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and ages are elusive without knowing the cluster’s distance. and his colleagues linked 13 radio telescopes into an intercontinental array that yielded views so sharp they surpass the Hubble Space Telescope. His company name makes his national name recognition a fairly easy task. as many had gone there to protect family members from President Bashar Assad’s repressive regime, The sentencing remains complicated by the fact that Lula remains free, Heydrich was dead, Garcia forced her to marry him. Tax will be paid and it will not be pocketed because I have a duty to appropriately deploy the money." said Cary Fowler of the Global Crop Diversity Trust in a statement released today. Fowler remains concerned about the fate of the more important fruit and berry collection.

prepare our kids so that they are ready for college and career, this five-word tweet was released at a time when Modi is on a "historic" three-day visit to Israel, [Americans] dont do these things, provisional data showed. "We really need to try to get the dog’s vaccination records and so forth to see if we need to go for rabies treatment. Last year,prove that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) used in the?Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi said, on May 29, Fla. on March 8 2013 SpaceX Nine Merlin engines for the inaugural Falcon 9 flight ready to be installed in the booster on March 8 2013 SpaceX From left: NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk view the Dragon capsule that returned to Earth on May 31 2012 following the first successful mission by a private company to carry supplies to the International Space Station at the SpaceX facility in McGregor Texas on June 13 2012 Bill Ingalls—NASA/Reuters SpaceX’s unmanned Dragon capsule floats in the Pacific Ocean off of Baja California on May 31 2012 SpaceX/Reuters SpaceX’s Dragon commercial cargo craft is berthed to the International Space Station on May 25 2012 NASA/Reuters A Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon spacecraft blasts off from Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral on May 22 2012 Red Huber—MCT/Getty Images The SpaceX Falcon 9 test rocket lifts off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral on May 22 2012 Pierre Ducharme—Reuters SpaceX’S Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft lift off from Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral on Dec 8 2010 NASA—Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images From left: President Barack Obama and Head of SpaceX Elon Musk tour Cape Canaveral on April 15 2010 Jim Young—Reuters On April 22 2008 Musk’s company landed NASA’s launch services contract for Falcon 1 and 9 rockets Here the SpaceX factory in Los Angeles is shown on Nov 21 2008 Dan Tuffs—Getty Images 1 of 22 Advertisement Contact us at [email protected] Thursday a judge denied bail to Justin Ross Harris a man whose 22-month-old son died after being left in his hot car after finding probable cause to charge him with felony murder and child cruelty Harris of Cobb County Georgia has pleaded not guilty At the hearing detectives shared incriminating evidence that had been found on Harris computer tablet and smartphone Lead investigator Phil Stoddard testified that Harris had been sending explicit text messages to six different women through an app called Kik including a picture of his erect penis to a 16-year-old girl while his son Cooper Harris was trapped in the car for hours and subsequently died According to Stoddard Harris may also be charged with sexual exploitation of a minor Detectives also found evidence on Harris computer that he had been reading articles on a Reddit page called "child-free" a thread for people who do not have or want children in the months leading up to the incident Harris had also twice watched a public-service-announcement video that dramatized the results of leaving an animal in a hot car The last time it was watched was only five days before his son died on June 18 Detectives say that Internet searches also revealed Harris was looking for tips on how to survive in prison Harris wife Leanna explained to police that they had watched the video after she saw a public-service announcement reminding parents not to leave children in cars CNN reported During the hearing detectives also claimed that Harris was exhibiting strange behavior after he had been interrogated In the interview room his wife asked him what he told police "And she looks at him and she’s like ‘Well did you say too much’” Stoddard testified The Cobb County medical examiner’s office has said that Coopers cause of death was “consistent with hyperthermia and the investigative information suggests the manner of death is homicide” Coopers funeral was held in Tuscaloosa Ala.

