.In high school, I discovered Frank Zappa and that kind of changed everything for me. I learned what it takes to really be a musician and hone a craft in through his band. Growing up, I played lots of different types of music, with my teachers having me read music as well as playing classical. I also played the trombone in the middle school band, and they taught us kind of how to improvise. I was figuring all of that out during middle school and high school.L4LM: You’ve been involved in a lot of different musical projects over the years. What’s the most interesting story behind any of these projects?BS: Right now, my main projects are Kung Fu and The Z3—a Frank Zappa tribute band—as well as Beau Sasser Escape Plan, which is my own band. I get to play in many of these projects with people that I met over twenty years ago and a lot of people I’ve played with consistently since then.I met Tim [Palmieri] and Adrian [Tramontano] when they were in Psychedelic Breakfast, while I played with a band called Uncle Sammy, and we had the same booking agent. We were all kids, maybe around twenty years old. When all of us in Uncle Sammy first saw Adrian and Tim play, we thought, “Crap, there’s our competition right there.” I remember standing there watching them soundcheck and thinking, “Those are pretty special cats.” I obviously loved to play with them as much as possible. Now, I feel as if it’s come full circle twenty years later because we get to play together every night.INTERVIEW: Getting To Know Kung Fu’s Powerhouse Drummer Adrian TramontanoL4LM: When you were invited to join Kung Fu back in 2015, there was a little bit of controversy surrounding the “changing of the keyboardist guard,” if you will. Were you concerned with how fans may react to you joining the band at that time?BS: No, I would have to say that I really wasn’t concerned—partly because I felt like I was on the outside looking into a situation that I didn’t know too much about. My only concern was to learn all the material in the two weeks that I had to learn it. I didn’t really think about anything else other than getting the music ready and being able to perform it.L4LM: On a lighter note, Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan did a video in honor of the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary for a project known as Songs of the Dead. The group performed “New Speedway Boogie” .Did you get to check out any of the Fare Thee Well shows in Chicago, and what has the The Grateful Dead meant in your life, musically?BS: First off, I will say that I did not get to go to any of the shows. I would have liked to because we were there. Kung Fu was playing in Chicago performing as part of the after shows. I did not get to see The Grateful Dead when they came through. I’ve actually never seen The Grateful Dead, though I would have enjoyed it, for sure.To be perfectly honest, I really just discovered them in the last four or five years. Growing up, I always liked their music and had plenty of friends that listened to them, but I never really latched on. I never really “got it.” Then a couple of years ago, I ended up on a show playing in the John Kadlecik Band. They needed a keyboard player, and John had sent me a list of Jerry Garcia Band songs that contained the Hammond organ. That was really the first time that I had to learn those songs and get familiar with them, even though I had heard them for years.I really enjoyed it, and it changed my outlook on what that music was and how interesting it can really be. I did a few shows with John, and some of those songs I still play on my own gigs today. Any chance I can get to see Melvin Seals play, I always stand there and watch and learn.[Video: JamBase]L4LM: Kung Fu will be opening up for moe. in February for their return show coming off hiatus. What are your thoughts on that, since it’s pretty huge since their fans are really looking forward to seeing Rob Derhak get back on stage?Beau Sasser: Yeah, we are looking forward to it, too. Those guys in moe. have always been so incredibly supportive and kind—not only to Kung Fu but also Uncle Sammy and other bands that I’ve been in. We played moe.down this past summer. Out of the many festivals we played, moe.down was definitely one of the most memorable, if not the most. Our show there was awesome. It truly was magical. We played in a tent on one of the second stages, and there was this huge kind of fieldhouse-type of vibe in the there with a lot of people. Everyone goes crazy at those moe.down festivals too, so it was a rowdy crowd and was packed to the gills.moe.’s Rob Derhak Is Officially Cancer Freemoe. asked us to sit in later that night for their set. We sat in—myself, Tim and Rob [Somerville]—on “San Ber’dino,” which is a Frank