Public Bomb Scare Prank Dishonoring Muslims Stirs Outrage

Rabat – A video posted on social media a few days ago titled “Public Bomb Scare Prank” has gone viral and stirred outrage around the world for its alleged “insensitive” and “dangerous” tone.The prank video shows a series of scenarios in public areas where a man dressed in traditional Middle Eastern garb walks up to what seem to be random people, throws a black bag at them and runs away.Every one of the individuals pranked react with panic when they realize that Arab man threw a package at them and try to run away as if the bag were a ticking bomb about to explode.The controversial video was created and posted by three teenage brothers from Melbourne, Australia who call themselves the ‘Jalals’. What started as a simple prank in the minds of the Jalal brothers, has become a worldwide phenomenon that is causing an outrage against the ‘Jalals’.Millions of views, likes, dislikes, thousands of comments, police statements, security experts, televised interviews, insults, threats, and the Arab and Muslim community outraged, have been the consequences of the ‘Jalals’ prank.The majority of social media users and members of the media have criticized the stunt and believe it to be “shameful, racist, insensitive.”“You’re being completely irresponsible in the current climate when people are nervous about terrorist attacks in their own backyard” Current Affair’s show correspondent Alicia Muling told the brothers.Max, Rebeen, and Arman Jalal – self-described entertainers – have not reacted to the negative comments and continue to defend their prank as simply “funny”.The Victoria Police Department said, “We are not aware of any complaints; however, we would urge anyone with concerns about the behavior of anyone in public to make contact with their local police station. We are not so sure the people pictured in the footage are unsuspecting…Meanwhile, Australia’s “Future Now” agency has signed the ‘Jalals’ brand for a management deal, the agency said in a press release. Apparently, the brothers’ goal was to get a talent contract by provoking an overwhelming public reaction garnering ‘likes’ and ‘views’ to build their name. read more