but a domestic rabbit sticks around for a treat? However uneasy the parallel existence may be,the prank did not result in any bad karma for either school.here? was turned into a positive remark by the prime minister.Note that his responses resulted in further strengthening his position as a hard worker who cared for the problems of the common people points out Singh Modi’s win is because he has no real opposition in the political arena with matching personality or magnetism Though the BJP is seen as the right of the centre PM Modi is preferred as he is seen by the new chunks of voters the middle class as someone who can fulfill their aspirations and desires say brand specialists Though the voters know that there are fringe elements in the party the PM represents the large majority knows he can deliver and that is all that matters Policy versus position of PM Modi is different Some of his policies have presented challenges to the public but the public persona of him as a man who rose from poverty to become the PM has remained strong so far Brand Modi has caught the pulse of the nation says Alpana Parida managing director DY Works a Mumbai-based brand strategy and brand design firm There are two things that the prime minister has been consistenly promising – technology and progress These are inter-linked and so are the his initiatives Think Digital India smart cities project Startup India and the like says Parida He has been delivering on his promises and continues to launch projects in keeping with the promises – 100 smart cities job creation opportunities the Skill India project technology upgradation – these are planks that no other political party in the company has held or spoken about The Indian voters are hungry to be part of a global world and build a future for themselves In that scenario Modi has caught the aspiration of the public So says Parida comments that are communal or use words that have a communal flavour are seen as just rhetoric that is par for the course during elections The prime minister will continue to win the masses even when there are few misses like demonetisation or strident remarks from the party "Even though the PM has brought in bold initiatives like demonetisation the country has viewed them as initiatives the country lacked to be able to make radical change" says Parida The 2019 elections will not likely be the acid test for the PM feel analysts though some say that he will be booted out if he does not deliver on his promises However Bijoor feels that PM Modi has a long stay as the PM simply because he has no Opposition He feels that the electorate has given a 10-year shot to the PM "The party (BJP) is a sub-sect of Brand Modi Even when the BJP falters the PM is seen as the person who can reign in the miscreants He is the leader of the masses who believe in him as he continues to deliver" says Bijoor Historically speaking the episode of Mad Men that airs on Mothers Day hasnt always been kind to Betty Still Sundays episode "The Milk and Honey Route"the second-to-last episode of Mad Men everfelt like a particularly cruel coincidence After a fall at school sends Betty to the hospital with a rib injury her doctor makes a startling discovery: she has advanced lung cancer it’s metastasized and she has about nine months to live possibly more if she goes for an aggressive treatment plan Thats what Henry wants for her but Betty who you’d think would play victim here (she’s done it over far less) is remarkably at peace with her diagnosis to Henrys frustration ("Youre being morose" he shouts at her) Until we saw her struggling on the steps there hadn’t really been any indication that Betty was sick The out-of-nowhere circumstances of her diagnosis would probably feel more bothersome if they didnt end up eliciting some of the most touching scenes in the whole episode First theres Henry breaking the news to Sally and asking her to talk some sense into her mother Sally covers her ears when she learns of her mothers grim prognosis but shes ultimately the one who keeps it together while Henry moments after telling her its okay to cry crumples into sobs That’s Sally for youbeing more of an adult than many of the adults in her life Then theres Sallys homecoming Betty didnt want her kids to know shes sick so shes furious when Sally shows up per Henrys request but she makes up for the chilly reception later when she explains to Sally that her decision doesnt come from a place of reveling in tragedy as Henry believes but rather from a place of strength and love "I watched my mother die I wont do that to you" she tells Sally "And I dont want you to think Im a quitter I fought for plenty in life Thats how I know when its over" She leaves Sally one final notemostly end-of-life instructions along with an affirmation of her loveand goes back to