Zappa tune that we all love very much. It made it even more special to play at that event and hang out with those guys. Vinnie [Amico] has played with Z3. Like I said, they’re so supportive, just awesome to hang out with, and incredible musicians, too.We were very sad to see that happen to Rob, but at the same time, we are so excited that we get to do this at The Capitol Theatre for moe.’s comeback. It’s going to be a very special night. We look forward to seeing those guys and spending time with them. Of course, we have a lot of similar fans. Our fan base has a lot of moe. fans that also like Kung Fu. If you like guitar rock, you’re going to like moe. and you’re going to like Kung Fu. It always makes for a good time. I hope we get to join in during the moe. set. That would be a lot of fun.L4LM: Do you have anything on deck for the new year with Kung Fu? What is in the works for your projects?Beau Sasser: Kung Fu just got off of tour. I’ve been home for about a week. We did a run in Colorado, New Mexico, and the West Coast with The New Mastersounds. That was a great tour. It was a lot of fun. Those guys are incredible musicians and great friends, really. We worked really hard.We’ve been off for about a week and will have another week off or so and then in December, we will gear back up again. We will be in Greenfield, Massachusetts, which will be my hometown show, on December 2nd at The Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center, and then, we play Boston a few weekends after.That’s followed by our annual Toys for Tots show on December 16th at Toads Place in New Haven, Connecticut. As always, we collect toys for the underprivileged children around Christmas time. People bring toys that are collected in boxes and we then bring them to hospitals the next day. As always, it’s a really neat experience that we enjoy. It’s a big deal for us.For the Toys for Tots show, it’s going to be with Pink Talking Fish, and we are going to do the Prince and Bowie set—Pink Talking Fu Plays David Bowie And Prince—that we did at the Wanee and Catskill Chill festivals this year. It’s a really awesome set that we’ve honed. We are uniquely trained and highly qualified to play it at this point. We’ve had some experience, especially at the Wanee Festival, which was really awesome. It was the closing performance of that fest. I’ve heard that there were ten-thousand people in attendance. It was definitely one of the biggest crowds I’ve played in front of and it was amazing. One of the highlights for Kung Fu for this year, for sure.L4LM: Is there anyone that you would love to perform with but have not yet had the chance?BS: I have had the pleasure of performing with a lot of artists that I never thought that I would. I grew up being heavily influenced by Medeski, Martin and Wood. I didn’t mention John [Medeski] earlier when I talked about influences, but he was one of the organ players that definitely changed everything for me. I was a 15-year-old kid when I first saw him play.I’ve met those guys a couple of times and hung out with them as well, but I’ve never actually jammed or been on stage with any of them—I think that would be a lot of fun. Maybe it will happen, but I don’t know. Even today, I still listen to them all the time. Between them and Soulive, those are two of my biggest influences as far as Hammond organ music goes and bands I got to see when I was in high school and in my twenties. It’s pretty amazing to me because I’ve played in Alan Evans Trio and Playonbrother.Alan [Evans] and I have done a lot of work together. It’s been very special to me to hang around Al and to learn from him, as well as to hang around Soulive and watch them soundcheck and get to know Neal [Evans]. When I was twenty years old, Neal was one of my biggest influences, and still is. As far as playing the organ and left-handed bass lines, which I do quite a bit of, all that music is pretty heavily influenced by Neal. To circle back around to your question, Medeski, Martin and Wood was in that same era of my life for listening to music. It would be pretty fun to jam with those guys.L4LM: To wrap this up, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?BS: Stay cool. Stay in school. Listen to Kung Fu.To learn more about Beau Sasser’s many projects, including tour dates, please head over to the websites for Kung Fu, The Z3, and Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan. Also, make sure to catch Kung Fu in New York City for New Year’s Eve, when they’ll be playing a very special post-Phish afterparty at American Beauty on 12/31 (technically, early morning 1/1) from 1 am to past 4 am! You can grab tickets for Kung Fu’s New Year’s Eve throwdown here! [Words: Sarah Bourque; Cover Photo: Sonsini Media]last_img read more

