Peru Urges Caution Amid Reports of New Rebel Group

first_img An Internet video of men in hoods claiming to belong to a new rebel group has rekindled fears of internal strife in Peru, as skeptical government officials on 12 November urged calm while an investigation gets under way. The homemade video, shown on television and the Internet late the day before, included a logo of the Tupac Amaru MRTA movement that was disbanded along with the Shining Path rebel group during Peru’s so-called dirty war from 1980-2000. Filmed in what appears to be a jungle camp, the hooded men in the video claimed to belong to the Revolutionary Armed forces-Tupacamarista People’s Army (FAR-EPT). Interior Minister Fernando Barrios said the video was “presumably shot in the jungles of Bolivia” and was under investigation, but told Peruvians: “there’s no reason to be alarmed.” Peru’s police chief Miguel Hidalgo also went on the air urging people to “take this with calm and caution.” Both officials said Peru’s intelligence agency was trying to determine if the video was authentic. Vice President Luis Giampietri — who is in charge while President Alan Garcia attends the APEC summit in Japan — was most skeptical. “Anybody can get hold of a small video recorder and make a recording with a friend — they cover their faces with dirty rags and say they belong to the MRTA and they make news,” he told reporters. Peruvians are still suffering the aftermath of the dirty war against rebels that left more than 70,000 people, mostly innocent civilians, dead or missing. By Dialogo November 16, 2010 Well, I believe that the Vice President forgets that our country is vulnerable to all sort of terrorist attack that could happen or rather, take place in those areas more vulnerable like the jungle and the Peruvian mountains. Besides, as all of us Peruvians know there are still remnants of terrorism in our country. last_img

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