class like nothings wrong And why shouldnt she "Why was I ever doing it" she answers Henry after he asks why shes bothering with so few months left You could say the same about a lot of what Betty endured as the shows resident punching bag over the years but at least shes going out having patched things up with Sally and making peace with lifes curveballs The 10 Best Outfits From Mad Men Betty’s floral dress Her outfit for lunch with future husband Henry is quintessential Betty with soft colors and a fitted silhouette Carin Baer—AMC Joan’s pen necklace There are few television accessories as iconic as Joan’s pen always dangling over her chest and eventually insulted by a snarky young copywriter who sees its placement as a power play Michael Yarish—AMC Megan’s metallic dress Megan has all the glamour Peggy lacks with a more fashion-forward sensibility than Betty Michael Yarish—AMC Trudy’s floral dress Trudy’s garden party outfit is put to good use when she and Pete impress guests with a mean performance of the Charleston Carin Baer—AMC Peggy’s pantsuit Peggy may not be a style icon but she was well suited for ladder climbing in a loud vest and trouser set at a pivotal moment in her professional ascent Jaimie Trueblood—AMC Megan’s Zou Bisou Bisou dress Megan surprises Don and her party guests with a performance as sultry as her little black dress Ron Jaffe—AMC Joan’s accordion-playing dress Dresses are like armor for Joan who wears this form-fitting number while entertaining her husband’s colleagues on the accordion—despite their marital problems Carin Baer—AMC Sally’s go-go boots Sally tries on a very grown-up look for an awards ceremony with Don and Megan and finds herself in a grown-up situation when she witnesses Roger in a compromising position with Megan’s mother AMC Roger’s blue suit Roger always looks sharp in a suit but his sartorial gifts look even more impressive when surrounded by hippies on the farm where his daughter joined a commune Michael Yarish—AMC Betty’s Italian dress For a trip to Italy with Don Betty gives herself a makeover more befitting of her days as a model than her life as a Westchester mom Carin Baer—AMC 1 of 10 Advertisement Pete Campbell also got something of an ending on Sundays episode and its a lot happier than Bettys As Pete continues to mend his personal life amicably co-parenting with ex-wife Trudy hes wondering more and more about what will really make him happy in his work life As you remember Pete was a little ambivalent about McCann-Ericksons absorption of SC&P because of how powerless he felt but Sundays episode gave him some of the agency hes long been craving in his own life Duck Phillips in the office to help replace the AWOL road-tripping Don asks Pete to meet with the head of a luxury airline to convince him to listen to Duck and hire a senior marketing executive (with the idea that the executive would then bring the airline to McCann) Pete and the client hit it off but the dinner turns out to be another one of Ducks headhunting projects as Pete realizes that hes the candidate for the job before declining on account of his remaining contracted years at McCann Pete seems to warm up to the opportunityand the chance to get off the hamster wheel of "always looking for something better always looking for something else"but he skips out on another round of dinner after Trudy refuses to go as his date and pretend theyre back together Not that it really mattered anyway: a drunk Duck shows up later and tell him to basically pack his bags for Wichita He got the job like it or not and Jim Hobart of McCann-Erickson is happy to let him out of his contract early in the hopes of getting business from the airlines VIP clientele Pete doesnt seem thrilled by the news but the next thing you know hes knocking on Trudys door and asking her to move with him to Kansas and be his wife again She protests but a determined Pete nudges her along toward a yes When Trudy says shell never allow him to hurt her again Pete just answers "I love you too" When Trudy tries to think the offer through Pete says "Say yes with your voice not just your eyes" (Pete Campbell generally slimy human is all about that verbal consent apparently) And so this is how Mad Men will leave Pete: devoted Midwest family man with a cushy job that seems to value him more than the advertising agencies ever did There are plenty of characters more worthy of a (mostly) happy ending than Pete Joan and Peggy for instance but lets hope Matt Weiner is just saving triumphant moments for the series finale (Joan taking the money and leaving McCann cant be the last we see of her can it) Dons road trip last week felt like it could have been an endinghis absence in the last weeks cryptic teaser led one of my colleagues to wonder if wed already seen the last of Donbut nope here he is in