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Sponsors Summer Concerts & Movie Nights

first_imgBethpage Summer 2013 Community Calendar of Free Events June 2013June 28 – Babylon Concert Series, Journey Tribute Band – Overlook Beach, Babylon (7:30 pm)June 29 – Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm) Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Bethpage Federal Credit Union invites Long Islanders to get out and enjoy summer with a full schedule of free events for the whole family.  June through August, Bethpage has sponsored outdoor concerts and movie nights across Long Island, providing fun, free entertainment for families, couples, and seniors in every neighborhood.“Summer is a great time to be a Long Islander.  We’re so pleased to partner with these townships and organizations to offer a full calendar of family fun events, allowing locals to enjoy the beauty of Long Island beaches, parks and downtown centers, free of charge,” said Linda Armyn, Senior Vice President, Bethpage Federal Credit Union.  “Whether its movies, concerts, or arts and crafts, there is an event for everyone to get out and be a part of their community this summer.”In Suffolk County, Bethpage has sponsored four summer event series.  The Sounds of Summer Concert Series at Tanger Outlets at the Arches in Deer Park offers a free concert every Saturday at 6 pm at the Main Fountain with performers including Conor Maynard, Hot Chelle Rae and Owl City.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own seating.Bethpage has also partnered with the Islip Arts Council to present its annual free concert at Heckscher State Park in East Islip on Saturday, July 13 at 8 pm.  This year’s show “Recovery Through the Arts – Play it Forward” is dedicated to friends, neighbors and loved ones who are still putting their lives together from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Throughout the course of the evenings, attendees will be able to make a donation to the United Way of Long Island’s Hurricane Relief Fund.The Town of Babylon Summer Concert Series, sponsored by Bethpage, also offers free outdoor concerts at Tanner Park in Copiague and Overlook Beach in Babylon featuring local tribute bands and musicians.For movie-goers, Bethpage has sponsored showings in Babylon, Huntington and Stony Brook offering drive-in theaters as well as outdoor lawn viewing.  The Town of Babylon Moving Night will be hosted twice a month, inviting residents to enjoy free outdoor, family-friendly movies on the Babylon Town Hall Lawn.  The Town of Huntington’s Movies on the Lawn program features four family-friendly movie presentations at 7:30 pm at various parks and beaches. Lastly, Stony Brook University Athletics will host a Move Night at the Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium on Tuesday, July 30 at 7 pm.In Nassau County, Bethpage has teamed up with the Glen Cove Business Improvement District for the fourth consecutive year to present the Downtown Sounds 2013 Summer Concert Series.  Every Friday night at 7 pm during July and August, the downtown Village Square Plaza comes alive with music featuring New York area artists. With the sounds of jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, folk, salsa and other genres filling the air, the public enjoys a great night of free music while dancing and dining in Glen Cove’s vibrant downtown area.The City of Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach series, sponsored by Bethpage, also offers free entertainment every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in July and August.  In Greenvale, the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts has partnered with Bethpage to host two special concerts: Lyle Lovett and his acoustic band on Saturday, July 13 and Mary Chapin Carpenter and Marc Cohen on Saturday, July 27.  Tickets for the Tilles Center Bethpage Federal Credit Union Summer Concert Series will be sold through the box office and online at Ticketmaster.Lastly, the Village of Freeport Movie Nights in the Park offers locals the chance to see an outdoor showing of some of their favorite family-friendly movies every Friday night starting July 12 through August 16 in Seabreeze Park.For a full schedule of events, including specific dates, locations and times, please visit: https://www.bethpagefcu.com/community/events. July 2013July 1 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Ric Mango, Riverside Blvd. (8 pm)July 3 – Babylon Concert Series, Doobie Brothers Tribute Band, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)July 3 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Southbound, New York Ave. (8 pm)July 4 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Killer Joe, Neptune Blvd. (8 pm)July 5 – Babylon Concert Series, Michael Jackson Tribute Band, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)July 6 – “Hot Chelle Rae” Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm)July 6 – Glen Cove Downtown Sounds, Gary Lewis & Billy J. Kramer (7 pm)July 8 – Babylon Movie Night, Soul Surfer, Babylon Town Hall Lawn (8:30 pm)July 8 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Milagro Santana Tribune Band, National Blvd. (8 pm)July 10 – Babylon Concert Series, Beatles Tribute Band, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)July 10 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Weird Science, New York Ave. (8 pm)July 11 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Mary Lamont, Neptune Blvd. (8 pm)July 12 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Alive & Kicking, Long Beach Blvd. (8 pm)July 12 – Babylon Concert Series, Neil Diamond Tribute