Students and University officials set to welcome sculpture of Sir Isaac Brock

After a week-long, 4,000-kilometre journey across North America on the back of a flatbed truck, a 15-foot bronze sculpture of Maj.-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock is to arrive at Brock University on Monday morning for what is expected to be an emotional welcome.At 11 a.m. on Monday, Canadian artist Danek Mozdzenski will be among the greeters when his creation is delivered to the front of the Schmon Tower, where a crane will be waiting to place the statue in its new home, on a plinth in what will now be known as Sir Isaac Brock Plaza.On Tuesday, March 10, the truck carrying The General pulled out of Valley Bronze foundry in Joseph, Oregon, and began the homeward odyssey that would take it through 10 states and three time zones.For more information on the journey, go to