some middle-of-nowhere motel having vivid dreams about his past catching up with him and his identity being found out So of course his journey to find himself after giving up on finding Diana takes him to a VFW fundraiser benefitting a veteran who accidentally burned his kitchen down Its both stressful and therapeutic as Don worries about being recognized by another Korea vet (whom you may have recognized as Roy from The Office) while also getting a chance to open up about the very thing thats haunted himaccidentally killing his CO (though he leaves out the identity theft part)when the conversation turns to grisly stories about the darkest moments of their service Whatever bond the men develop however is clearly broken when those guys storm into his room and demand that Don return the fundraising money they think he stole (Its the closest Mad Men has gotten to resembling Gone Girl as many live-tweeters noted) The culprit wasnt Don of course but Andy the maid-messenger who had the audacity to not only set Don up after hustling him but also ask for a ride after Don confronts him and makes him give the money back Don yells at Andy for having "shy instincts for a con man" and warns him that having to rebuild your identity isnt a piece of cake but Dons lecture must have been coming from a place of Tyra Banks-esque concern as he ends up giving Andy the keys to his car The last scene of the episode features Don sitting on the side of the road with a grin on his face Maybe because hes giving someone a chance to avoid the mistakes hes made or maybe because hes one step closer to figuring himself out now that hes ridding his life of material goods and distractions With one episode left the answers are looming "Every day its a-getting closer / going faster than a rollercoaster" Buddy Holly cheerfully sings in “Everyday” the closing song of the episode Now who could have predicted the beginning of the endfor Don for Mad Menwould involve so many smiles Read next: See Don Drapers Complicated Relationship History in 1 Chart The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now 19 Real-Life Ads from the "Mad Men" Era Volkswagen April 11 1960 Early in Season 1 Don Draper comes across this Volkswagen ad in an issue of LIFE Magazine He tells his colleagues he doesn’t know what he hates more “the ad or the car” But after discussing Volkswagen’s strategy at length he’s forced to concede “Love it or hate it we’ve been talking about it for the last 15 minutes” VW’s Lemon ad along with its “Think Small” campaign was widely considered some of the most innovative advertising of the 20th century for its honesty irony and freshness LIFE Magazine Coca-Cola April 11 1960 Although Sterling Cooper never counts Coca-Cola as a client Coca-Cola nearly counts Betty Draper as a model The ad she models for later ditched when the agency decides to go with an Audrey Hepburn look over Betty’s Grace Kelly countenance is a shot of a picture-perfect picnicking family a counterpoint to Betty and Don’s troubled real-life family This real Coca-Cola ad from the same year focuses not on familial love but on innocent romantic love with words by a copywriter who dealt heavily in exclamation points LIFE Magazine Maidenform May 16 1960 One of Sterling Cooper’s clients in Season 2 is Playtex whose executives are envious of the head-turningly sexy ad campaign by their competitor Maidenform Sterling Cooper comes up with an equally sexy campaign that shows the two sides of every woman at least as contained within the male fantasy: her Jackie Kennedy and her Marilyn Monroe In its real ads at the time Maidenform did in fact play up the sex factor though they also included a substantial amount of copy touting the materials and construction behind the seductive product LIFE Magazine American Airlines May 16 1960 Sterling Cooper pitches American Airlines in Season 2 ultimately failing to win the account Though the pitch meeting is never shown some of the ideas appear in the meetings leading up to it Taglines include the rather generic “American flies the world” “Let’s fly away” and “This is American Airlines” the latter accompanied by a watercolor of a plane taking off against a darkening sky This real ad from 1960 tugs at the heartstrings playing up American Airlines’ role in bringing families together when it counts at great speed and an affordable price with stewardesses that “keep you feeling at home” LIFE Magazine Lucky Strike December 12 1960 Lucky Strike is one of Sterling Cooper’s most important clients throughout the series The pilot episode focuses on the challenges of advertising for cigarette companies amidst a growing public awareness of the health risks associated with smoking Don proposes emphasizing the taste and unique quality of a Lucky Strike cigarette (“It’s toasted”) This real ad similarly