Band, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)July 12 – Village of Freeport Movie Nights in the Park, Seabreeze ParkJuly 13 – Lyle Lovett and His Acoustic Band, Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, Greenvale (8 pm)July 13 – Islip Arts Council “Play it Forward” Concert, Heckscher State Park (8 pm)July 13 – Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm)July 13 – Glen Cove Downtown Sounds, Richie Cannata and Special Guest The Jeff Regan Band (7 pm)July 15 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Chiclettes, National Blvd. (8 pm)July 17 – Babylon Concert Series, Billy Ocean, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)July 17 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Risky Business, New York Ave. (8 pm)July 18 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Wonderous Stories, Neptune Ave. (8 pm)July 19 – Babylon Concert Series, Starship Starring Mickey Thomas, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)July 19 – Village of Freeport Movie Nights in the Park, Seabreeze ParkJuly 20 – Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm)July 20 – Glen Cove Downtown Sounds, Antigone Rising (7 pm)July 22 – Babylon Movie Night, Wreck it Ralph, Babylon Town Hall Lawn (8:30 pm)July 22 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Big Band Swing, National Blvd. (8 pm)July 24 – Babylon Concert Series, The Bronx Wanderers Mixed Oldies, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)July 24 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, All Together Now, New York Ave. (8 pm)July 25 – Town of Huntington Movies on the Lawn, Free Willy, Crab Meadow Beach, Northport (7:30 pm)July 25 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, F.O.G., Neptune Blvd. (8 pm)July 26 – Babylon Concert Series, Jay Siegel’s Tokens, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)July 26 – Village of Freeport Movie Nights in the Park, Seabreeze ParkJuly 27 – Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm)July 27 – Glen Cove Downtown Sounds, The Good Rats (7 pm)July 27 – An Evening with Mary Chapin Carpenter & Marc Cohn, Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, Greenvale (8 pm)July 29 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, 6-Gun, National Blvd. (8 pm)July 30 – Stony Brook University Athletics Movie Night, Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium (7 pm)July 31 – Babylon Concert Series, Eagles & Santana Tribute Band, Overlook Beach, Babylon (7 pm)July 31 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Andy Cooney, New York Ave. (8 pm) August 2013August 1 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Vintage Bliss, Neptune Blvd. (8 pm)August 2 – Babylon Concert Series, Dr. K’s Motown Review, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)August 2 – Village of Freeport Movie Nights in the Park, Seabreeze ParkAugust 3 – Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm)August 3 – Glen Cove Downtown Sounds, Aztec Two Step and Special Guest Jim Dawson (7 pm)August 5 – Babylon Movie Night, The Parent Trap, Babylon Town Hall Lawn (8:30 pm)August 5 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Beginnings Chicago Tribune Band, National Blvd. (8 pm)August 5 – Town of Huntington Movies on the Lawn, The Mighty Ducks, Dix Hills Park (7:30 pm)August 7 – Babylon Concert Series, JoDee Messina, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)August 7 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Italian Night with Con Astone, New York Ave. (8 pm)August 8 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Linda Ipanema & Dixie Cats, Neptune Blvd. (8 pm)August 9 – Babylon Concert Series, The Cowsills, Tanner Park, Copiague (7:30 pm)August 9 – Village of Freeport Movie Nights in the Park, Seabreeze ParkAugust 10 – Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm)August 10 – Glen Cove Downtown Sounds, John Oates Band (7 pm)August 11 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Simply Tzfat, Long Beach Blvd. (8 pm)August 12 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Soundtrac, National Blvd. (8 pm)August 14 – Babylon Concert Series, Tanner Park Copiague (7:30 pm)August 14 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Real Hot Lanta, New York Ave. (8 pm)August 15 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Cold Spring Harbor, Neptune Blvd. (8 pm)August 16 – Babylon Concert Series, Tanner Park Copiague (7:30 pm)August 16 – Village of Freeport Movie Nights in the Park, Seabreeze ParkAugust 17 – Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm)August 17 – Glen Cove Downtown Sounds, Dec8Dia (7 pm)August 19 – Babylon Movie Night, Brave, Babylon Town Hall Lawn (8:30 pm)August 19 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, High Tide, National Blvd. (8 pm)August 21 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, New Yorkers, New York Ave. (8 pm)August 22 – Town of Huntington Movies on the Lawn, Superman, Crab Meadow Beach, Northport (7:30 pm)August 22 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Drive Talk of Town, Neptune Blvd. (8 pm)August 24 – Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm)August 24 – Glen Cove Downtown Sounds, Toby Walker and Special Guest Gail Storm (7 pm)August 26 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Joe Kane Big Band, National Blvd. (8 pm)August 28 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Stolen Alibi, New York Ave. (8 pm)August 29 – Long Beach Summer Concert on the Beach, Steel Horse, Neptune Blvd. (8 pm)August 31 – “Owl City” Sounds of Summer Concert at Tanger Outlets at the Arches (6 pm)August 31 – Glen Cove Downtown Sounds, Soul Sound Revue (7 pm)last_img read more

