The illegal House-to-House has a three-fold agenda

first_imgDear Editor,The illegal exercise of a House-to-House Registration has a threefold dubious agenda; 1. It is the PNC-dominated coalition’s intention to pad the voters’ list with names of those foreign nationals in one last-ditch desperate attempt to beef up their chances at the next general election. There are a number of Haitian nationals brought into Guyana expressly for that exercise. Further, this is the reason why Lowenfield did not notify the Opposition nor did he include Opposition scrutineers in the exercise.2. In like manner, The PNC-controlled GECOM hopes to delete the names of voters from the list who they think are supporters of The PPP/C. Mark you well, one of the questions in the House to House Registration officers arsenal of tricks is the subtle question as to which is the party of your choice, This in itself is an illegality, aimed at disenfranchising a potential voter for the Opposition.This means at the affirmation that if you are a supporter of the Opposition you would immediately become a target for either a removal from the list of electors or struck off as being deceased. This old PNC tactic of tampering with the list of electors would have succeeded in removing legitimate voters from the list or at the least create confusion on election day when hundreds of persons would turn up to vote only to find that their names are not on the voters’ list.3. Lastly, the House-to-House exercise is meant to extend the life of the PNC in office for a possible two years more. And here’s the trick; that house-to-house so-called registration cannot be completed in three months as hinted by GECOM, House-to-House takes at the minimum 15 months to complete and no less time. So, that 3-month suggestion is just a ploy designed to lull the Opposition into believing that the registration exercise can be effectively done in time for general elections on or around September 18, which is the stipulated deadline given by the CCJ.In all of this, the PNC hopes to rig the next general elections and secure an illegal victory at the peril of the people of this entire country. This PNC’s age-old trick must not be allowed to flourish again, ever, and on this note, I call on all the people involved to get on board so that we can save our country from this tyrannical, illegal PNC regime and return Guyana to the beaten path of democracy.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img

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