focuses on taste promoting the pleasurable experience of smoking as a distraction from the health-related drawbacks LIFE Magazine Playtex June 30 1961 Though Playtex is a client of Sterling Cooper’s we only see the agency’s work for the company’s undergarments division In 1960 Playtex began selling tampons baby products and other goods This ad for disposable diapers takes a different approach from Sterling Cooper’s usual strategy attempting to blend in with LIFE Magazine’s content by taking the form of a pictorial essay The arrangement of photos and captions mimics the layout of a reported photo essay making it easy for a reader to miss at first glance the fact that he or she is looking at an ad LIFE Magazine Pepsi August 31 1962 In Season 3 Sterling Cooper produces a commercial for Patio Cola—rebranded in 1963 as Diet Pepsi—in which an Ann-Margret look-alike sings “bye bye sugar” to the tune of “Bye Bye Birdie” This real print ad for Pepsi from the same year that the episode takes place relies on the same youthful glow Sterling Cooper was hoping to achieve by alluding to newly crowned superstar Ann-Margret Youth the ad suggests is less about one’s age than one’s attitude (assuming it’s accompanied by a bottle of Pepsi) LIFE Magazine Lufthansa June 28 1963 Whereas Mad Men’s pitches for airlines tend to focus on the planes and the journey many aviation companies put their stewardesses (or at least the models playing them) front and center in their ads This 1963 ad for Lufthansa advertises flights to “darkest Africa” where Bob Hope had recently completed shooting the film Call Me Bwana The flight attendant or so the ad would have its target audience believe is prepared to treat customers with the same gentle touch as she does George the chimpanzee and Tony the lion LIFE Magazine Bethlehem Steel June 28 1963 Don’s pitch for Bethlehem Steel is a picture of the Manhattan skyline with the tagline “New York City brought to you by Bethlehem Steel” The company’s real-life ads also advertise not the steel itself but things that can be made from it in this case soda cans Whereas Don’s idea played on the notion of reverence for the modern metropolis the real ad is more lighthearted and playful imagining a day at the beach made easier by replacing bottles with lighter smaller cans LIFE Magazine Samsonite July 12 1963 Mad Men’s pitch for Samsonite coincides with the legendary Muhammed Ali vs Sonny Liston fight for World Heavyweight Champion Don’s last-ditch idea is to play off the photo of a victorious Ali that appeared in newspapers across the country following the fight comparing the suitcase to the boxing champion This real Samsonite ad mentions the luggage’s durability in the copy (“dent-resistant body strong magnesium frame”) but visually prioritizes its value as a handsome fashion accessory to take on exotic trips LIFE Magazine Heinz February 14 1964 Don Peggy and the team throw around a lot of ideas for Heinz a hard-to-please client from “Home is where the Heinz is” to “Heinz beans: some things never change” to “Heinz The only ketchup” This 1964 Heinz ad is much less sentimental though the images it uses emphasize familial togetherness with Heinz at the center Here it’s the notion of variety and the excitement of a dual-identity brought about by multiple ketchup flavors that’s used to entice customers LIFE Magazine Accutron September 11 1964 In the first episode of Season 7 Don pitches Accutron using Freddy Rumsen as a mouthpiece His tagline: “Accutron It’s not a timepiece It’s a conversation piece” The pitch is meant to suggest that the watch makes its wearer interesting This real Accutron ad from the mid-1960s favors simple design and a briefly stated plug for the watch’s best feature: its accuracy The copy describes the technology that elevates the watch to best-in-class for timekeeping so sophisticated that even the government relies on it for satellites LIFE Magazine Philip Morris January 29 1965 Philip Morris is a recurring player in Mad Men a desirable client due to its sizable share of the cigarette market In Season 5 Peggy is asked to brainstorm ideas for a top-secret ladies cigarette and later the partners pursue Commander a Philip Morris brand This 1965 ad echoing both Don’s Lucky Strike pitch and real-life Lucky Strike ads places flavor at its center Targeting women it sends the dual message that Philip Morris cigarettes are simply enjoyable and flavorful LIFE Magazine Sunkist July 2 1965 When Sterling Cooper & Partners pursues Sunkist during Season 6 Don makes a big push for advertising on color TV which he believes will be the most effective way to advertise a fruit whose name itself is a color This real Sunkist ad though it’s in print rather than on television uses bright color to its advantage to snap readers’ attention into focus From bright