Neuer named on Ballon d’Or shortlist along with Messi and Ronaldo

first_imgBayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has been named on the three-man shortlist for the Ballon d’Or.The Germany shot-stopper is joined by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.Neuer enjoyed a stellar season last campaign, winning the Bundesliga title and German Cup with Munich and the World Cup with his national side.Messi has won the FIFA Ballon d’Or for a record three times while Ronaldo was last year’s champion.Nadine Kessler (Germany), Marta (Brazil) and Abby Wambach (USA) will contest the women’s award.The candidates for the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football and FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women’s Football awards have also been announced. The contenders are: Carlo Ancelotti (Italy/Real Madrid CF), Joachim Loew (Germany/German national team) and Diego Simeone (Argentina/Atletico de Madrid), along Ralf Kellermann (Germany/VfL Wolfsburg), Maren Meinert (Germany/Germany U-19 and U-20 national teams) and Norio Sasaki (Japan/Japan national team) for the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women’s Football award.All the awards will be presented at the FIFA Ballon d’Or award ceremony at the Kongresshaus in Zurich on January 12 2015.last_img read more

19 total cases now confirmed in Palm Beach County

first_imgSouth Florida leads the state in coronavirus cases.Broward County has a total of 80 confirmed cases, Miami-Dade County has a total of 76 confirmed cases, and Palm Beach County has a total of 19 confirmed cases.The information has been compiled on the state’s new COVID-19 dashboard intended to keep “Florida residents and visitors safe, informed and aware about the state of the virus.” Officials say they will update the dashboard twice a day.last_img

England’s title hopes are dashed

first_img13 Aug 2015 England’s title hopes are dashed England’s hopes of regaining the Men’s Home Internationals title were dashed today when they lost a desperately close match with Scotland. The European champions beat England 8-7 and must be favourites to win the Raymond Trophy, having taken four points from the two matches played so far. Tomorrow they will meet Ireland, the hosts at Royal Portrush and defending champions, who beat Wales today and have three points so far in the series. England, who halved yesterday with Ireland for one point, will play Wales, who have yet to score. The championship is supported by Fairstone Financial Management. In today’s match England trailed 3-2 after the morning foursomes, gaining their points from two halved matches and one late win, provided by Ashton Turner and Jamie Bower, who battled back to win on the 18th. England challenged strongly for the singles points but fell agonisingly short. The session was intensely close with only one game decided – in Scotland’s favour – by a large margin. Of the others, one match was decided on the 16th, four on the 17th and four on the 18th. England’s singles wins were recorded by Ashley Chesters (image © Leaderboard Photography), Jimmy Mullen, Dan Brown, Alfie Plant and Sean Towndrow. The deciding match involved Lancashire’s Paul Kinnear who battled hard but finally bowed out to Connor Syme on the 17th. Team captain Terry Casey commented: “Sadly we again underperformed in the foursomes and this time it caught up with us. We were outplayed in a few matches and let at least one winning position slip. When our last pair snatched an unlikely, but timely win, we had at least given ourselves a chance. “Our position this afternoon was a lot better and we came out strongly, but the Scots were never likely to make it easy and although we were up in a number of matches we couldn’t quite get away, Many matches went to the last hole and it was really exciting and with one more win we could still have won overall, but it wasn’t to be.” Click here for full scoreslast_img read more

Habitat for Humanity Starts Construction on 33 Affordable Homes

first_imgSubmitted by South Puget Sound Habitat for HumanitySite preparation has begun for the first 3 homes at Wood’s Glen, a SPS Habitat for Humanity project.On Wednesday, January 8, at 9:00 AM, South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity (SPS Habitat) will start construction at Wood’s Glen, a 33-home cottage community in Lacey, Washington. Wood’s Glen is SPS Habitat’s first project in the City of Lacey, and is located at 4405 37th Ave.The homes at Wood’s Glen will serve Thurston County’s low-income households, including families suffering from chronic illness and disabilities, the frail elderly, and veterans. The homes are built in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), and include critical safety features like whole house fire suppression.SPS Habitat will sell the homes to qualified families at cost, with no charge for labor, and with a zero interest twenty-five year loan. By doing so, SPS Habitat will make the dream of home ownership a reality for thirty-three more Thurston County families.SPS Habitat is a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. SPS Habitat is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization that partners with low-income families in Thurston County to build decent, affordable housing. SPS Habitat operates two Stores, one in Olympia and one in Yelm, which sell used tools, appliances, furniture, and building materials. All proceeds from the Stores support Habitat’s building program.Major partners in the Wood’s Glen project include the Thurston County HOME Consortium, Olympia Federal Savings Bank, and the City of Lacey. Anchor Bank has sponsored the first home. SPS Habitat anticipates that Wood’s Glen will be completed in 4 to 5 years. For more information, or to get involved, please contact [email protected], or 360-956-3456 ext. 4. Facebook126Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Events taking place in Donegal for Child and Family Support Week

first_imgSpecial public events are planned across Donegal this week as Tusla – Child and Family Agency hosts National Child and Family Support Week 2019.From May 13th – 19th , events of the week aim to promote and celebrate the support services that Tusla provides to parents, children, young people and communities right across Ireland. In Donegal, some of the events taking place include:Challenging Behaviour Workshop by challenging behavioural specialist, John Curran – Raphoe Family Resource Centre, Monday 13thof May, 6.30PM-9.30PMShaping Ourselves and Our Children – Lifestart Programme – Donegal Family Resource Centre, Main St., Donegal Town, Thursday 16th of May, 9.30AM-1.30PMThe programme aims to support parents/grandparents/guardians/carers of young children to create a home conducive to good child social and emotional development, inclusiveness and a respect for social and cultural diversity.Cuppa and A Chat – Coffee Morning – Parentstop, Riverfront House, Pearse Road, Letterkenny, Friday 17th of May, 10.30AM-12.30PMFurther information and a full list of local events can be found at http://www.tusla.ie.Speaking about the week, Marie Crawley, Senior PPFS manager for Donegal, Tusla, said, “We are delighted to be taking part in National Child and Family Support week once again, giving us the opportunity to showcase some of the services we offer to families in Donegal and let people know how they can engage with these supports. We encourage people to attend the events in Donegal and learn about the services and support that are available from local agencies and Tusla.”Events taking place in Donegal for Child and Family Support Week was last modified: May 11th, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:National Child and Family Support Week 2019TUSLAlast_img read more