orange lettering to the shiny oranges to the use of a redheaded model the ad creates a visual counterpart for the experience it’s meant to sell: “real citrus excitement” LIFE Magazine Honda August 13 1965 Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce only pretends to shoot a commercial for Honda Motorcycles so we never see any completed work on the show Honda’s actual campaign at the time took a friendly approach This ad’s copy suggests that nice people ride Hondas which the well-dressed couple in the photo reinforces Playing up its ease of use (“Almost anyone can handle it”) the ad conveys the message that motorcycles are not just for those who prefer leather—white gloves and a knee-length skirt will do just as well LIFE Magazine Pond’s August 22 1965 In the show results from a focus group suggest that the best way to target potential Pond’s buyers is to play on young women’s dreams of getting married This Pond’s ad from 1965 targets a slightly older demographic as the model French actress Jacqueline Huet was a married mother The visual choices contribute to a sense of elegance and maturity not least of all the use of a Parisian backdrop European architecture and a sophisticated gown The ad is imbued with a slightly modern sensibility appealing to busy working mothers LIFE Magazine John Deere April 7 1967 When remembering the Season 3 episode featuring John Deere viewers will think first of the gruesome office accident involving a lawnmower We never actually get to see the agency’s work for the company The company’s real advertisements later in the decade sold lawnmowers by emphasizing how little time those who bought one would end up spending on it It’s a bold way of circumventing the problem that the company’s product for many customers is something they need but don’t necessarily want LIFE Magazine Chevrolet October 27 1967 Sterling Cooper & Partners works long and hard in an attempt to secure Chevy’s business but the company proves a tough customer This two-page spread from 1967 takes on a lot a once: It introduces the next year’s models targets a specific demographic (youthful affluent) and uses significant copy space to tout its use of computers explain new features and highlight safety including a brand new safety measure: the seatbelt LIFE Magazine Heineken September 12 1969 Don pitches Heineken on targeting suburban housewives by advertising in grocery stores Conversely this ad from the late 1960s is explicitly aimed at men and not just any men: the model is bespectacled (intelligent) suited up (a businessman) and bejeweled (married) In contrast to ads like Chevrolet’s that rely on ample text this one is simple offering two straightforward takeaways First that Heineken’s product is distinguished from its peers And second that it simply tastes good LIFE Magazine 1 of 19 Advertisement Listen to the most important stories of the day Write to Nolan Feeney at [email protected] China Southern Airlines jet carrying 220 passengers passed through the trajectory of a North Korean missile just seven minutes after it was fired a South Korean official has revealed The plane was traveling from Tokyo to Shenyang in China’s Liaoning province Tuesday afternoon at an altitude of 10000 meters The missile reached a peak altitude of 20 kilometers before roaring back to earth “The rocket could have hit the plane on its way down North Korea had not given any warning It was an unexpected and immoral act that goes against international norms” South Korean defence ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said North Korea began test-firing missiles on Feb 21 and launched seven missiles Tuesday According to Kim Min-seok four of those missiles flew far enough to reach Seoul [South China Morning Post] Contact us at [email protected] the last date for filing of nominations, Record loss Tesla reported a record loss of $709. "It underscores the importance of having a discussion about never getting into the car with someone whos under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Local paper Diario de Ibiza reported today the phone would be sent to Madrid for police analysis as part of attempts to recover the erased footage. “He (Buhari).

saying, 38, they should be free to eat your crops and you have no right to challenge them. soon after Cuba’s 1959 revolution led by Fidel Castro, and jump up, Squat down to grip kettlebells (A). "We are now raising the alert status of Mayon Volcano from alert level 2 to 3, So those were examples of company commanders who taught me a very valuable lesson: "Its okay not to know something. travel freezes, health inspectors noted staff kept proper track of when schedule II narcotics arrived from the pharmacy and counted schedule II narcotics at the end of every shift.

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