South African research team develops concentrated solar power system

first_img26 August 2015It has been predicted that concentrated solar power (CSP) will be the key to making solar energy a viable energy source over the next 30 years. The quest to harness an effective and operational system has preoccupied some the best science and technology minds in the world, including the Google REThe challenge with CSP systems is that they require large mirrors, called heliostats, across a large area to generate enough energy to make the technology feasible and cost-effective. Mirrors track the sun’s movement throughout the day and reflect its energy to the top of a generator tower, where the heat is transferred to moving water that can create electricity.At Ivanpah, 143 000 heliostats across 1 420 hectares centralise the energy gathered on to three central solar power generators. The plant’s capacity factor – its ratio of actual output over time – is 31%, meaning for every hour it operates, the plant can generate 18.6 minutes of energy. Naturally, the technology is inhibited by its size and cost, so any way to cut these down is greatly anticipated.South African solar energy researchers at Stellenbosch University have designed and developed the Helio100 system, which deals with the size issue. It is portable and easy to install without losing the technology’s effectiveness: Helio100 has only 100 heliostat panels, but can generate 150kW of energy collectively, enough to power a small suburb. At the moment, the system is aimed at relieving the effects of load shedding, but once fully developed, Helio100 will be a viable alternative power source.Paul Gauche, a former strategic planner at Intel, is the founding director of the university’s Solar Thermal Research Group that developed Helio100. He explains that the system is remarkable in its portability, referring to what he calls “plonkable heliostats. (meaning) that, from factory to installation, you can just drop them down on to the ground and they work”. There is no major construction involved and minimum effort to install. “Every part in it is manufacturable (sic) and installable by two sets of hands,” Gauche told Britain’s The Guardian newspaper earlier this month.Athi Ntisana, a technologist on the team tasked with conceptualising, prototyping and building the finished systems, is convinced the technology is right for South Africa. Helio100 “requires (local) labour, components manufactured here in the country and we have land here where sunlight is abundant – and that’s also where there is not much employment. It solves all these problems.”The Helio100 system is expected to be fully functional by the end of October, and Gauche predicts that once the technology is perfected, economies of scale will follow to possibly create the first affordable, small-scale, consumer-friendly CSP system.Source: The Guardianlast_img read more

Australia-US Davis Cup Tied

first_imgMELBOURNE, Australia — New Australian Davis Cup captain Lleyton Hewitt spent his first day on the side of the court watching his team finish level with the United States after the opening singles in a World Group first-round match.Whether he crosses the line and comes out of retirement to play for the home side over the next two days remains to be seen.Bernard Tomic defeated American Jack Sock 7-6 (2), 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 on March 4 after John Isner gave the U.S. the lead with a 7-6 (2), 6-2, 6-2 win over Sam Groth on grass at Kooyong, the former home of the Australian Open.Tomic broke Sock’s serve in the ninth game of the fourth set, then clinched the match in the next game through four consecutive points. The match ended when Sock’s backhand went long on a service return.“Bernie stepped up when we needed him to,” Hewitt said. “We knew the Americans were going to be tough.”On March 5, Groth and John Peers were scheduled to play doubles against Bob and Mike Bryan, although that lineup can be changed on the morning of the match, as can the reverse singles on March 6.There is a chance that Hewitt, who came into the team for the ill Nick Kyrgios, could end a short-lived retirement to replace Groth in doubles. Hewitt retired from a 20-year career after he lost his second-round singles match at the Australian Open — less than two months ago.Hewitt spent much of the two singles matches pacing along the sidelines, clearly uncomfortable with not being able to take matters into his own hands on court.The 35-year-old is Australia’s most successful Davis Cup player, having won 58 of the 78 singles and doubles matches he’s played since his 1999 debut.Isner took control of his match with Groth, who was elevated to singles duty because of Kyrgios’ illness, when the first set went into the tiebreaker. “I played a great tiebreaker and had a lot of momentum from that point forward,” Isner said.Defeat extended Groth’s poor record in 2016. He’s only managed one win, in the first round of the Australian Open, against seven losses.Isner said his victory in 33 Celsius (91 Fahrenheit) conditions could cause more mental than physical damage to the Australian.“Physically I think Sam will be fine,” Isner said. “At this point for me and him, it’s not a physical matter — it’s probably a bit more mental.“Any time you win a match in a situation like this you’re on cloud nine, and you feel like you’ve got a lot of confidence. But on the flip-side, maybe not so much.”Groth, ranked 77th to Isner’s 11, said he hoped to be playing doubles on March 5.“My body feels good and I feel like I’ve played good doubles in Davis Cup in the past and John and I have been playing well in practice,” said Groth. “But it will be up to Lleyton. I will be doing everything I can to put my hand up to play.”U.S. captain Jim Courier said he felt his team had an edge with the Bryan brothers set to play on Saturday.The Bryans have won 16 Grand Slam doubles titles and have a 23-4 record in Davis Cup. Australia’s combination of Groth and rookie John Peers have only played one tournament together.“Bob and Mike Bryan seem to be an advantage in the historical candor of doubles in Davis Cup,” Courier said. “They’ve played awfully well and we feel confident in them. They’ve lost matches too, so we don’t take anything for granted, but I love having them on our side.”The winner of the weekend matches will play the winner of Croatia and Belgium in the quarterfinals.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more